It is suggested that my Books are being censored but they are not, just a handful of gits who had developed a habit of turning up around my writing career to dream of my Books being stopped in some way before I had the opportunity to make financial success from it i.e., censored for writing a Book that was never written. Only Americans who peddle the idea that my Books must be taken off the market because they were disrespectful could have invented such nonsense but then again, they are not entitled to my career and there is nothing to worry about.

I get told I have this sort of problems everywhere and yes, we are talking about the British ones with a need to get imagination up my bum after following me about to wreck career and finances, thereafter, build a community that decided how I was used while the Politicians were taken in by trappings of power and I was the one making all the trouble. We see the same gimmicks with the Media where they built a presence for slum landlords and set about deciding each time it affected their stupidities, that I was one of the kids that should have been fighting their wars and like so it can never be seen making comments about its own career if it had not yet gone horribly wrong as a practical joke. They have a lot of that thing they like to throw around, lot of gimmicks by which they made my entire life into something that helped resolve other people’s financial complications and I want them to spend more and more and more and more, so we might get to measure how far the insults and the blabbing I cannot be free from really extend as such.

It is then also said that it was not clear what I was doing of which I have described my work as private equity intellectual property administration and people will get involved with and read the Books if they thought it was important – those who do not understand any of the words I have mentioned, can look it up in the dictionary. It is nothing unusual – just the same business of a handful of gits deciding it was better to spend work time fooling around and to come up with tricks that got others paying the academic work, financial and career price for it while they got what they clearly had worked for more or less and when they are able to walk into my career and hang about dreaming of my products being censored, I was the one being disrespectful at the same time.

It would say that it was about the ageism of taking advantage of a younger persons attempt to get into the jobs market, make such a younger person suffer what they suffered while they worked towards their pensions but then due to their successes the victims were not entitled to do the same to their Children - it claims it is about taking advantage of me when I tried to get a footing with respect to my financial well being, about which there was no law against such activity but it is still taking advantage of me at the age of 40, long after I had already settled my financial footing, making a mess of it while keeping its own and this is the sort of nonsense that I am now completely fed up with.

So the humiliation factor goes beyond the idea that my Books are a hard sell while the problem is that people were noisy around a writer, with respect to which in context if we are talking about this as per the first Book I had written, I may have created a master piece. I do not feel humiliated by these idiots at all, just the usual case of years before contending with the business of their need to handle my social and personal life for popularity, promising to fight my battles which I always knew would mean coward picking up enemies that they never got rid of and I would end up with far more problems – this had since grown into a case of picking up my civic responsibilities to kill the reputation for being a loser and now they are the ones making me a coward all together. The main problem in all this was a handful of gits who never do what is required of them at the Monarchy, constantly had a need to set me out for bullying that allowed them marry wealthy people and so they are always getting me caught up with the low lives they familiarised themselves with, especially during a time when doing something useful for money did not appeal to them, on the other hand Celebrities assumed I really loved people usurping my popularity, hence currently it had since not developed due to a need to damage my Books for this nonsense into a case of a part of population I hated and the fact I could not stand their Celebrities for it but they are pushing towards this very hard. They do eventually claim it is peer banter which I do not care about anyway, in my view the Court was built to facilitate the female journalists in it doing their work especially in parts of society where the public was particularly abusive, which they had since invited their male work place entitlement into as well and are now using to kill off their reputation as losers while building me a reputation as one – the way that their low lives then show up here to pick up, shower me with abuses, call me names and claim I am so weak it is irritating, being mentally ill while being hard wired to pay most of their attention to me is one of the main reasons they ought to make the comments about the one that pays the salary or preferably keep their mouths shut. What would happen if I got caught up in a  violent situation with them is that the Police would get involved as well and herein lies my cowardice.

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I do get told what I say does not necessarily mean that I am right, but it is not clear why those who are right on the other hand tend to believe that the tummy hurting effects of their personal decisions ought to be my problem. This then feeds into a plea that if I know how to end this I should of which the end is their society and culture goons were not entitled to my career, only I and those who have paid for my Books, are entitled to handle what I know what I do with what I know, their sense of importance needed to apply else where and the fact I am not interfering with their finances should be an education or else it will alternatively end badly. As for the part where I had a responsibility in the matter, there is none – they have cliché everywhere, such as the explanation for the way those who lived in their communities but did not have the same problem as everybody else, were the way they were, is that they were either contributing to the problems or they had solutions for it, both of which meant that such a person should be attacked until the problem was solved and it had to be so easy for them in the worst way possible at all times, while they have since failed to accept those stupid communities they built, where the men had societies that damaged my writers personality and reputation because I walked down the streets and it got used abusively, the women ran culture communities where they spend all day imagining their fingers getting up my bum right up to my bedroom, is the biggest problem that I faced.

I  am not in anyway facing a dire situation as suggested either – a simple case of people showing up to levy abuses on me that allow them to build communities that get imagination around my private parts, so they might chase my career achievements to make their own money by; it is a history they want to play with as such and is being run off every second of the day, especially when I moved, concerning which if I did settle somewhere I was not exposed to them so much and my mind was still playing the tricks on me, it would make me judge jury and executioner and add up to a process where they had settled for a business of looking for trouble. They do say their point is that I belonged on the left with the Celebrities and Media people, but I have never seen Celebrities and Media people ask them if the need to get imagination around the private part was an indication of being provoked by me, to the tune of getting into their backyard to nudge them out of their Homes. They do then ask how I do the Celebrity bits so well, but it is a matter of the number of things that are a concern of theirs in this place i.e., this pertains to the fact my dad was a taller, less stocky person than I am. The idea is that I am being systematically intimidated with intent to make me into something I am not and I do not believe the process is successful either, such as when they say I should be getting into a fight instead of talking about it and if I got into a fight the celebrity big brothers and sisters will grab the proceeds, so their need to push me into a fight means they needed to make comments about their own careers and keep away from my Books, especially when they have maintained a salary the entire time that this nonsense had been built up. From here we can see that the smell issues have been a function of showing they had money and I was starving although I preferred to be disrespectful as well, while clinging to my career to make a mess of it and maintain the process – the local people that are fans of theirs had a version of this too and it involved the prognosis of these abusive activities which are that the space they had was never enough for them, the only way to get around being to ensure the gimmick they described as a life they lived, had to end up in my soft body and clear aura personal space, to help them feel good, running it as a community which means I am having to deal with this nonsense in my bedroom – hence when I say that the talk of me getting into trouble over the smell issues while this happens every single second of the day will be the part where they were bluffing and I was rather convinced that they were after they told enough of those lies and got to believe the lies themselves – it was not meant to be as complicated as rocket science (as they say). They do claim I talk tough but cannot really handle the fight as an ethnic minority – the reality however is that this is because racism is meant to be resolved by campaigns, education, and information, not a process of fighting people, hence they were gamblers and have lost again.

They do claim I am a wise arse getting my just reward but I might be a wise arse, this however is not my just reward in anyway, only the result of a condition in which I had not yet made a decision to start fighting them with all I had too; I mean criminals are nice people and I am being discriminative while their stupidities clung to my public image and finances - we have done these exercises in what is acceptable behaviour towards another persons property and instances of public appearances for the best part of 8 years, during which time the famous idiots have been keeping their money and not paid the bills in this place on any singular occasion, besides which for normal people warnings over such a long period of time would have been sufficient. The abuses are not producing the effect expected, especially when followed on with insults from people who take advantage of what they did to run me down while gaining from work I did at private security Industry during the brief time I got involved with it – it is instead driving us back to a certain time in 2005 when being seen getting involved with a Church did not prevent people pushing the finer points of Homosexuality at me until we ended up with the idea it was the Church Homosexuality type, because of which hell broke lose and they spent a decade convincing Politicians that I am a threat to their civil rights.

There is not really a crisis here as thought – what happens is that the Media and Celebrities set about updating damage they do to my Bookshop and hence my finances back-to-back, which they have for 8 years, 6 of which have been spent on warnings and an attempt to get them off my case, the real problem being where they now think that they wanted to stop it. I however had ended up in a legal and social no mans land where the questions that media and celebrities had to answer, meant that my person and possessions were fair game, so it is the legal and social no mans land, which appears to be the problem for them on my account. It is not half the crisis it is said to be as such; abusive big brother making his point about the finer benefits of homosexuality while I am being run down and humiliated by their stupidities to make it happen alongside the mentally disturbed gits that they had created to make sense of their world, Celebrities assuming I am not offended when they rip up my Bookshop to usurp my popularity and other goons that feel obliged to join in. So we also find the claim rife, that I gain everything and they lose everything, while reality is that people would normally get jobs in the private sector and the public sector, which are two separate arrangements – in the private sector which they had to worry about living half their lives because consumers wanted to know there was equality, in the public sector they did not have to worry about living half their lives because they worked for the Country but it was the transition for which they relied on me with respect to public support, while these other gits appear to be at war with the fact people lived in a family setting which is robbing me of an audience for my Books, as they issue threats each time they kept their own without getting a response from me.


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