Hermitage property administration at governmental politics


So they claim that I continue to deny the way that my Books damage peoples lives but my Books really do no such thing; what happens are a process where a handful of idiots are entitled and do not think anybody should say no to them, so media idiots and celebrities got them entitled to my social life and public image and they had to do something to handle it all the time, while the 8 years of poor bookshop sales generally meant that I needed to send it packing. The result are that when the men do not like another person’s property and I mean the men especially, they took physical steps on it, now what we are dealing with is a process where they stopped handling me, shut down those stupid conversations they make on media over my Books if they were going home with their salaries the same as their media fools, which they believe does not encourage them to, as much as it encourages them to continue. I do not believe getting off on my 8 years of poor sales at the Bookshop due to this nonsense, to blow off the big mouth about my attitude will improve the situation as such.

They do boast that I am oblivious to dangers I faced which is utter nonsense as well; it’s the same bigger than you, can talk over you and can beat you up popularity that will not get a real job, an old question on the reasons some of us never join in on the gimmicks, since it is only likely to get serious when I started assessing their communities as a place I went to get some sweetness in my life and spent a lot of time developing and enjoying the proceeds of processes where I burned their careers and finances to fool around with women; we all know they had a track record of responding when it came to this. The other side of the story being the case about women, where they claim I usually suggest their ideas about women was wrong until I said something like this; which reality is that we had difficulty making sense of the reasons women who improve peoples lives or are simply tired become victims of violence but when the problem is approached, we say a haven for women on one side and we talk about the activities of mean cunts that stir up this problem every moment of their lives to make money by working communities that get fingers up my bum. Then they show up to make more trouble and I found myself seeking out all they had done to build this life they had where they got to manage their ideas about women and get on with daily concerns as normal, to set about breaking it the way they damage my University studies and public interest in my Books.

They do say that nothing I said or did about it made sense because of where I have ended up and it is utter nonsense too. Where I have ended up in an environment resulting from a handful of gits picking up my work to play with the Media and those who worked on the media building them a permanent presence for it, so whilst they go home with their salaries thereafter, they needed to understand what I was feeling with respect to the consequences of this. I do not think it a crisis at all, since there is real prospect of me picking up the consequences of these gits looking like they had attained from academic qualification in the art of bullying, to set about running off publicity on what I thought best explained their behaviour, to suit my purposes as well - in the case of men when I do, they want to rip up my career and get me working in private security industry to protect them, the women who pick up service processes of my Bookshop to play their gold digger gimmicks by are not in any danger of ending up with something like it as far as they are concerned. Currently, it is already a global stage phenomenon of a complain that they had overdone it on account that I have not been paying attention to them for doing it.

They say what I have pointed out here does not eliminate the unusual feelings people have about my Books but it does not; people are feeling what Americans want them to feel about my Books - hugely respected but they would never spend their money or time on it as such, its an example of the reasons Canadians never get along with Americans because this nonsense is very important on account Americans were preserving male society prerogatives. They have now taken it up on the entitlement to my income and the elimination of all that suggests my career does not belong to their penis bits, hence the problems we have here.

I have been informed this was about Political corruption. I have never actually argued against this fact, I am aware that it, the others have no real power and should not be getting involved, alternatively if they loved to complain build a profile of fighting me until I changed the history. It has always been about Political corruption: up to the time that it got me dropping out of University, it was a matter of assessing what I am studying and what I know very closely, picking up a potential career project somewhere in the middle, so whilst I thought that part had been taken by a powerful person and gone for good, the problems associated with it will show up to crush what I am doing when I least expected and anything I did about it would encourage the Politicians to crush my career and grab more potential opportunities from the centre etc, now it is a simple process of basically setting me out as a character that people abused to secure business deals with wealthy people and large companies but there were logistical issues whereby if I broker equities with a company, there would be tribalism self-seeking idiots who then decided at that stage that I was not worthy to have the truth vault that belonged to me etc, I could never understand why this business of setting me out as a hate figure to suck up to rich people was so much fun and so amusing for them but it happened everyday and if I push it back, they had access to something important and ruined it, then started a new one the next day. The other gits from Parliament have since turned up to punish me because they found it difficult to control the Politicians on my account; could not control their own children at home, so it must have been the easiest decision they have ever made, considering the facts were that the Politicians who did the above actions did it with luxury of distance where they were sure none would make them offer me an alternative opportunity, here we have people that have breached that gap to punish me for my trouble as well, running my life with social systems criminals built and helping ageist idiots build communities that finger my bum but have not figured out how to ensure Politicians who tear up my Bookshop because they were making me a hate figure while they secured business deals, gave me an alternative opportunity, so this must mean they underestimate vengeance that I am capable of as well. The last group were the characters who claimed that the abuses and insults have made me completely unable to defend myself which is utter nonsense as these idiots think of moral people as characters with good behaviour, whose good behaviour can be commandeered by the powerful who had terrible habits that prevented them from providing customer service to sell products and get rich, so they could wear it like a cloak and have everything, what the idiots have achieved is a tired and abuse Prince resulting in outcomes where the immoral society scum have built communities to finger bums and they were at risk – it would pick up my privacy and share it with YMCA and the public transport gits because it was the popularity type, next time I find its stupidities, it was in a Hotel somewhere in Europe talking about an extraction of the essence in my sleeping patterns and personal space from which he had found a place in a hotel somewhere, where nobody would bother him. The Muslim and Asian bits was to say that I lived in Croydon and so there was a way to build me a reputation for having a career that they can steal to sell to Celebrities and well off neighbourhoods, even though my Books were published and I have been working an Intellectual Property Administration establishment - the idiots were real men and it is becoming a major agenda, like I warned them it would lead to trouble.



They do claim it’s not clear what I am doing about which I have described it as private equity intellectual property administration – for their part none knows why it is that they were rich in insults they learned from their foolish American friends where I am told to put my money where my mouth is while they obsessed about my Royal Hermitage endlessly, to hang about at Industry where 5 people worked with the manager of Aston Martin and everybody behaved the same way except them, not long after which they must have set out a character in Belarus as scapegoat for Political persecution. I do have a history with the society gits at this stage, but it seems they all want me to do something that they felt on their bank balance as such, concerning which the insults showing up here without buying a copy of the Books I had displayed at the Bookshop showed signs of becoming a property catalyst.

The story never goes away that I enjoyed showing up somewhere to make the most of civil rights issues others paid the price for, disrespectfully. The truth is that there are no civil rights issues regarding me about which they paid the price, and the main issue is the disrespectful way in which the idiots believe I should be used, showing up here as a concept and an idea all the time. I mean I am not the only one who knows that it was a foregone conclusion that if I took out student loans for University, should I fail to graduate, I would need another loan to complete the studies if I had to pay off the previous one, we also know of the phenomenon, especially with respect to Americans that contrary to popular myths, there is no part of black people playing practical jokes with other peoples public service Office which usually ends well. The sacrifices they made for my civil rights applying to realities such as a process where they were in charge and the conditions were such that people were 3 decades away from the end of the world wars that claimed millions of lives, so if they suggested that they deserved to have the same things racists had, so they might pick on certain black people for the applicable benefits, the way racists picked on Liberal people, people would have responded to it in a certain way – the price they pay for my civil rights includes a process of putting themselves in charge when finished with this sort of nonsense and spending a lot of time on popularity practical jokes that torture those who know what to do; the sort of thing that produces an outcome where if there were no bigger corrupt families beating up smaller ones and turning neighbourhoods into war zones where others were forced to take part in violence, they will be off with practical jokes on my finances that damage my health by the sheer civil disobedience involved for years unending, claiming my main problem was the knowledge that people were bigger than I am, while reality is that attacking somebody who is this useless generally tended to create the idea that if you felt you were superior and had to attend School, you had a license to be violent about it.

I have known about these when I was very young and was able to teach people how to keep them out of my career and finances by the time I was 17, since I returned to the UK, it has been a matter of a Labour party that had little respect for peoples personal space, getting them in every time I moved them out, such that if their stupidities were complaining about a lack of formulars for solving crimes and the available formulars not working as such, it beats the imagination that this is what peoples time is spent on when these gits think they should spend their youth being tough and get into activities that inflict personality disorders on others when they want to pay their bills, even so, whilst in terms of people having become criminals I am doing better than they are, the idiots were still in need of prerogatives associated with paying prices for the civil rights I enjoyed, about which I was disrespectful to them. all that trouble I have been put through so they might get to the top end of Industrial Offices and now I am in trouble again because their stupidities were unaware that a Company might be the only landmark in a poor country for miles and miles, never mind the gimmicks we put up with here in the wealthier Countries where they will have homosexuals running around Town telling us all what kind of respects they deserved because their salaries ran into the millions, only to abandon their position at the slightest sign of trouble, leaving the consumers to the dogs. For the Politicians I am quite aware that these goons could easily pick up an altercation with me, not long after which I will find them contest elections with the Local Politician, trying to get their superiority to the highest position of authority in the land, as a matter of targeting me with it and yet they will show up to trash my finances and give them access to my personal space and social life, claiming they were nice people who only needed money and cannot now handle the crisis their political stupidities had created. For my part, I already have a history with society people and was very young when I built it, mostly a matter of using my academic pursuits as a means to consign them to history and move on with my concerns, now it seems that the Celebrities had joined up with the Political gits as well and I found myself in fresh trouble, claiming they all, that the way I responded to difficulties was so exhilarating their stupidities that were so in charge they had since paid a price for my civil rights created problems for me because they needed more and more – hence a position where I can conduct a weekly or monthly audit of the way fame idiots and celebrities handled my concerns would be the best place for me to have ended up as well. Here which they claim I loved the way my mind worked while what really happens is that the Government would prefer the Public selected the jobs market option instead of the popularity option, hence chasing up such matters was not as difficult as rocket science. We can then see I am currently more concerned at an Arch Prince’s Office that is meant for riffraff, with a process that involved a case of society goons who needed access to my concerns inventing tricks; the tricks where they got into violent difficulty and spent time claiming they were fighting my battles, built a Media presence for such claims and wish to erect investments on my Business Empire and its assets backed up by idiots who spent their youth being tough – the Media, Fashion and Celebrity gits usually being rather bold, so they will walk up to my Bookshop and use the service processes for other things that tickled their fancy, I would be concerned with this as a matter of Government out there working its Diplomacy issues and Public Publicity issues, only for these idiots who fight for my rights to show up with bottom chasing problems associated with having jobs I was not good enough for, issuing threats at me as a matter of how their stupidities thought I should be used, the threat that is really going to make it into a real problem for them being the one about which I needed to come out of hiding.

The problem here really comes in two sections, one being that they have spent so much time and resources paying people to bully me for being popular, in order to create a sense that I was inferior to what they were doing and make it more profitable thereof but they have since ended up paying too many of the popularity gits and Celebrities, therefore making less profit, indicating they were either stupid or that they were convinced they could have my income any time that they desired it, whenever they wanted to show that this nonsense was still profitable and people ought to chose to be a part of it. The other is that they will squash me like a bug if I tried anything while reality is that I do not think of them as famous people, rather foolish big brothers and sisters inflicting nauseating financial complications on me with civil disobedience, expressed by the fact they made money selling show business products and none knows why these activities are channelled at me if I had a Book and a Bookshop that helped me trade it and I was a Royal Hermit for my station as well, supposing we assumed they were meant to be a sign of superiority; my point being that I do not think of them as famous people at all, if I can tear down all that will by so doing, help end the most amusing part of this popularity nonsense through a process of robbing them of all security that comes when they are not getting body guarding services from the Police. Hence, we see that I do get told I leave it too late to say such things which I do not; at this point we know they can no longer use civil rights as a mask for this nonsense all together, whilst they are too old to get paid for being popular on my social life and are too young to be experienced enough to stop me preventing me from doing so. They do claim they were trying to tell me that I am too old for what I am trying to do, which is utter nonsense; what it would do if I followed it on, was to create a circumstance in which I displayed for public viewing all that I had done in that period to keep them up to date and ensure I looked the popularity part and this will make me like them, trying to run a Bookshop because of the way I was, so I much prefer an action that I am taking currently with such results as an invention of daily popularity tricks on their part which is really not enough, blabbing about fighting my wars because it will not stop trashing my livelihood to seek its stupid insulting addictions, only to get off on a conversation with people publicly which made references to me as a character with an attitude problem.

It is not really the case that I think they tackle me over some circumstantial reasons associated with existence, I talk the way I do because some characters love to make this worse with a sense they were better at telling the white lies. I am very well aware that they tackle me as a plan to make out that Private Equity Intellectual Property Administration simply meant an Arch Prince opening up his Estate for those who loved money to get rich by and they want to be in a position whereby should I prevent it, my career and whole life will be meaningless to every body. It still goes back to a sense that I am running a system that worked like a Church which liberal men can attend to take a wee or keep their hand stuck in the Cookie Jar, I have never given them access to my Court, it is the same funny practical joke involvement corruption from 2001. They do claim I didn’t know what I was talking about at all and it’s an old story of years spent in University studying psychology not preventing somebody stabbing others, to show up at the law Courts expressing a legal right that allows them to have a conversation about what they were really thinking, of which the Law is an Ass that is set to rely on them as well on my account – do not like the fact they are the ones talking rubbish if they were putting their twats out for it. The work I do here is more a matter of getting Clients to engage with my Book of Equity, concerning which I needed a platform where I could show that I have developed an Administrative system to end up with the allies of popularity gits who were so stupid they allowed me manipulate them into paying for too many popularity gits that will bully me to make money off my social life and thereby boost their profit, the law of diminishing returns having set in while they had to continue paying, meant that I had a Counter effect for a process where they were only meant to pay for the amount of popularity gits that will make them the most profit, if they were business men and women – to end up with allies of popularity at the work place, than end up with popularity that was allied with criminals, concerning which they planned to make it hell for me on my way there. Technically we should not be doing it but what happens is fame idiots and their daddies getting paid for being popular on my social life, then damaging my Books to build themselves an eccentric personality, so the idea the Clown have put out is that if I stopped them doing this, I would be more civilised and financially better off and it needs to stop the way that I want it to.

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