I am told businesses leaders and owners do not like me very much which does not remotely bother me at all, as it was a matter of the unprofessional and the organised criminals that had enough money to evolve.  I feel as if I was losing something important when I pointed it out i.e. these unprofessional gits were the ones that Households were more willing to give money that did not actually exist, so they really were the recession in the public psyche. Then there is the part where I am said to fail at getting it under control which I don’t – I have gotten it under control and done so many times; the sheer resources it had to spend to gain access to me and the way I ensure it was thinking what I was thinking so I got to put words in its mouth all the time, now a new test from some publicly displayed practical jokers where people built an atmosphere and a community to finger my bum and tell lies about the whole scenario, seems to have been linked up to the Celebrities, a crisis had emerged because I needed their public image to tidy it up, started the process but my finances were a mess, so I have not been able to get to the stage yet. It all went wrong when the whole picture was messed around with by a bunch of idiots who never stop until they really had to: it made a mess of my academic pursuits and I ensured it was too late for its superior sons to get famous, should have been the end of the story, so others came up with another idea that I am the one doing something wrong; from here there was claims I am the one doing something wrong, setting the stage for every fool that would like to but does not show up to prove themselves to make me feel sore all over from a distance and then the more serious part where it was difficult to sell to the public that the best way to solve the financial matters was through the jobs market, on account they could bully and thought they held reigns of power, it was too late for them to start working on a career even if they agreed to it and the level of support the Celebrity abuses got had made it incredibly profitable.

They do claim I always selected the diplomatic responses because others were bigger – utter nonsense as it is really a matter of a huge amount of trouble behind me, with none owning up to it; what Celebrities did with it as per a need to pick up my public work for their own contexts, a need to take pictures of themselves on my personal life and splash out a gimmick with camera men over it, never explaining to others what they did with their own stupid personal decisions and the personal life that came with it either way, posing a real question as to what they were told show business was about in drama and Music school. Eventually they raise the point about their German influence gimmicks of which when it began was a simple practical jokes to split my personality and make me a half person whose life was full of idiots whose names I did not know, showing up to play money and history games alongside communities that fingered my bum and banged doors and walls which effect a bunch of British idiots got into my stomach and circulatory system to ensure I owned my career when brave enough to, while complaining about consequences. In the end it speaks for itself, but at the time my response was to split up their personality and play practical jokes as well, I was said to have done the wrong thing and now that there is no backup plan for famous idiots and gold diggers, having been the idiots in charge have not figured out what to do while they keep their salaries and make a mess of mine, the overall issue is now that it is all utter rubbish and none knows what it is doing in the Offices of leadership, so those who put it in peoples heads during public work have not yet explained what they were complaining about themselves. They were daughters of stupid men who came here to enforce ideas about successes that were an affront to the interests of male society – academic pursuits wrecked, in student loans debt, it shows up here everyday since to seek out ways of figuring out issues associated with a life inundated with terrible personal decisions but I am a writer and do not care, its need to pick up my concerns for it is that which I am now set to stop very badly, the insults and abuses are set to make the catalyst for what I did with it.


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They do claim I would do anything for power and influence, last I checked, it waits for me to build a job, keeps its own and shows up to suggest I possessed Royal Office which predisposed me to its insults and meant that it had to build a different meaning for what I go up to, so it has been keeping safe its job and showing up here to share my earnings over power and influence, which is now getting serious enough to court consequences on the need its media and stupid celebrities had, to make something else from what I am doing and can never be seen playing with their own careers or making comments about it thereof. It claims that it was something that public enforcement officer did to provoke them on my account and the Politicians echo this same nonsense for its stupidities around my concerns everyday without reason, to use Government Office as a prop for stealing money at Industry, I could never tell if it was my response to their stupidities they preferred to that of public enforcement officers anyway, like they claim I never do anything about anything until the bad things had happened whilst reality is more a matter of the fact there was nothing to do as they were busy making me pay attention to these matters, the media, celebrities, corrupt Royals with Prince of Wales as leader and the Politicians, running my life with social systems that criminals built for criminal activities while I am no criminal to ensure I got to solve problems paying too much attention to it, which is not really an issue as such as the Prince of Wales cannot be detached from his planned big show reign when King and needed to be prepared for the Trends and costs gimmicks that came with it. In the end the main problem was a question of what is killing my finances and we know I have now built up wealth equity that affects Celebrities and a need to pick up my wealth equity public image to get rich fast sucking up to rich people, when I shut it down, they pick up service processes of my livelihood to progress the stupid need for building a profile for themselves to match any careers they liked and get paid for being popular, setting others out as punching bags to suck up to wealthy people, build a new one from doing so, then show up to complain about consequences which follow such effects as this was a need to get involved with me after I denied it access due to a decade and a half long nastiness – we also know that the other fools have suggested that I had since become a tool for wealth and social inequality whilst I am one of the biggest sources of support for the Monarchy and Head of State regarding matters to do with the interests of the poorer population, thereby raising a problem, whereas there was none, just its need to show up and claim it was more willing to get torn up by the enemy than I am which feeds into Industry and created competition for my earnings, echoed by the stupid politicians serving both the public and fame idiots everyday but then again it is not wrecking my earnings either as we know it is now complaining that I would do anything for power and influence, especially as its stupid superior sons have gone from showing up to sulk over me at University until I dropped out, to a case of its stupidities getting rapped by criminals and showing up at Parliament to punish me over claims I am a coward – first time round the Politicians took sides with it, I showed the society gits how their Government Office jobs worked and have ended up creating problems that were too big for me, while they looked like if they committed coups and got shot by firing squad it would look good on them, we are now doing the aforementioned facts as a second round of Politicians making a mess of my earnings to push their government office corruption everyday, garnished with popularity idiots that have picked up what civil enforcement officers have done to rune everybody else down a you, me, employers and bottom chasing issues, getting rich fast, picking me up from my private times to share with YMCA and public transport fools that will help run off the lies and spend on social issues, all I did whenever I was seen chasing something with a sense of urgency, their community idiocy building crowds that will finger my bum. So none of these matters are wrecking my finances only the lies about what I am doing concerning which it was so incredibly simple for a bunch of idiots that are paid to be nasty towards me every time they had access to me and it now needs to make comments about its career or I will destroy it as well, especially with respect to the Celebrities and that foolish need to build a profile that matches my career to push its gold digger need for riches through popularity, which isn’t really a problem as long as the money is not departing the economy but I have to pay attention to it because the stupid men’s world politicians and corrupt royals decided it so while complaining about previous results.

They do claim its all me taking my problems out on Celebrities whilst it is all just a matter of Government Office corruption but I have shown how easy it is for me to handle it, not because I made it easy but because I am involved with Government and if we all did our parts, the public problems were usually averted – if I said there were psychopaths that spent most of their time blabbing about people who will die to help them feel safe, those that will make the decisions and those that will lose possession to the process, not referring to me by name, we know that it affects me and I end up paying too much attention to it because society idiots and its public transport twats were sharing my life for all the wrong reasons, front being that everybody was a threat, when I turned my back they thought the effects of their gimmicks on my career was hilarious – so I ought to ensure the psychopaths took up their personal lives to make a statement about their need to move into my right hand as if they were the ones doing national service in this Country – if I did however it would become clear that civil enforcement had always done some official work on the matter, so it become a question of whether they preferred that or my response when it shows up here to attack me for something enforcement officer did with a big mouth everyday. The part that the Celebrities then played in the matter was to rip up my finances, pick up something I did to control the violent orthodoxy and the need these fools had to build communities that finger peoples bums, trash the Bookshop, like it had any power over the show business conferences where it answered questions about the entertainment products it played a part in or it controlled the way people sold those products on the streets and this was not all a big case of failure to take charge on my part, made a complete mess of it all, trashed the earnings and showed up somewhere to build a profile that meant I was set to serve its famous stupidities with the thing about which I had some skilled, finished off with its stupid security guards devising contingencies that will finger my bum all day and share my privacy with YMCA and food banks, whilst claiming these characters I brought under control were nice people and I spent time trying to rub shoulders with them and should be punished – really makes sense of a need to ensure it pays dearly and I ended this nonsense badly if it continued to make comments about my career while it had its own to fool about with at the same time. They have turned up to punish mine after their stupid children showed up at academic institutions to sulk and finger my bum until I dropped out, their stupidities were fighting my wars and now consider themselves a threat in a world where it will likely fight my wars to get paid for being popular by picking up my wealth equity public life disobediently, about which I am now set to build a custom wealth equity to target them because I am unable to engage with my own crowd on a day to day basis by the way (wealth equity for a product that will be sold to make sense of any deficits in their ability to account for finances and mop it up), it could fight my wars and keep the shinny cars and houses thereafter or it may try and find out if I had the means to ensure it kept its money in a system that I controlled

So we know I have brought the one that gets on the roof to shower me with insults that will ensure those who want my career could hit the ground running, it now knows it needed to chose between work done by public enforcement officers or a response from me that will get the psychopaths that continued to pick up its gimmicks and distract me from what I am doing sharing its privacy and country ownership gimmicks. I have brought the other twat that fights my wars and builds communities to finger my bum because Politicians were disrespected, showing up to convert my service processes into another wealth equity process about which it may set me out as a character people bullied to reach arrangements during big business deals, talking rubbish about the way I am traitor as well, after its stupid children showed up to levy a University fiasco on me as if they were paying the fees and have continued to make a mess superior sons as if they were paying the bills in this place – they know they can keep their money in peace or keep it in a system that I controlled, garnished with a wealth equity that will force them to share it at the markets. So what is killing my finances and have eventually dragged these lies and need for these government office idiots to play with my career into an environment where the work I did with Clients was affected, despite working intellectual property administration which already catered for such matters – so I needed to reinstate the wealth equity that helped me work Royal status, before it was damaged by fame idiots that needed it the most, where they would buy products that set them out as criminals and quasi criminals because they could decide for themselves but not for their children and did not have a choice in the matter – one more instance of its need and that of its stupid politicians to play games with my finances, I will try to find out if I can do whatever I liked with parliament as well and will become the tool that facilitated the wealth and social inequality they blabbed about for the gimmicks that their squat to trash people’s homes civil rights idiots were going to be a fan of, especially when it grew into the idea that I encumbered the welfare of sex drugs and rock and roll stupidities in this place, whereas they do that all by themselves; the stupid questionable finances, questionable methods of attaining, questionable ways of spending it and questionable lifestyle, had turned up here in a grand way because of Government Office fools making a mess of my career, so it would become a vicious cycle for others in the future, torturing others for the stupid personal decisions when it knows the part where it got to fight everybody wars against National level enemies was the correct thing.

I am told it is dad that my finances are a mess but they were perfectly fine – it was always calculated risk that if you are trying to release funds by selling products from a Trust system, every idiot will want to release your funds alongside you; turned up here to punish me because Politicians were being disrespected, features all present – the popularity big brother pricks picking up my privacy to share with public transport twats and YMCA because they were the type, then looking to sell my personal life and steal my sleeping patterns thereafter, usual process of making something from the gap between the prison service and my dream career before the teachers intervened until it built up something important on media and rip up peoples finances because its stupidities deserved to feel safe. Turned up to punish me because Politicians were being disrespected, its superior sons after sulking at me in University until I dropped out, neither paying the fees then nor paying the bills now, it shows up here to build communities that will finger my bum because Politicians were being disrespected and I cannot establish a relationship with others to sell the Books or keep a job because of it, has done its punishment, but has not stopped the practical jokes yet, as stupidly as possible, is fighting my wars too and its Government Office idiots had since progressed to ensure that they built narcissism that allowed their social fools to keep playing with me and make a mess of all things here, while they built another to prevent themselves paying the unemployment benefits. 

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