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They do claim that most of my concerns are a matter of some sort of German influence as such which I understand entirely, as I have pointed out the route to ending all problems, including what tickles them into threatening me, is to stop all gimmicks associated with picking up my assets and property equity to push their market boundaries by. I mean there is a risk of ending up with drive by shooting people who want to know why they always need other peoples assets whenever they chased their fortunes – about which they claim I am worse but people go into the City with acumen to chase fortunes without bothering others, all the time, a little respect for my writing career which they get for the career that gets to their heads in huge amounts, will solve all problems around here.

Eventually we hear that they were making a statement to suggest I am not good enough for my position. I would not know anyway but it does make me wonder which they suppose they can do better – perhaps a Hermits duty where I had to wade the abuses of society gits to facilitate government and the Labour Party spent time trashing my career and finances to provide them with funds, to an effect where I had lost my self confidence and they had built their own. Only to show up complaining about a lack of service at Parliament – it took three elections for a process where their main problem was that they could never win elections no matter how hard they tried and all I had to do was hold out for 12 years which for the Monarchy is not too much to ask; so they can then on this matter alone they could do what I do, while there would be several other issues still. As for the business of bothering Celebrities however, I could never make sense of the way they came to that deduction anyway – the entire time of which we have lived in a world where all our careers were mixed and famous people were entitled to the Lion share, threatening others to do more damage endlessly, never really a good thing to live in a fantasy world that takes this form but it is perfect if others were paying the price for it, like a question of where they suppose it ought to stop.

It is suggested that we British are very fond of falling into the American profitable abuse trap which we are not, although I understand what people mean but I am not for my part - what happens is that it sees Clients broker equity with me and picks up my assets to build a product that will abuse my social disposition and get sold on my Public image to get rich fast, like it would fancy somebody did it mortal harm and every time it did, it claimed what it stole from me did not exist and ran off advertisement in a manner which allowed it to stifle my career until I got into a fight with others. Tendency is to take it down the Geopolitics and fuck it over properly as it were, especially considering its massive prostitution Industry will get all over my case and through the internet will not allow me breathe. What I have said here for instance should make me financially better off, if I did not have to clear up the stupid sense that I was caught up in a business of looking after their needs or the needs of those they harmed or wanted to do harm to, although such a state of affairs sets out clearly that I had done something right about Industry gits, current priority is to get my finances fixed. They do claim all these teaches me not to get off and be part of a system of oppression like I have done, all the more reason I ought to move it to a tit for tart wrath scenario, so that it might be possible to go to bed everyday, knowing they hated my guts - this is typical public life psychopathy, it tells lies all the time because it considers other human beings to be pieces of meat and have turned up here with an eye for dazzling things happening at the Monarchy to make decisions on tasks that were mine to see through using American support and the stupid patriarchy insolence about which we already had a history, needs give the Bookshop a break if it is keeping the salary and stop being so stupid especially on the matter of being in charge, it is in charge of nothing here. 

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I am told I underestimated how much people hated me but it is the same story as usual – the ethnic minorities existed to secure secret communities where they got support for patriarchy insults that helped them to other peoples finances, the racists are learning I can tell which is my concern and property having been tampered with through the corruption of CCTV and the Celebrities are getting closer to the stage where the party and clubbing that avails them to characters that can handle me will get it all back to the way it was and keep them out of my life. So I can say it is rather correct I am again adopting that disposition that people dreaded but it does not keep its fingers off my bum in any 24 hours, picks up my Public image to make money and sets about crashing my finances for social status. I am told that we younger Royals are very messy but it is not really a matter of being messy, rather a matter of engaging with the trouble makers for a period of time and then resolving the matters in a cold hard Office environment, to avert the civil unrest and instability, I mean I wrecked their plans for a new Country because it had to succeed at my expense, so I am aware of this process as the best way forward. There is talk of the Part Americans played in the matter and it is an old story where it continues to make a mess of my concerns to get rich fast but if I decided it smoked marijuana at 11.00am, prevented the Children from attending school and something had to be done about it, we end up with a slippery slope - in the end it simply bears towards a result that questions how much a person should care when they complain, otherwise even the US will have no Political stability.

I am told that the prevalent sensation is that all I worked for was lost but it is not - Companies I broker property and equity with have been deploying it to leave me some publicity for a Bookshop, which means I have done very well for them on Intellectual Property Administration and property equity security, as well as they have done for me on the Alliance at the Royal Office and its Trust.

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They do claim it is about making me suffer as much as poor people have which is utter nonsense but either way, it is usually a three part story of making sure culture and society issues did not show up somewhere to bother those that had done well for their finances and career, those who had fallen by the way side had some form of a deal to work with and the issue of criminals who think government is the cause of their problems was sorted. So this is meant to be a very bright idea for idiots who were starting to look the part.

The problem it seems is a matter of how we got to beat the German influence shackles but it is mostly about people facing the truth of the way spending time, work and resources to develop a great product was not the work, as the work was mostly a matter of how you fared getting stuck with idiots who had great ideas about their civil rights meaning that you got to share market for that product with others. In my case, I never really asked them what they planned to do with the wealthy people that did not, they made up ideas I had and followed up gimmicks about peddling my personal life and public image as per their ideas on how the morals in it should be used by others, to develop popularity that meant they got paid when they bullied me. It is the nonsense that the Labour Party subscribes to and showed up here to fight my wars in a bid to show they loved their Country more than I did, of which they can now knock themselves out as such but the need to make a mess of my finances now have questions attached to their sense of responsibility as grown-ups, failure to end it will mean I got to end it my way. It is the part I have worked my whole life to prevent, where people thought getting caught up in a business of destitution, poverty and broken dreams would look good on me, in fact it is what the Celebrities are handling my Books illegally to perform - something about cutting the public off and sectioning it to play up practical jokes on the market successes that helped their famous stupidities to be more comfortable over male and female society problems and per the way the consequences of their personal decisions were resolved through my life, career and finances, it does not have a limit and does not have discretion; since last I started a more hands on approach, all they have had against me, has been the idea they were out of my league, indicating that there was no prospects of it stopping it otherwise, where Celebrities took full advantage of me defending myself from ageist idiots that wanted me to grovel for money and then spent the next 12 years making em grovel for money in much the same way, only to forge an alliance with the ageist idiots thereafter.

I am now said to have thrived on the fact that people were unable to express themselves; not in any way linked to a single form of truth naturally, as the case was that they had nothing to express and therefore could express nothing. So we see a pattern of following others around to make a mess of the career and finances for popularity reasons, in my case the purpose was to ensure my career was put to a process of supporting their stupidities every time they had problems with society, then another group shows up to fight my wars and fight them as well, picking up stories about how much trouble I will get into when I try to take back careers that were taken from me, as soon as they secured a footing for it, from here we find the fame idiots live up to their pride assumption that I didn’t care and could do nothing when people trashed my finances to make the most of my popularity. Beyond this we find them tell lies that I am the provocateur and soon the lies are followed by a Crowd, and it was possible to ask them questions on the reasons they should not be telling those lies or believe it because a crowd did. All together which these stupidities had no reason or purpose and the best way to manage it and its effects were to ensure it was quantifiable that they wasted their schedule and time on my refusal to credit it with a response even if I had to enforce the process. We know they were not paid to perform the activities we saw them perform for the 6 years leading up to 2021, where I had pressure pushed at me to stop me living out a disgraceful existence which their stupidities claimed interfered with their popularity, now they are finding it difficult to restrict their comments to their careers and allow me the required successes.

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