The story that never goes away for the benefits of its purpose is that I am unable to escape the fact I am a coward. We know instead that what happens is a handful of people with an intolerance lifestyle, love for loutish music and a process of building violent lasciviousness they could run off at my expense endlessly, have been placed in a closed environment by these racist idiots, to set about all day long, doing an insulting and abusive gesture where they opened my anus to such persons - hoping that should their stupidities do it often and persist for long enough, I will do something bad and get into trouble with the Police all from a safe distance, thereby abandoning my career when its head is full of what I am thinking, so I did not have to tolerate its stupidities so often, perhaps to make a statement that their stupidities got into trouble with those characters which then beats my imagination as per how the story of cowardice was applicable to me.

They do claim I had made myself quite a problem and it’s a story of how they dispatch big brother and big sister, really stupid, loved to wreck peoples careers and have created my version where I do think that becoming a very destructive person to make the most of the fact they were vandals, very stupid and looked like they were in need of a good fuck all the time, to make a mess of it, whereby it does appear they had thrown down the gauntlet on heart disease when they complain about what I should be. They do claim they had taught me a lesson as well and it is utter nonsense: only big brothers and big sisters with their you-me-employers and bottom chasing issues, making the most of the way society and culture idiots who loved to wreck careers to ensure they had more access to clever people they can abuse into solving their problems, now complaining about me not being what I was meant to be, so they might make use of me and if they do get off claiming this is not a case of a stupid history they have built at my expense to play practical jokes with, that it is what I really am, we will hear all about it again, of which for the time being, this is their heart disease gauntlet they can knock themselves out with.

The idea suggested is that I will likely end up alone, bitter, angry and old but it is utter nonsense as people who got along with me well for the last 18 years are still doing so, hence even if I do get off kicking them hard, so they stopped vandalising my work to beat me down with financial complications that will boost their stupid ego, it would be unnecessary because I am meant to be more concerned with people who cared about me. That said, we do hear them blab about the prospects of this nonsense adding up a community they built up to antagonise people who cared about me, with a big mouth.


They do claim that none knows what my deal is and its an old tale of returning to the UK and in 2 weeks my mum had devised my diet to ensure I ended up with the smell issues and the was a whole lot of visits to buffest and push and poke etc from fellow popularity scum – 4 months after return to the UK I got my own place and chased my own life but the Labour Party since filled in the gaps, I mean my Dad hated popularity people, it shows why they never stayed married and the hate for popularity people since ended in murder and counter murder etc; so it is unlikely to happen in my case as what clients show up at a Bookshop to get as feedback isn’t what these idiots thought that life could be but should that nonsense about the real men letting me get out of hand and their need to get in touch with me and complain about the fact I want them to spend more of that nonsense for every time they did, lead to outcome where the threats stopped when it became obvious how easy killing some culture idiots I have warned of what will happen when I see that stupid culture show up around valuable concerns in this place, I do not think I will do like my Dad and get myself killed either. People could really do without either of these fools wrecking the career or basically spending time to attack the victims because they were making sure the victims did not become a threat; for me however the source of financial problems is that they are always building an atmosphere that allows their stupidities to impress their nonsense on me, getting imagination up my bum and talking into me, so people think that involved with my career is dangerous. Spelling it out with respect to my deal, it is an old story about the wickedness that can be done to a person being done and the persistent, relentless aspect involve a process of doping it provisionally in case a government office idiot or an industry fool gets off buying into it and blowing off the big mouth about getting the money back because I had set out a Bookshop. The pressure point is still their need and that of their Politicians to make gestures that suggest they knew where my Royal Hermitage and my Bookshop were located and planned to spend all of it, especially depending on my behaviour which their stupidities were going to ascertain and of course it’s the big mouth wagging as I am no longer doing the business of warning off their celebrities which I have already done for 6 years while the famous idiots had paid the bills once, I am now working towards administrating the problem or doing something physically about it. the rest of the case is mostly a matter of their Politicians running off the gimmicks until they got accustomed to it and then when they think nothing could change their situation, I got off showing them that they are not entitled to my career, and they got off complaining that I encumber government because they would like to take what they want by any means.

On the matter of me becoming more of a problem as I never stopped exposing myself to low lives; what is really happening is that they are playing games and it suggests I am linked to the Armed services who do bad things, whereby my wickedness will catch up with me, at the same time which my bottom hurts, I smell all the time, they wreck my career for it and issue threats and their wickedness will catch up with them as well. Hopefully when I am done beating them down on the heart disease bits, they will not be getting into trouble with the Armed Services as well.


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