I am said to be a character who considered himself desirable but really isn’t. I wouldn’t know anyway, I could say they are not my type but it goes beyond this, where it has really ended up is that they are so stupid that the unwritten contract the first time they met people was to decide if I would be willing to get into a fight with others on their behalf, so what we are doing now is mostly a matter of getting to decide whether I am their type or not, which I am not, especially as a matter of how they got by if they had to live in a world where they did not have to guarantee that their men existed in this form. This is not the only type of stupidity that gets on my nerves, the one that does me everyday involved the business of building me a bad social life to make money setting me out as a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy – it will claim later that the part where it found the trouble it sought came as a surprise when the idiot who keeps buying everything it put up at the markets whenever it shoots off its mouth at me got into trouble as much as its stupidities did for the fact I was sore all over which kept the public away from the Bookshop and crashed my finances, as it was not enough to build me a bad social life and thereof make money to pay their way in the world. It may push me one more time from this stage I suppose.

They do claim they never stopped wondering what it is exactly I could ever do to them. I would never know anyway, according to facts when I did their own I would get away with it, so when it blabs like that I had to figure out a way to inform it of what I might do: we are talking about options where on one hand it stopped interfering with my public image and client interests at my Bookshop and stopped it dead – on the other hand I got to explore what I want with the gits who continued to buy anything it put out on the markets by passing insults at me, then I might pick up some philanthropic activity associated with my Office and set about retrieving some of the money from them and of course they current claim I am while I am not, what is really happening currently being more a matter of ending up with money they cannot account for and making sure much trouble with it that people were beginning to wonder if Industry people might want to take it back, which would also come in very handy. Five years to 2022, I have been patient while they make a mess of my finances, mock me and work so much distant violence at me that I was perpetually tired and felt sore all over, it needs to stop handling me.

I am well aware that most of my actions were bad news for them but we are talking about fraudulent and criminal activity, which is done by using me to sweeten deals, therefore very disrespectful for me. It converts my public image into a character that people bullied to befriend the wealthy, it picks up equity for popularity at state office as a means to get rich and take revenge on me for the way society has treated its criminals, picks up my Bookshop service processes to convert into a profile that will be acceptable to them as an update for the way their nature expresses itself around my concerns, picks up a fight with National security operatives who handled my work to do the best job, tears down the assets to show up here and force me to do the bidding of the Celebrities as an acceptable change in an environment where people risked their lived for public security. Of course it will get worse before it got better.

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They claim I continued to deny I am way above my head in these matters which is utter nonsense as we have appeared to end up in a position that we were in 2003 by October of 2022, that none had to explore ideologies that should not be but they reckoned as long as they explored it on other people’s social lives while passing their exams in school their stupidities could make good of it especially with support from Politicians and Media scoundrels who have not yet learned that others were on a schedule and their stupidities needed to make the abusive media comments about their own careers. It has since showed its true colours naturally, built a community that fingers peoples bums and tells lies, that said of which the Politicians were complaining more than I did, I am now engaged with intellectual property administration more so and they have never stopped showing up here with organised crime arrangements where people go to give away career secrets and start to work out how they wish to get out of an uncomfortable arrangement, showing up here with a personal life that was backed by practical joke scum in government buildings, to tell me what to do and which part of society I ought to end up in, so it could make good of its stupid lifestyle, I am therefore in a position to give people as much of a mess as they wanted and the US threat fits firmly in the middle of it, especially the part concerning real men fighting women for social privileges every day, talking nonsense at me. It is really where we were in 2003 before I went into University and a mini war broke out because I did, people do not need to explore ideologies that should not be, the idea I am way above my head suggests I have got a problem with their need to share my earning margins, social and personal life, with a big mouth, hence there in lies the real question; have I got a problem then (we have engaged with professionals and business people and still have questions on the reasons their arrangements always look the way it does, needs to stop handling my concerns if its stupidities were worried about such questions being answered)?

I despise so much the talk so well enjoyed, that I am regularly in trouble and needed rescuing – there is no shred of truth or evidence to it, just the results where people complained endlessly. The problem is mostly a matter of society gits running me down to set out abusive activities that got to decide how my reputation and public image made them rich, to which effect I have taken up at least 55% of its time with my own career and now that they wish to spend more time on the career that was paying their salary, we had a problem. The reason it had become such an issue is that the Media and Celebrities became a part of it and so therein lies the question of exactly how long it takes for Celebrities and media to jump on such band wagons every time that it occurs? Just as much as I have now set out a process to help me ensure each time, I responded to harm caused by famous people, I got to hit them where it makes sense the most i.e. their finances. They even suggest I had a reputation for being a trouble maker whilst reality was more a matter of a bunch of gits claiming they have been fighting my wars – it makes those claims no matter how much carnage will follow and continues to make them, so we see why it is so important that its inability to stay away from my Bookshop and earning margins was met by a need to trash their incomes as well, the society gits had been doing it too, they were the people who originally took up the task of making a public statement on such matters, so to speak, I was a Royal Hermit, my life split for work that benefitted the interests of Church and State, I am allowed to operate independently and somebody was fighting my wars, when I build them publicity as people who are known for fighting my wars, the need to get younger people doing violent things for them backfires very badly, so the Celebrities picked it up and they were set to trash every item of wealth equity that helped me with administrative purposes before they started complaining and started setting out announcements that I was regularly in need of help and rescuing which made a mess of my career and career publicity and does not stop until it really does. The claim that the way I worked was messy on the other hand played into the way that for Public service operatives, the business of friends at school never goes away, so their need to bother public figures had to be met with a highway to an activity that will assist public security service operatives, I found myself in that role because everybody clearly wants to fight my wars – for them and what it is worth, when legislation is made it loses all its power by the time it arrives at the door step of local government public enforcement officers, for their need to wreck peoples lives and make out that influencing others with the actions of criminals made them famous, even the Police had a self-preservation method of engaging with it, especially in very bad neighbourhoods, then there was the civil disobedience insults that played into their need to influence others with the actions of criminals itself, eventually we hear that what I did was not sturdy enough to support public security operatives and then I had to assess how it may have appealed to me as a little thing I did for civil rule, to perform all these actions, only to find out it was incredibly important with respect to the view their corrupt fat cats had of work that public security operatives did, especially in terms of the highway at public service that led to people doing something to assist public security operatives, bearing in mind such outcomes being those instances where soldiers committed suicide in the worst cases.

They now claim I had a bad the go to controversial gimmick when I am not budging with respect to my income margins naturally. I do not have a bad reputation, these fools were simply lending me their own but the problem was to do with the famous idiots and public figures who give them the means to run it for a while and make money doing so, they were the important idiots that clung to my income margins in their own right in terms of the idea these gits were doing the correct thing and needed to stop complaining about bad reputations, especially when there was none. So I really had no bad reputation, just a very important thing they seem to be doing which was all about making money – it is not a crisis for me as thought, just that cutting them off was the source of all their tummy issues and tummy issues meant no popularity and no fame but if I am dealing with such intense gold digger nonsense that crashes and grinds down even the smallest finances I had in order to control me at public Office, I should never cut them off. It does love the boasting about the powers I did not have naturally but it had again refused to heed the warning not to attack my employers and my Books, reasons not being so difficult a matter that cannot be understood, if their lives were about their homes and work and I needed to know I was at home when I was at home, at work when I was at work and writing Books when I was writing Books, if their stupidities had Television Media and radio wave appearances to fool around with, so it needs to make the popularity about its narcissists using the same insidious stupidities that made it about my career and finances because it was having too much fun or I will stop it very badly.



All about self confidence, fear of Celebrities and their abusive hoodlums awaiting points at which prices will be right to get violent at victims from whom they deserved career proceeds, who only pick themselves up when they emulate the financial beneficial deviance of Celebrities featuring any sense of power they exhibited at the expense of their victims.

The excuse has always been that my position alienates them thereby costing profits but it does not in anyway - they lobby Politicians all the time and its all a matter of the way what they are doing with their businesses would be more profitable by one public policy and not the other, thereby motivating them to spend money on the Party or Government operative that is making such a policy as an incentive, as long as it does not hurt people, thereby causing the Government operatives to lose the job.

It has always been the main problem; public figures had an issue with Media and Celebrities therefore thought both should always get caught up with antisocial behaviour matters at all times. It appears that mine has not built up to a stage where I got to respond to them in such a manner but I think that their insults being channelled at me because I am Royalty and would therefore be worse off when they did, is about to develop into an incredibly big project. Current state of affairs being that they had been fighting my wars and I was useless, unable to do anything for myself as such but really have not and when enough had died, perhaps they will have arrived at a point where they did achieve such a thing. Current history is the part where a need to get paid for being popular with my personality, led to a ruination of my University qualification, so I had to ensure they never did and the time spent waiting to has been wasted, so the superior sons do not have a viable career, it needs to avoid threatening me, I have had enough for its stupidities.

I have been informed that this was about the Media taking pride in their work and therefore wanting to be in a position where access to publicity could wreck my career. This is not accurate; the accurate fact is that there are millions of images and entertainment activities, set out to implore a crowd that for to forcibly make me do what they want while they clung to my public image and finances, stop celebrity insolence, stop the abuse.


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They do claim I am getting into ever increasing difficulty which is utter nonsense – it is either what they are saying is true i.e. that I am always doing something wrong or what is really true is that there is service at the Bookshop which needed to be attended to. as for the claim my actions were in keeping with extremism; I could never tell if their stupid girls fighting any connection I had with nature and picking up my service process to build alternative versions of me was not and their ethnic minorities with ideas about whom they were superior to addressing me all the like a bunch of very mean cunts, was not. It does not bother me in anyway, just a reality that when the department for education wants me to do it a certain way, they will show up to wreck it, years after moving on to more important things their stupidities were still getting in touch to keep up the damage, so it always has great ideas about what its stupidities were superior to and fancies itself a bully but has not thought about what it would take to stop it, currently the state of affairs especially for the ethnic minorities is that they only should have tried shooting off their mouth at me when I am talking to them.

They do claim they had it in for me which is utter rubbish, as they have only explored my civic duties to get off on Media and build themselves an image as courageous people, which is now threatening to create some serious public problems. As for wrapping me around their little finger and being surprised that they never did later, it was more a matter of how much they knew about me and some connection being announcing yourself as an important person to handle somebody that was very important, building up to an inability to draw a link between being important and an alliance with a group of people in the neighbourhoods who engage in anti-social behaviour every day. The rest of it is that their Media and Celebrity insults is set to become my next big project and then their stupidities will stop the way that I want it to, hopefully the outcome was not a matter of State provided security assisting me with the Bookshop all together – needs to shoot off its big mouth at me only when I am addressing its stupidities.

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