It is then suggested that I would do anything to avoid being a homosexual no matter how much I fit the bill and it is utter nonsense as what happens is big brother characters who are a question around the reasons and ways Truck drivers did their jobs while Celebrities existed, have built a stupid community of scumbags that got imagination up my private parts and set about grooming me for homosexuality and punishment for the fact that I have hurt the Men – these are the facts being hidden naturally because none would ever have known that this stupidity was what it was really all about. What then happens from here is that the idiots tackled me to such an extent criminals got to pay attention to them – the criminals will hang around the street corners picking up the last thing they said they were able to accomplish because they got imagination fingers up my bum and how they needed to do more for everybody, while they showed up to blame me for the attention that criminals paid to them, as we shared a space in a House, the smell bit of course was going to be the point at which I got into real trouble which is never actually going to happen but if it does, the stage will have been set for how their insults and practical jokes were going to be spent on those who better appreciated it in the future. It should have ended here but it has continued because famous idiots then showed up to give me the pressure over my diet and any time I had some food for obvious reasons and they would now not say they were being insolent and abusive, rather claim that I would do anything to avoid being homosexual, as if I needed an education on what evil looked like especially when it was being nice. Eventually we hear that I appeared to have won great battles while I had won nothing, concerning which I had no enemies as a Hermit to win great battles by, but I am set to teach them a lesson they will never forget on our current trajectory either way.

They have got more and need spend it as such - this is their own test as well for the time being. They do claim I deny that I am at war with them but I have just sat under the sun to watch a bunch of idiots plug their stupidities into my social life disobediently, to get paid for being popular by setting me out as a character they got to bully for it, now I am getting the full range of stupidities associated with any condition in which they had money to spend and thought others ought to worship them, had nothing to do with my Bookshop, so easily stopped since it is a habit and a habit they invented, while their insults are now more important to the Public than the fact that I write Books for a living, which constitutes the main problem.

The dream had always been expressed through the years leading up to 2011, of me being a Church fan who had to grovel for money and it died by 2011, I am writing this in 2021, while what substituted that stupid dream as a need to physically handle and damage my Books had begun in 2012 - each time they got to tell me how to describe them or how to speak, it is even more annoying.


The question now is how any person ends up with these sort of problems but they are not problems if seen for what they are i.e. activities performed by a handful of very stupid people who think that their physical attributes made them more suited to popularity and its culture – so I am supposed to be an old bum who had not achieved anything with his life and their insults are now more important to the public than the fact I am a writer, which result is that I am cash strapped and single, blabbing how a process of teaching them a lesson will never happen as their disobedience continues at the highest levels. We have not heard much of the sex drugs and rock and roll since last they threw down the gauntlet on heart disease and I got up to something that I got away with, we have seen those who can beat up singing own praises and those who cannot hurting themselves all the time, the next time I respond to their stupidities which will be the finale as it were.

We find that what these gits are currently complaining about is a prospect of clinging to my career to buffet me and make threats every time the public is involved which makes a mess of the finances, which consequences is that should I face a threat from them, will I want to know if they had a need to get imagination around my private parts all the time because I turned up at their backyard and nudged them out of their homes, besides which we knew each other thus. So the part that had not yet happened to facilitate the insolent confidence gained from the insidious boldness being that it had not since become a matter of the way I planned a career and got rounded up like sheep, so their stupidities might build a crowd and make decisions about market share, which is supposed to have progressed from pushing me around to make me smell and blow off that big mouth about me getting into trouble, whereby if I pushed back, they had a backup community and friends to keep them together and send their stupidities out to do it again and again. It is a sermon at this stage; that they can make comments about their careers if they always had to make those stupid comments, preferably they would stay away from mine and keep their mouths shut.


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