We had to listen to those stupid ideas endlessly and one eventually comes through which is born of out the business of passing so much insults at me, some famous idiots had reached a point where my empty holly life needed to be filled in with the problems that prevented liberal scum from being as famous as they wanted, playing into the criminals that want to escape lifestyle they picked up when they clashed with the police and the violent lasciviousness of local scumbags who want to trash my career and social life to deal with the fact they had to get jobs to make money and ensured the idiots and community croons had access to me through to my bed chamber , as a matter of community abuses that are worked by insulting my intelligence to suggest that I am not aware of them and others ought to avoid informing me: then it deploys the stupidities, the pretty face and a crowd that looks at its stupidities, to say that I have been lucky I did not lose my career to it all together. I have no idea how it planned to make me lose my career anyway, except to damage it, hang around being entitled to avoid punishment for doing so and work some majority population financial vandalism tit for tart at my expense with a big mouth – options being that it could stop handling me and spend more time with its equally stupid mates or it could carry on like this and get a comprehensive response alongside black idiots that love to goad me into a fight with the stupidities over claims their inanity was preserving a civil rights. I mean they are now too old to be famous and too young to have my experience and nobody has raised the point, beats the imagination who is asking their stupidities if they have never yet freed themselves from the business of complaining about consequences of handling me. On the question of whether I have really been lucky not to have lost my career to these gimmicks, it had nothing to do with luck at all and I want them to do it again and again and again, especially the part where they got involved with National service to show I am too much of a coward to deserve my career, considering that we needed more staff at the Military – that said, a process where people damaged my Bookshop and I got to find out being told I am lucky not to have lost my career is about to get a comprehensive response out of me for their violent stupidities and that of other idiots that love to abuse and goad me over what they claim was their civil rights as well, I am not responsible for their finances and even so have not at any stage been formally introduced to them for it, what I know is that the idiots have more of this and need to spend until there is nothing left for every process of handling me, around about a point where it stops to make me more comfortable.

 The talk of recent is that this might be the end for me, and it is so annoying when people spend my time getting around my concerns to find out whether it is an end for me that they might engage their stupid popularity with. In the end this is Government and it is rather quite dangerous, I have never seen them being the mouth piece and hand piece of the Prince of Wales for all the wrong reasons, talking rubbish all the time, lose their lives for something that was not incredibly stupid – the usual is the usual, so we have had from that disobedience I saw years ago when they first laid eyes on me, the demeanour I saw in their eyes as they planned to ignore me until they ran off gimmicks about my social life to get paid for being popular or become successful at the market as disobediently as possible, eventually culminating in a process of passing insults at me to develop message for products, of which they have never read economics, business, marketing or other trading knowledge Books which have informed them anything in the world works that way. It will do this and in the end, all it has to push back when I push is to get imagination up my bum, same as the Celebrities who pick up the gimmicks that idiots in government buildings create for them over my work, to replace public interest in my Books with ideas about how people might make use of me, ripping up my finances because of what the customers base had turned to on account I had placed a product at the market, bastardising the business – all they had to push back with when I pushed being the claim they were out of my league. I would like the idiots to stop making comments and gestures about my Royal Office or social status as it is the only way their stupidities in government buildings will straighten out, the threats are likely to get a response from me, that makes them spend most of their insults and practical jokes on their equally stupid families and offices instead of me as well. It does need to get real as many have died because of decisions and activities that occurred at Government buildings, none is exempt, the behaviour is meant to secure its rewards, not rely on me abusively for an exit, blowing off that big mouth all over the place – needs to stop handling me. I mean it is not common for human beings to be this stupid, I have given 20 years of my time as it is quite clear this madness stops when they are dead and I am fed up hanging around somewhere to drop out of University for it over and over again, if they will not stop making stupid comments at me, especially at the behest of the Heir to the Throne, I will take steps as well, to ensure it ended very badly.

It is said that there is confusion about the way this crisis develops but there really isn’t, a case of the years they built up to a process of trifling with my finances and social life in order to handle me being ignored, so since then the idiots had built it up and provided it with a Media presence and now that they had applied it on me without effect, they are now entirely reliant on civil disobedience that ensures their famous idiots made a mess of my Bookshop and therefore beat me down with nauseating financial complications but the disobedience was very easy to shut down, if they wanted to avoid trouble, likewise the need to get involved with and or handle me. Then there is the part where I am said to understand the reasons for the health complications that follow these nonsense and yes I do I suppose, as 90% of health issues associated with government operation is due to a clash with criminals, which apparently are what these particular group of Politicians and famous idiots love to support, so if health issue arise because of them, the same way that they are working those health issues of the armed forces that are providing security, it had to be a surprise.


They now say that people really want to do me harm which I am not aware but I am well aware of the reasons that I work so hard to ensure they did not feel they were entitled to my career while another group of idiots worked so hard with hopes of Publicity power, to ensure they felt that they did – the real world is what will happen if I felt threatened on account a handful of very stupid entitled twats felt they were entitled to my career and made a physical move on me about it. We are now one step away from a process where this nonsense produces all kinds of clashes for me but the one that makes the headlines most often is the neighbours from hell, about whom famous idiots enjoyed developing pressure for me each time I had some food and as soon as they achieved a reputation for me as somebody who smelled, they decided, it was okay to tear down my career as a way of applying pressure on me to get into a fight, whole fooling around with the smelly cat insults endlessly. We are now one step away from an Arch Prince who hates Celebrities enough for any occasion they made comments to make their personal decisions easier for them, about my Office and my Royal position and other civil duties, making a mess for me over a lifestyle they had chosen and continuing with more civil disobedience to develop more abusive processes associated with it – or making those stupid seesaw comments that allow them seek their financial well being by handling my Books and public image, so they got to escape the reasons they regularly committed suicides while I lived in misery because they were making a mess of my finances and there will be trouble like had never been seen, to answer the question of whether they associated themselves with my so called right hand side because I moved into their backyards to nudge them out of their homes and make comments about my Public image and career because they wrote my Books. They do tell those lies that I have done such things naturally, but it will not have mattered once we had ended up with Royalty that publicly hated Celebrities as such anyway. Likely to be the point at which it stops as it were.

It is unusual that Celebrities who picked up my work to research roles that involved entertainment where my property equity was brokered, still get along with me very well, in all that storm of a handful of gits, getting off to work towards a time when their need to shower me with insults and cling to my Books to make their own money, eventually presented them an opportunity to strike which they have taken happily – so there are other evidence still that the trouble I am about to make for them was unnecessary. The story being the same matter of business gits keeping their business empires out of mine but if they want something to be said on an Official capacity, stop picking up my service processes to do something I did not intend the processes for, most important which is that when people harmed me, a group of stupid men were willing to spend money on products, so Americans especially loved easy money. The talk of people fighting my wars on the other hand was a story of giving me so much work to do to contribute to the prevention of armed forces corruption; more or less which they think I am lucky I have not lost my career to claims I am a coward but it is not luck at all, I want them to repeat the process again and again and again. It is a simple process of tying up Market and Property Equity in a Trust system and those who are not the Arch Prince were not allowed to handle it, continued processes of this idea they were entitled to my career, is heading towards a troubled conclusion.

The women do love those gimmicks about men who look good on poverty and destitution, when I work their civil rights gimmicks about the way I ought to get into a violent situation and abandon my life to women, so I might be a real man which had since gotten completely out of hand and allowed them to build a crowd that works me the same way Celebrities did, we know we will end up with a sex orgy party that made sense of their Political treachery. The series of problems here are the insatiable need these gits have 15 years of my time spent on people just showing up to turn a Bookshop into an opportunity to play with an Arch Prince, the under current of their abusive behaviour generally going beyond the way it makes me cashless, so they might play some practical jokes around celebrity culture, into something about a need to destroy something in my world that is making them feel as though if that thing did not exist, they would have been able to feel superior to me and the honourable mention being that their insulting imagination is always getting around my private parts to make sense of where my life stops for getting in their way if their stupidities wanted to handle me. So it’s a case of going all personal when it comes to clashing with our British public control problems in legs and I am not longer spending my energy on telling them and their Celebrities off these activities; a more direct hands on approach is necessary.


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