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They do claim I am probably unaware that my career is being wasted up and down the Country and all over the world too but I am well aware that poof Leo as far as the birth sign reading gimmick was concerned and every American idiot showing up here to capitalise on my challenges and build me more as abusively as their fascist state with the HQ in Washington and the Media allowed will not cease showing up here to try and make money at my expense abusively, if the complain about me had grown to a global proportion. I am aware of the mess being made, as much as it will not take the hint that its stupidities had no meaning or purpose around here and only served to distract me from my 18 to 65 affairs like it was 20 years ago, that big mouth suggesting they had looked for trouble until they had found it naturally – poof Leo will not yet take a hint unless everything their stupidities got away with was used to pay for all the mess that they made, as to ensure that they did not show up here with stupidities at my expense which expressed the idea that if allowed, they would stop at nothing. It is not really a crisis, just the fact that in the world of capitalism where people paid for my products which these idiots never did and escalated my problems as part of helping me build a market in the partnership we kept, I am allowed to do it the way that I saw fit. This trouble seeking at my expense has gone on since 2010 and I am writing this as a matter of schedule and finances with respect to the insulting practical jokes in 2024.


Prizes of insults and inhumane treatment, stemming for an original history of access to my assets to get rich, popular and to buy private security, followed by abuses once enough wealth is amassed to afford security, since turned to breathlessness causing blackmail due to a sense that there was a need for my possession to exist in a world where it was not respected and economic abuses which then gives rise to popular support at public politics which needs to be stripped, society abuses which needs to be countered and caught up with and the recovery of my world stolen from under my breath by pillaging my classical CV with available funds collected from incessant Celebrity culture access


Rather a simple matter of children raised to steal asset equity and property equity, making statements about the proportion of Law that is about property and talking so much nonsense in my direction about the nature of public security and a process of fighting my National level enemies. A society that has progressed onto the abuse of privacy for a profession, clinging to my career profile which I need to retrieve to control my Bookshop which does not belong to them obvious, building up to questions at Government about whether my actions were random. The process of performing a series of activities that added up to a sequence which suggested a threat to my safety or even my life, considering what I saw on the streets stemming from an abuse of my privacy and the responses I provided their stupidities for it, looking for more of what it is complaining about if the Politicians were barely free of the need to get people listening to their feelings on my account. These are the matters I need to mitigate on this subject and set out punishment for all who pushed me whilst I worked my own career.


It is the fourth time that journalists have organised their careers to trash mine for pleasure and the third time that narcissism Celebrities have hijacked my schedule – to control my Bookshop my profile as a writer will be handed back to me, the way they want to hand it over or the way I want to take it back; background is that there were hoodlums on the streets, people banging walls and doors, their fans, corrupt security twats and rogue landlords needed to order my steps and I needed to respond to all these things, whilst it seems that I am actually stronger than they are in terms of the stupid German influence gimmicks that had been developed for vandalism recently and it is telling me that when it does damage to the career, moving on and out of my affairs was not an option. Just narcissists with a long history of learning to get into clothes and keep up an appearance at other peoples expense, who have gained access to Media presence.


It is not to say that all which has unfolded here began in the form of long standing enmity, just an instance where the question eventually arose as to whether a Celebrity will be willing to give up the fame career in a life with an Arch Prince, due to a risk that he will have been said to have taken up a personal relationship that was a threat to society – after we had since arrived at the stage where if people suggested Celebrities were not really in the same league as a Royal Prince, there will be work for hired killers literally. However it continues to sell Royal work and access to my personal and social life which its own custom society idiots had afforded them in Hollywood USA, as part of their own fame and a gimmick where it pleased Americans for an easier existence, like we see them give their own to the frugal, supported by another group of idiots they describe as fans, stifles my personal relationship and finances to discover new facts with the help of the press as a matter of what the home wrecker characteristics were entitled to, issues threats at me too, nothing works around here for the sake of abusive ADHAD, OCD and the insults.

The explanation for their actions may even come as a claim that I thought successful people should be punished for being successful but it is never real success as such, started out as a sense that it was not their duty to make the country a safe place for industrial and career proficiency, now they believed they had pushed their governmental victims hard enough to get people into a certain position and had built narcissism that will ensure they possessed a reputation that protected their ill gotten gains from those who wanted some too. Always so abusive, so insolent, when it is not dead yet. Eventually they had friends in the security services that did not like so much, those got involved with security services to corrupt it and at the same time express how much of a difficulty the fact that Administrative leadership had more work to do was causing them - needless to say, I am ll together now in a position where I am inclined to invent an activity that will prevent them from being so popular all of the time and more so at my expense.

I mean we have listened to the stupidities for long enough - where I did not understand the context of the war, having my Bookshop stifled because a whore needed to communicate the idea that she saw my Books in a country where she was the most popular person, by the time we had arrived at a stage where it was clear the public with money and footfall were the deciding factors, I was left to the organised criminals and none gets to pay for what they used around here. What I need to accomplish is a process of preventing the continuation of my Books and its market being handled by famous gits as a tool for self-reinvention on the red carpets and beyond – I need to ensure I am able to by means of public statements, publicity and or time line which I can present in Court as evidence, being able to control their lives and career, in order to achieve this, as mentioned before, if I end up having to bully famous people too in a bid to keep the bookshop running, should I get a whiff of people being hired to attack me, I will make something entirely new of this problem (I finished the Book in 2009 and have been cash strapped for self-improvement practical jokes and insults, I am writing this in 2023). This is the only way to ensure that it stopped building publicity for my work unauthorised and stopped spending it on the public before I got the opportunity to make a living off it therefore, to make excuses suggesting I was responsible for such a result. 

Some people have raised the point that the work had already been done and more so for obvious reasons, I am aware it had already been done, I am being pursued by clients that wanted my intellectual property administration services and another group of market trouble makers who loved to pick up my career publicity as if they would love some bliss associated with having lost their businesses or careers when I wanted to fool around with them as well, but the part that Celebrity, war mongering Asian and Muslim gits and their desperate civil right idiots play in the matter is pure attrition and theft.

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