They do claim so annoyingly, that the problem of criminals making contact with my personal space as the daddies ask them to, while a handful of big brother characters took full advantage of me picking up a bad neighbourhood to orientate myself with facts on Books I am writing, for the purpose of opening up my arse, pushing me into everything that is buzzing away at the background of my life, over claims it was making me tough, while all I did about it got passed off on media as another person’s career, was due to the fact I had lived on benefits for too long. I would not know anyway, since what happens is that Employers laugh at my CV and then apologise for doing so but by which time, I had lost the interview, because their stupidities had created that atmosphere for a me and the employer’s scenario, whereby it was common sense that I would not be unemployed if that situation did not exist. Same as that of their Labour MPs setting about some narcissistic Politics at my expense, to blab about my problem being a matter of my involvement with the Monarchy whereas the Royal Family can get involved with anybody it wants, does not get told whom to get involved with by Labour MPs and they were free to wreck my finances in a way that ensured I showed up on their doorstep over it, instead of a way that got me seeking help from government, so that I might make an example of them too. In the end it seems the problem is that I made enemies when it turned out that living on government support bothered me more than it bothered them, as each job I got and decided to build a career for was met with a sense they were more deserving of an easier life than I was and I had to be unemployed until I was stuck in a job that was demeaning while they got off doing what I wanted to do and were able to chose what to do each time they were given a job by an employer – I made enemies when I picked up corruption prognosis with respect to HMRC and placed it on a website to play with, all self-appointed which then makes sense of a process where they do assess those that were eligible for government support and never give it to those that are not, such that while others were eligible for support, money was wasted investigating me without results time and again. I think what they are afraid of is a process of wrecking the finances in a way that gets me showing up on their doorstep, so I might make an example of them as well, all they had to do is try it and find out what I thought of people who were this stupid and became rather convinced it was okay if others were paying the price for it. They do suggest its not clear why people put themselves through the kind of difficulty I have put myself and that my life was meant to be better but this is not my life and those who have saddled me with a history of opening up my bum all the time while getting criminal twats to make contact with my personal space, had better claimed it was my life and not a phase, to see what I will make of them as well. As for the difficulty I have placed myself in, there is none, as it is generally impossible to get a secure footing when people spend time wrecking careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods, set about straddling the two juxtapositions to claim others were disrespectful of their privileges as wealthy people, especially if they claim my career was a business of suggesting I have been rubbing shoulders with rich people and a means to extract money where the families of those rich people should take advantage of their family members jobs to make extra cash – after which any sign of credibility for my career can be quashed with ideas that this was how to create industrial popularity for themselves and only those who knew how could do it, impossible to get a secure footing if I did not put myself into the deeper side of it. It is on the other hand satisfactory when it comes down to threats linked to the 'you, me, employers and bottom chasing issues' where they wrecked my Career endlessly and have not stopped doing it to secure a footing on Media, talking rubbish of how I am meant to exist, of which it was easier to read a Book I wrote when they show up here.

They do claim I sneer at Celebrity but want to be one and its utter nonsense as going back to school and the times were conscious of talents we had developed as a matter of our natural selves but in a classroom environment, Celebrity characters that are famous today were always campaigning against bullying. So, a life of Celebrity where they met a lot of people they did not know as well, generally meant that it was messy to get involved with them if you knew they were uncomfortable about it, so I do not see myself getting off a Royal Office to do it either. What we have here are not celebrities and we always knew the business of building crowd by bad mouthing public figures to buy a band waggon and get paid for being popular would eventually produce nefarious results and now it has big time – in my case being more a matter of the fact they cannot resist products out our by wealth equity mistresses, so they had developed their own sugar babies to handle me and the service processes of my Bookshop all the time. We find the same around those claims about my cowardice too – big brother abuses, the mentally ill people he created to make sense of his power, celebrities assuming I would not bother if they trashed my career to grab my popularity and every other general public twats that got in on the action, the support they get from Politicians facilitating National mistress characters who alongside her boys really loved to get imagination up the bum, all creating a condition I can work all the time to any extent that want and I have not even started selling the Books I have written yet – their exit now is to attack my health and get imagination up my bum to say they had money, I was hungry and should be respectful lest they got violent as well and it’s a generic story where the financial complications mixed up with the nice possessions other people had and they caused enough suffering over it to get people making sense of what they would do to get some, whereby they make a mess of my well being and claim that I am being made to pay the price for my Office, started out stupidly enough when it suggested that I was unusual and they needed to find out what makes me tick - which then brings to light the way Politicians and Media support this nonsense and tell public lies about it, whilst it is really a process of people building an environment for criminal activity especially fraud, the bottom chasing issues being the business of them taking advantage of public office insults channelled at me to make me out as a character to whom they can run when they get into trouble with the Police, so I am unable to use my toilet and another group of scumbags who enjoy pushing it all day were issuing threats over a smell and so on. The part where they claim I complain making sense of a two-part story where these facts rather disputed the idea, I only had facts and was powerless to do a thing about anything, on the other hand making sense of the history we already have facilitating those abusive insults every day. They do also have that other story where they claim I stole what I have which is utter nonsense as whether or not I am an Arch Prince was to be decided by them, in an environment where they were able to make sense of such claims because I shared most of what I did with the Monarchy and they made a mess of my private business, especially on the financial stage to facilitate their own gimmicks.

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I have always known that allowing Celebrities to engage with Industry at my expense was a bad idea, but I allowed it to run because I wanted to ensure there was enough publicly understood equity with respect to the way that they had a wish to get involved with everything government, flout all the rules, and usurp the Publicity, blatantly, abusively and if they could violently. What has since emerged is a popularity business of hoodlums, barely criminals society gits and ex-convicts taking full advantage of their interest in my property and assets at Industry, to beat me down in my bed alongside their community mothers, due to an imagination they had about me and the purpose is to tear up my assets, rip up my work and finances and usurp my Popularity when they got involved with Companies who got involved with them in person. Only to rely on what seems to be the lie that I am nobody, which lie I must have come to believe, as a means of making good for it, while the greed applicable meant they did not know where and when to stop all together. There has been this need to respond because the boasting on realisation that this could continue if they were not attacked on my part as well, as a substitute for a process where they had to fight their corner after a long period of time spent bullying people to get paid by work place and industry trouble makers, has been that I had since learned my lesson and knew that this nonsense could get worse. I might have decided to respond to it and ensure they were restricted to their own social disposition and stopped handling me but I do not believe that any action would be effective, if it did not involve a raid on their finances as well.

The story told recently is that I am a character that is responsible for doing the things that people hated while it happened behind their backs and that I was afraid of this reputation because of what people might do to me, which is utter nonsense as what happens is that they seek trouble with others and end up clashing with people that are too big for them, then set me out as scapegoat to deal with a reputation as losers. The character that is responsible for the things people hated was rather very simple i.e. tell them not to throw plastic into the Oceans and they will ensure your career did not mean anything to anybody because they had to comply, same as the Celebrities having a need to get paid for being popular on my social life and public image, whereby preventing them had so far in a 16 year period, proven to be a reason for them to ensure that people thought I was not who I was and anything I did to be who I am produced an outcome where who I am did not mean anything to anybody – that said, show up for instance in A&E and you will find somebody they had severely beaten up because they took a Holiday and the Beaches were untidy, such a person had no prospect of going off to ensure that their careers did not mean anything to anybody on account they complied to tidy up the beaches either. The people at public security are usually therefore more direct in the sense that if a prospect existed that their bottoms would hurt, they will start hurting bottoms of famous and popular idiots directly. The theory that they are a threat to me is precisely what it is i.e. a theory, we know the biggest problem I faced was the need for the American government to support black people who did whatever they liked with my Office and Public work, about which for my ill feelings I may cry over spilled milk, concerning which I had since issued enough warnings to justify actions I may take too but it is not unusual, it is a residual state of affairs that provided an engine for those campaigns that help them claim law enforcement especially was the evil that plagued them. They do love to boast that this is how wealth gets shared and it is utter nonsense as the problem is that the rest of us right back to school days have continually recognised a process of making money to involve having a career and getting better at it, they however believe it is more a matter of working on people and getting better at it, had since built up an abusive community and are attacking people who smell because of it all the time i.e. I am responsible for the things done behind their backs which they hated as a community and I am afraid of the reputation, while reality is that they want to get paid for being popular on my social life and public image, instead of getting a real job, while I am a little restricted about it because most of the public is not necessarily as uncomfortable with popularity culture as I am. It goes without saying that if the issue meant so much to them, they did need to stop making a mess of my finances, so that the prospect of a meeting between me and them might be improved, make the comments about their careers and keep a distance from my writing work – as for the attitude issue I am said to have, it’s a 6 year period of dealing with nauseating financial complications during which time I am very certain I had done everything to prevent a process where they thought they were entitled to my career and the same period of time was spent continuing the same business of big brothers and big sisters making a mess of my career by getting imagination up my bum to make me smell, bullying me until I lose jobs, academic work and career while they chase my social life to get paid for being popular and were rather clear about how they wanted me to describe them, claiming if I did describe them as a bunch of idiots, I would get into trouble – the disobedience showing signs it might continue until I had to attack them physically to end it.

It never tells me I did not deserve my career if it had not taken advantage of me ignoring them in a hope that they will go away seeing I was disinterested, it never stopped claiming that I always say what I say when I had found a way to ensure I avoided all the dangers either. Speaking of the cowardice which it enjoyed picking up my civil duty sensibilities to play its games with and this sort of talk is an example of what may happen if I had civil duties to perform whilst they were doing this with me; so we fight the battles we can especially with respect to the interest of those who provide us with support and they simply want to get rich on the battles that other people had won, so those who prevent it end up with careers that do not mean anything to anybody – we could all do without a process of public sensibilities that suggested people deserved careers they had won battles for, we could do without the corruption that they pursue it by, to ensure that they got benefits without fighting battles, both circumstances of which they invented. I have been clear I have wealth equity mistresses that pick up anything associated with people bullying me to get paid for being popular and they are not authorised to get paid for being popular by bullying me, this had not been complied with yet apparently, seeks a response that will force compliance I suppose.

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