It is said that there is public sentiment towards the idea I had dropped the ball on the Public but no such thing has occurred; the truth of it is that these processes where people get paid for being popular on my Public image, the processes where people set me out as a profitable victim of antisocial and criminal behaviour to get paid, is not a business or a job, it is therefore all together an almighty scam – the problem however had since progressed to a social means by which those who engage in it could inflict pain on others, upping the bum distant violence abuses and son on, which would never have come to, if the Politicians did not join in on the business of getting up at Parliament to shower me with insults consistently. They do all claim I am incredibly disrespectful, but disrespect got us where we are; it ensured that I authored a book and was never regarded as a writer, since I am the victim therefore, it is difficult to tell how people came through with the suggestion that I am the perpetrator of those insults. In their defence they say that I had made a mess of their show business which is utter nonsense; what happens is that as long as they had it, they must have gained access to me and my work in some way and did not live in a world where they got denied anything they wanted, when I want to keep them out of it, same as their society goons who have come to accept the delusion that I recognised their society building up to a process where I will clash with them in a major way, as I will be difficult for me to tolerate wife and kids complaining about them as well I do, who had strange ideas about how I should be handled by a crowd that served them every time I stepped outside of my door because they had some of my work and wanted to make me pliable so they might make money from it – same as the popularity gits who gain access to my personal space and make statements about their civil right to prevent me responding, only to get off on an angle about some property I kept from them ending up in their possession which will never be returned and the idea that the more secrecy I attached to something I had publicly published, the more the likelihood that when people stole it they could get rich. I cannot concentrate on anything and want to ensure they got a copy of my Book whenever they showed up near my concerns and black people stopped getting involved with it when I do not want it so.

Another of the favourite stories told here is that I am wishy washy but this was supposed to be a simple matter of writing Books to engage with those who read it, not a process of spending yet so far 12 years, responding to gimmicks that asked questions of what Books did and what my Books did while people picked up my earnings, called me names and put labels on, such that criminals begin to take note and they fancied themselves the seat of political extremism over it. It loves those stupid statements where it did things, this thing and that thing and you look like you are the person who does a thing, doing my stuff, doing your stuff, doing stuff but I have never really be informed of what it is saying or what the things it says really meant, although it was quite clear that they could say it to absolutely anybody because they were men – so this is the real me, there me be some respect for my career or they will have to make do with the wishy washy as I will not conduct a bad behaviour on their account. They do claim I speak like this but I am not the victim in the matter but I never said I was, just like there is nothing wrong with my career – we know however that they have not stopped performing abusive activities towards it and towards me, as will ensure my life was full of regrets and when I thought of it I smelled, which has become so bad that they are now known to express their abusive and insolent interest towards my diet all together, all of which was possible from the day I dropped out of University because of them – so the complaining is that I have ended up in their part of society and selected a neighbourhood to avail myself to facts concerning Books I am writing and that I am eating whatever food exists in the said environment (the self-harming twat). The secrets I keep would pertain to the fact that the group that spends its time fingering my bum and building communities that do so, is building its own history, the Media that wrecks my career to ensure I did something to get into trouble with the Law over it, is getting on my nerves and the Celebrities who continued to pick up my earnings and make announcements of young millionaires they created from people who did their bidding because I world did not exist where I could withdraw from them access to my person which they found blissful, are looking for trouble, as when we do end up on the same par in terms of financial perspectives, I will burn their careers and they will tell me I did because I wanted it. It is intellectual property administration and as long as their stupidities are not deciding what I am doing, the facts should be clear; I have organised myself for the career accordingly and their involvement needed to respect the need for absence of interference with Client interests, considering that the Clients may read the Books in their most private spaces, needs to find a toy and cease handling me.

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