To begin with, I am informed that I did not get along with the odd Virgo but Virgos take charge when Libra failed to do so, which of course is naturally utter nonsense – the reality is more a matter of going through a difficult time to build a system which result was that I got out of bed to pursue the administration of being attacked by people who spent their money to fight the public and had arrived at a stage where their families needed to assist them tackle me because the sort of products women were building to target their market from my status, was irresistible and will cause them to waste their family fortunes – what Virgo does is pick this up for a business of saying that it built a crowd to help pursue the idea the only important thing to pass around this matter was the money people could make and the rewards that will come to those that pursued selfish ends, my friends become my enemies, my enemies my friends, everything is mixed up and I feel like killing it because I think I am being strangled but it will not stop doing it – since progressed to picking up my career publicity to play with me and sell products to the crowd it had built and the publicity for my Bookshop was converted into a profile for me which facilitated access whenever people wanted it, instead of Book reading, trashing my finances in the process and no remorse has yet been shown, as mentioned before no chance they will stop soon.

The question raised at Politics was one of whether I was able to determine for myself the importance of the work I have done, for the government but I have, contrary to what most people think; the first time this matter became an issue, it was about corrupt security industry who wanted the career I was trying to build, where I abandoned the job for them because it was so abusive that my health was affected, now they are simply getting after my Books as well, alongside their Celebrity; they have therefore built this epidemic of narcissism to run people down and some arrangements have been made by their allies at the Monarchy to work some nepotism that will scare me into giving up assets they handled, the latter being the ones that have suffered so far because of the way their narcissists pick up on what they did to provide their abusive people with a Country to live in, while the inability of Celebrities to refrain from running off the abuses at me while I at my work and making a mess of client interests in my Books, is set to build up to a result where I needed to get every narcissism targeted at me converted into a reason for Celebrities to fight their own wars as well, so when they lose their lives, it will be a worthy price to pay for a 15 year career mess that has been wrought here, I intend to do this by starting off a process of pursuing the office spaces of their society gits who cannot keep the imagination away from my private parts and their Celebrity bread winner Clients, as doing so was the only way to ensure they did not continue doing damage while telling me they made money at my expense and my biggest pain was an inability to catch on, no matter how hard I tried. They do claim it always comes down to blaming Celebrities which is utter nonsense too – we are talking about stage by stage progression of this issue from the time when their incomes were about the same as that of the general public and then the daily attack and abuses that came as soon as their incomes had increased, which was entirely predictable and they knew it was predictable in my view – so since their attacks and abuses were a product of building a crowd that will listen to cries about injustices and inequality, when I do mine as well, I will on a platform of philanthropy and will not stop until they lost their homes and money, whilst I have not done it, displaying the ability, ensures I can set up a global stage disposition to say that it was possible to carry on with my daily concerns if I could easily display where they have breached my patents and what I was doing about applicable property, considering how expensive the stupid insults where it gets to suggest it did what it did because it was more important, at which stage Virgo really is in charge.

They do also suggest I am not qualified for what I do, whilst they have not explained how I learned about the constitution, how it works and what the Church does with the State, as to say that I was able to develop a process of getting about administrative activities where I could tackle what the Church regarded as a social evil whilst they regarded as narcissism. Queen Elizabeth II loved the work I did on this because I helped to control vastly their violent orthodoxy through a wealth equity public image, the work I did has now been completely trashed by Celebrities who began the process of destruction from getting my Books into a social position of public interest, public need and social issues preventing the public from reading it because they wanted to handle my finances and improve their lives with my Books before lesser people were allowed to as insultingly as they can – but we had since ended up in a scenario where I was being abused and attacked on account the social consequences applicable affected them as well, thus it became a problem that I had to solve as it were. The reality on the ground now being that my public work must not be beneficial to celebrities because it is for destructive purposes that it is beneficial, difficult then to make sense of the idea that I am not qualified to do so. The sole reason it should be noted, that they have not stopped running this narcissism on me whilst I am at work and have not stopped making a mess of my Bookshop, where I am pushed into a fight by abusive communities fingering my bum, lest I got to make them take up their own public security for trashing my finances and career to make me serve them with knowledge of private security industry work, is that they had an ego but if they were also complaining that their lives will stop when they stopped doing it, I believe what I have done here was a good enough exit, my next move will not be benevolent.

The implication of my work therefore being with respect to Celebrities, the claim we always blame them for public problems was entirely false – reality was more a matter of picking up my Assets to make money and once finished, build and abusive and violent crowd around me, to ensure I did not retain the assets in a bid to make it their own, then turn out to work that crowd persistently, leaving me cash strapped. I ascertain that it is doing the same with poorer people all over the world, so I have proceeded to build up a process where public equity can be protected i.e. my wealth equity public image and the outcome where I had to get out of bed everyday to administrate issues associated with people having to deploy family to tackle me because they believe I had invented my own gimmicks that will cause them to spend their family fortunes, which situation is therefore stable as a matter of National economy, those who change it were in my assumption doing so for the better or they were looking for trouble – this was therefore a disposition which allowed the Politicians to engage with the business communities where growth was located. They speak of this trade secrets and there are none here, just as much as they speak of tricks on my part; where questions on tricks are concerned, it was a matter of exploiting unused ethics, people ignore the ethics because it was a window for them to push themselves harder and harder on the earnings of the public but if they did not the business and its income would be more secure, so I can see what their excuses are therefore wait for an opportunity of my own as well, no tricks or witchery about it. The trade secrets were a simple matter of who I am – reading star signs is what everybody is doing these days, so I would say we could easily see that the Aries who was most likely to engage my public image were the people working the engine of growth the most, at the least will be seen taking images of good looking women for top shelves on streets shops, at most it was a matter of Television advertisement and an engagement with my creative equity to take advantage of market gaps which had emerged because some companies were too big to work them; from my point of view however, I would rather not read the star signs, as I tended to think of it as spirituality associated with Industrial activity, our problem being that people liked to get rid of it and replace it with gimmicks associated with world power influences – the German influence, the Japanese Influence and when they were not done with these two, they were off to the American influence as well. It therefore sets a stage for meddling Russians to interfere – progression of a problem where one must think of the views and believed of Russians who engaged with the western world and try to make them feel comfortable, to which effect those that did not, thought we had dug them up from their nooks and crannies. That said, I have taken a very strong position on people replacing Industrial activity spirituality with these influences, in my Canopy. On the way side, it is suggested that I ran my affairs in a way that made people feel sad about my condition which I do not, it simply had to decide everything about me, including the look on my face to match a need for a clash with my social life and public image which had nothing to do with women and I wanted to keep that way, in a bid to show that women were the thing that had gone wrong with society, while its media gits chose acquaintances for their colleagues and friends for me in the process (up to the stage of deciding that their female colleagues where to chose between keeping the job or what they did with acquaintances they met in the course of journalistic activities), blocking my personal relationships and progressing on to maintaining the blockade on the basis of my financial well being, which is really none of their business, however have never either done anything about sociopaths solving problems by attacking or taking possession of women and have not learned anything even when advised to ask the Police for found investigated details of how events unfold when women get murdered. I could easily get into some clothes and go out to meet people over my Books but clearly others were confiscating my public image, hence the leadership question itself and it shows no sign of stopping with the public image being rounded up like sheep, so that it did not escape and people could continue fooling around at my expense and people wanted the personal life of a Libra, so Virgo will make it available (helps to highlight the fact I have seen Virgos make money all the time as they were all about it as such and since it was a world where people thought about sorting the career and finances before confronting the society abuses which go away once they were financially better off, we lived in a world where Virgos could thrive well).