They claim they want me to sort out this problem by myself instead of bothering others. It is an old story of the way I got about solving it by myself which outcome was the Labour party spending tax payer funds to make sense of teachers at school who straddle the space between careers and prisons to give people a direction in life, with such effects as I was constantly having my career and concerns woven into the gimmicks that will cause me to face enough financial difficulty until I was able to make sense of the insanity that passes on their left and right hand side, which had since progressed into a more extreme form of orientating me with the reasons people ended up in prisons. So I do try solving it myself and they need stay away from my Books and make comments about their careers.

The society ones had since started their gimmicks about making a mess of peoples’ lives to move into the right hand again and its an old story where they did not like to talk and it is about 8 years ago that I had stopped talking on their behalf for the fact they loved to bother me, whether they liked it or not. It is then said I had a two faced way of viewing Germans which I do not - this is a matter of a process where these gits are cut off from German Industry, Society even Politics and Government, however they also think that unlike Germany the British were wide open to the top levels, which had since produced an outcome where I was seen tackling them on Industrial popularity upon which everything they did to make money by insulting others relied and it is about to get very bad over their interest in my Books. I could spend years working with a Company, once ready to go public with my work and provide a service for people who are reading the Books, the so called embarrassing things I did in my privacy the type that is entirely done on my own and by myself, turns up to show I have been spending time building a product to make sense of my claim that I regularly rub shoulders with important people at Industry, so with respect to my product and services, they had achieved a taking candy from a baby situation at my expense - feeding into the stupid British ones with ideas about what I should be doing to make their foolishness comfortable, picking up my service processes and showing me what is want with a big mouth all the time. 

They do say that what I have done should have given me control of the matter and its not clear why I do not have this control - the control problem itself largely being a matter of the truth that people are trying to avoid i.e. the business of Celebrities handling my Office with a Publicity that builds a crowd which will legitimise their right to, same as my Books, producing outcomes where they were able to move into my right hand and finger my bum the imagination to control me, is an expression of pure evil and wickedness, not a matter of something I deserved for a bad thing I had done them, like for instance getting around their backyard to nudge them out of their Homes but deliberate wickedness towards another human being because they were not good people and I should only respond to it if I was clear on what I was going to do about it.

They have so much of these things going for them and I intend to waste and spend all of it, the threats being the reasons I will spend and waste in a way that leads up to a fist fight.


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It is then brought up, this matter of my moral disposition, things I have done on a permissible and hypothetical basis creating problems at Government. The most important naturally being sex work; the way this has played out over the years, being a case of Government legalising pornography as a matter that is somebody else’s responsibility, so when people picked up the responsibility, like in my case, I watched it for research purposes and on an unofficial basis – which effect are that of me getting round to the issues whereby pornography is not something that is done by poor people and needy people, it is done by privileged characters who are spoiled by their parents and still cannot have enough, its not really a world that poorer people can cope with as such and their narcissistic needs generally meant that since pornography had been legalised, they would be out there hunting for potential victims, I was once a target as well. There are other more important cases where they are abused by public service operatives, so they make pornography on my public image to draw my attention to it, concerning which I am rather happy when their pornography was about selling sex, so when I watch it, this is what I am really watching. Then some cases where people are sexually assaulted by Government operatives, so they made pornography that drew my attention to it having already built me a reputation where since I started working on such matters applicable, incidents of these kind have happened lesser and lesser, especially in Europe where it was rife – when I am watching it as a Hermit, this is what I am looking at. Eventually we had the matter of the way I responded to nudity on my social media without qualms, of which it was a simple matter of the balance between pornography which is usually made to cope with the abuses of industry idiots and what Industry idiots do on a regular basis to trash peoples finances and try to build their own wealth – so I try to assist people and get them to assist me to assist them, especially those who had only gone as far as nudity, those who continue to do sex work while involved with an Arch Prince, know what they are doing I suppose. The other issue that comes off from this being the abusive idiots with ideas about women taking full advantage of another instance they can pass off as social work they have done, to ensure they could never do wrong in the eyes of the Public and set about a good reputation to make money by while doing wicked things to others as a habit, leading from the front being real Men Muslims who had long ago been informed that the stupidities about me being so weak it was irritating was well understood on my part, in terms of the things that they must now do to be real men, since Mohammed died and was buried like a normal man and Jesus Christ arose on the third day after he died and it still alive, in context of which their stupidities applied when American had not yet thwarted the efforts of those who wanted to skewer their finances for the sexual violation as well. Putting their stupid selves in charge to torture those who know what to do until their immorality and its wickedness could be profitable on any level they wanted, at other peoples expense. 

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