It is not a complicated cluster of circumstances as suggested, what happens is that we are looking at  bunch of really stupid people with an interest in my career and finances that involved so much fooling around, that if I spent my time getting rid of them to concentrate on my career, nothing would ever get done and if I let them be, the career will be wasted – it speaks of ways that I would not stand up to communist leadership but have been taking advantage of its democratic arrangements but according to my reputation, I am pretty certain that if I decided to stop spending so much time on the communists whilst the Americans on this basis were my main problem and I needed to show I did not live in a proxy of the USA, they would not have needed an announcement that would inform them I had embarked on such a project, that said, it should be noted too that too much time is being spent on the communists thereof. So the point of this was that I had lost all power an authority whereas what we know is that it had gone from supporting parental narcissism, to suggest that some people were meant to fight for civil rights whilst it made money that it intended to share on a later date, to comments and abuses linked to its sales army for a pyramid scheme which had also developed from ideas I personality suggested I am an important person whilst I am nobody, to the idea I had to do something to get into trouble with the law as to show I deserved to earn from my career, leaving people to depart my social media on account that I have been getting along with Celebrities. The authority I had lost on the social front will be the part where others were to blame when the parental narcissism had affected them as well, a process where we had progressed onto such a stage because the alternative was a story in which there was no part where the public came out winning, of which I am in control of both situations and all it possessed were media insults concerning which none was asking for an opinion about my existence – the society idiots with ideas I am their son killing myself to make them comfortable when they were not complaining that I did something with private security industry, all mixed up with local authority scum that take part in it but do not wish to pay out the Universal Credit anymore and high street shop managers who ensure customers were no longer able to keep the job after shopping. Its big mouth suggests that if I walked into its office to sort out this problem that has been a product of the fact that handle my work and my person felt good, to which the famous and idiots with media presence were entitled, but whilst complaining tell none of the reasons they bashed my Bookshop, which from where I am is a product of their need for home wrecker gimmicks around here that is stalling client interests and trashing my finances, to ensure that what the Law Judge would have given me if I conducted a Law suit was achieved on a social level whereby it was more expensive for them to handle my affairs than it was for them to pay attention to the part that is paying the salary which got to their heads, it would all end in a situation where Law enforcement would have to bail me out. We had to listen to that big mouth endlessly, never clear the exact point when its brain gave up on it and the ultimatum for the idiots to run their careers by organising it for a personal and social life which did not involve me had expired prior, 4 weeks to the time that I have written this piece. I mean the worst that could happen is that I pushed them hard enough to require private security just to breathe the free air and at which stage I shoved it up their bums as well – it is a Bookshop, needs to show up here alongside the abusive society idiots who want to be superior with projects I misplaced on public transportation, silly shop managers and local council twats that claim I lived on social security fraud, to read, keep its insults to itself, perform its stupidities with other people’s lives every time it was making money, especially the part where it gets involved with my affairs for its own causes and picks up my career publicity to do what it pleases, where it actually lived or I will do it for them.

We have heard them claim mine is some deep seeded prejudice which people needed to understand, utter nonsense naturally – what has happened in history which when laid out for others will make people feel sick, is that when it sees me have a good time in a religious organisation, it turns up with gimmicks where apostacy was amusing and since either god made me or I existed in a  country that somebody felt belonged to them more than it did to me, people could use me and my possessions as they liked. Then I showed up at university and it turned up there to finger my bum, after I set up a Bookshop and hell broke lose. The part where I am going to respond is now set to be the worst possible things that I can do, involving a business of taking them up on it, the society, the public transport gits, the local council, acquire my unusual arrangement with the broadcasting community for it, set out a process where I can control what they did between their neighbourhoods and the city centre, get them to shut down careers where my Bookshop incentives were part of their red button gimmicks, get them to shut down careers that make me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, get them to shut down careers where they used media to decide what people thought of me, to such an extent I was not allowed to get into some clothes and meet people over my career and my bread winner clients were not allowed to get involved with a Bookshop, whereby I get to put a stop to this mess painfully. I am informed that there was news that I have been losing a lot of my work and property which I have not – although I know what people mean by this i.e. superior Asian twats and Middle East oil tycoons who proliferate my assets, as a grotesque demonstration of the sense that they possessed means to eliminate some communists for the west in a jiffy, so we could find out whether if I began to enforce such a directive, Washington would not have loved the fact that I was as well anyway. The rest have simply picked up my assets to create an eventuality where they were able to make me fight some communists for the American Government in order to ensure the fashion and entertainment was worth the expense that people were to spend on it, the problem being that I am set to get the assets doing what they were designed to do and suicide prone director git and designer twat have not killed themselves yet, the problem will kick off on a high level when such nonsense shows up on a 20 foot billboard on account somebody thought that it was okay. I have allowed them to keep their careers whilst they wrecked mine, the consequence is that people think my real vulnerability is that I secretly wish I possessed what they had, whereas we have ended up in that situation solely for reasons that they converted my career publicity to achieve it.

Apparently if I walked into their offices to extricate what a judge would have given me by socially making it more expensive for them to get involved with my affairs, law enforcement would have to bail me out. If I support a client that may have suffered a process where an idiot stole the career and employed some criminals to build up popularity conditions that allowed him or her to keep the career, it will crash my finances and spend time on mainstream and social media, creating a sense that it was all my career publicity was about and that its stupidities controlled it.