I have been told I never really make the point about my finances, but my finances are fine, I mean there are a lot of setbacks but I am at this stage, only where I wanted to be about 12 years ago, at this point which the question became one of whether I actually required all the changes I have had to put up with. We are talking about deciding that instances where law enforcement got involved with their need to abuse younger people up to the stage where some were unable to perform daily tasks, others who had come through to being ideological in their approach to daily affairs were caught up in a call for a new country and the rest were caught up in crime, those who wanted to handle my public image for popular culture over it were free to do so, what we are now doing involved the business of being victim of the same process whilst they had decided that it was a crime and although it was a crime, it was just for them to be perpetrators, entirely due to the actions of fair minded pricks who were always in charge of other people’s lives and affairs, showing up to take charge of it as well and decide what my social disposition should be – hence now that it would appear that criminals were deciding each time the law got involved with instances where people tried to prevent them from doing what they wanted to do, they made the most of it at popular culture, we have seen these fair minded abusive gits show up at Parliament to be serious minded people for once in their lives but we have gotten none of the benefits. The story is then pursued that whilst everybody thought their famous people were nice, I appeared to be the only person that thought otherwise, perhaps the government needed to dig into the public sphere more and find out about personalities like mine, in order to prevent a threat to civil state of affairs – truth being that I do not think their Celebrities are nice people at all, their method of communicating with others is 90% an arrangement where it was urgent that Priest attended the situation to cast out some demons, if skilled at exorcism that is, besides which those who are not footing the cost of their activities are unlikely to listen to what they are actually saying and since I am, I have had to listen to being told everyday that when they made a mess of peoples lives, they were so important that I had to tidy it up either out of respect or I will find myself tidying it up out of fear – this is where it would go without saying it needed to stop threatening me and show up here only for book reading purposes, as this kinds of behaviour generally leaves me thinking I was dealing with people who loved to bluff but possessed a tendency to become a greater threat if their bluff was not addressed. The current state of affairs naturally being that their activities with respect to my career made no sense whatsoever and this has had such a massive impact of my clients that the Bookshop had stalled and they had taken up my public image to pursue their own affairs – one problem outstanding with this, being that I had worked an elaborate process of ensuring the gimmicks they came up with made sense to them, especially in terms of the idea they had taken risks with personal safety because of the way I organised my career or were off fighting communists on my behalf, they are now in a position where the gimmicks had made sense to them, such that I had to get out of bed everyday to face nauseating financial complications for my work all the way to the tax man and they had to get out of bed to face the fact that they possessed money and fame but were riddled with regrets about things they should not have done, all the way to the tax man, hence the threats and I think they were bluffing too, need to keep their comments to their career as it disturbs the audience. Here they claim I enjoyed it which I don’t, just like they suggest I do not travel to Buckingham Palace regularly anymore because I am afraid of something, reality on the other hand being that I don’t because the issues I picked up during my last visit have not been concluded, going there would mean picking up more issues and more work if I had not completed the previous; the moral of the story is that people should refrain from making a mess of my career and working gimmicks right up to the top authority if they cannot keep me from visiting State buildings. For their part they claim I have been meddling in Monarchic matters for as far back as they can remember it, what really happened rather being the idea that I was a nice person because I wanted their parents to come through with the idea of handing their inheritance to other people, they were so badly behaved at the time and no personalities they could copy to make it acceptable at any level, that some parents were considering the idea, it built up to Monarchic interests like we see them feel entitled to everything they saw. So the singular problem with my career since the University fiasco I suffered as a result, when I thought it was an interesting group of goons but it rather turned out that there was more to it, is that they continued to show up here performing a series of activities that meant they were men of such calibre that they were able to pick up my career publicity to pursue their own affairs, get celebrities all over it and persecute me for trying to pay my way in the world, so we are now dealing with everything that went wrong with that up to the point where they got the Monarchy involved, it continued to issue threats at me and will not stop trashing the Bookshop, so since it was clear this is what they and their Celebrities were doing with my career and I am where I wanted to be 13 years ago, I will continue to determine what the state of affairs with respect to their interest in my career was until the deadline expired, if they are still here beyond the deadline, we will be at war; I mean the current conditions were to do with the way that I too found a way to ensure their interest in my career finances and the structures that made it possible, always led to results which effect was that they hung about somewhere pursuing fool’s errand for me until they got killed my extremists or committed suicide, what we are dealing with are the consequences of people in government buildings who loved to put themselves in charge of other people’s affairs undoing this work, whilst their counterparts at the local authorities became fed up paying up the unemployed persons support, at the same time that they have been working me for homelessness, since 2018, so on the contrary, I do not enjoy this nonsense as suggested at all. We can see what the building blocks were – damage to my career and a business of picking up what I did to recover, after a history of using my upbringing as a cloak that allowed them to avoid those that may notice their true behaviour, in order to climb social ladders, to develop ideas that served the population that controlled the most wealth, making it impossible for me to recover the finances, especially with their famous idiots all over it ensuring they performed the process at least several times every Hour because they enjoyed access to public media i.e. once done extracting money from my public image, bash my Bookshop as well, at the same time that the said population that controlled most of the wealth in the country ran off narcissism publicity for themselves at my expense: details of how much I do not enjoy this nonsense like they have suggested, point being that finding them around my publicity and the Bookshop by the end of the said deadline will mean that we were at war, being the part that should be incredibly easy for them to understand. It is a matter of saying that since I did not find society abuses provocative, I was able to run a successful Bookshop once I had found a partner who understood this for matrimonial purposes and the Bookshop was paying the Bills; I cannot understand why people sought to damage this so much but I suppose it is an insight into what is really some of the wicked, wicked minds in the Country as the purpose plays out in terms of the proverbial goose that laid golden eggs being killed by the greedy, if they were handling my career publicity to get famous. They do claim the way they lived was not bad but I suppose those who are not suffering enough to make the connection between criminals and the famous needed to cease giving advice on the matter; the point of being so disrespectful as to pick up my career publicity for their own purposes, is that they could rely on criminals to build communities that got imagination into my pants as they maintained the whole sordid gimmick with gossips and corrupt security guards who never stopped telling lies on the streets that helped them to rely on my Industrial House whilst serving clients – it is the part where the local authorities on employing them have made sense of the business of attacking me to suggest they were solving a problem, over claims I am committing social security fraud whilst this nonsense was stifling my employment opportunities and making up new ideas about my history as they went along. It has eventually come down to the sheer lame process of people being so entitled that they needed to handle my career in order to feel good about their existence but they damage the finances doing so naturally and it is incredibly sad that I had to pursue this path but I have no other way to do it, I have not bene offered any alternatives, they are not only making money off it and making themselves a bunch of bullies because they were financially comfortable, they are also thinking up plans of paying people to attack me where I lived.

I am told that the Celebrities got over my head and I had become completely powerless to do anything about them at this stage, which is not the case; it is a matter of the fact that if people were simply allowed to get on and if I worked equity with companies it was what I did, if I developed equity to help the public build products for goons who spent money fighting them, then it was what I did and I kept the public image for public service, it would have been peaceful for everybody, so the problem is getting out of bed at 6.00, expecting leadership to do what it does and for us to end up with a state of affairs in which for instance I faced challenges with my work, they picked up those challenges and processed it into hundreds of self-exhibitionist civil disobedience videos in which they got to ensure they made money very quickly from the way I got around the challenge in order to serve a male population that controlled most of the wealth, even if they had to sell their body to do it and then after trashing my finances in this way, I suffered consequences associated with blame for every risk they took with themselves to get to it done. So it is being carried out again and again, extracting money from my public image, running me down and getting corrupt security industry pricks to build communities that get imagination up my bum as my personal and social life was relied upon for them to stand around in public providing a service – they feel suckled, reborn, rejuvenated every time they did it and are now about to move on and fool around somewhere else, since I am determined that beyond the deadline, I will either control my Bookshop or I will burn the show business for them, this time with features where they will have to pay somebody to attack me where I lived considering they have been working on that as part of their current manipulation processes, continues provocatively everywhere I turned, talking nonsense about communism and democracy whilst complaining that I forced their stupidities to make sense of it with respect to where their career should be as well. This is a problem that was entirely due to the way that I am always victim of the insults; my work interferes with everything and yet it had to continue, I picked up something that was too big for me looking to get attacked by those who were irritated but time and again ended up with a suspended career so those who were really in charge may catch on, hence this sordid business with the famous is supposed to have been the serious part, since it was a matter of criminals taking an interest in me and somebody convincing some famous gits that there was money to be made from a media presence if attributed to the fact that it happened, hence they attend work to pass insults and abuses at me every day, whilst complaining will not shut it down considering I do not stop their careers the way they stopped mine – this is not to say that I am unaware that doxy society was a given, it is a given; complaining about a problem and becoming a paid version of the same problem is only one of many ways they wage war on the public but I now have a deadline and if their stupidities do not cease exhibiting themselves all over my Books and public image by it, reaching a decision about officially enforcing a distance between me and their civil rights will be the least of their problems. I am told I always excuse the abuses people channelled at me with ideas they did not know what they were saying to me but they really don’t; I mean for instance it runs me down because of my diet but I had the mindset that I did on account there was overseas interests at work at the Office without which it would have been incredibly difficult for me to control extremist crimes that affected my authority, at the same time we know that they had no means or ability to control extremist crimes on their own, they only possessed the big mouth. I mean I know that the overseas interests had come under attack as well but it does due to the activities of Nationalists and Republicans, who are clearly people in a lot of trouble having followed a certain ideas that their vision of how the country should be run was the correct thing, to hit a brick wall because those who were currently running the country were doing a better job, hence had to invent a trick to continue – history here is that trifling with me excessively created a result in which they became the trojan horses of their respective organisations whilst the Celebrity part was more a matter of popularity insults which originated from a need to tell me I needed to shut up, each time I ensured society gits were full of information about my career for messing with it, that they carried it around like PR I did not need to fund and had since grown into an insult that is built up into a community that meets in secret and wants to order peoples steps in public, that their popularity twats all over Europe had become a part of and its main feature is to abuse my privacy. Does it mean that I thought that the thinking processes of nationalists was not merited, even though I knew it was a sense that we lived in a country and they were nationalists, once finished then will be live in a country again? Naturally not, as it is politics which only disadvantage is that it get tiresome, that said, it was positive that people took a strong position on what they believed in and must have had thoroughly researched to that effect.

I at this point appear to have been caught up in a murky world that I cannot discard which is not really the case, it is a matter of take what I want and leave the rest in a world of men working abusive gimmicks and promising they will never cease trying to handle me, the narcissism publicity that wrecked my finances and the stupid women that picked up ways I handled challenges to serve them for money – so the bottom slapping fun gimmick bits will be the part that I will absolutely not tolerate and will wreck every structure associated with it should I catch a slightest whiff, the rest I will pick and choose happily and it needs to keep away from my Bookshop as it takes so much energy for a client to enjoy a product, just as much as the Celebrities need to lay off their access to Royal personality and personal life that now seems to be the cause of all their problems. The fun part of all these naturally was those gimmicks where I court public interest in my Books and they converted it into a gimmick that allowed people to chase me around for Royal personality, so this is the serious part whereby I am the one being helpful. If I want to shut it all down, then it is a matter of the fact that they showed up here to spend professional time on me, wrecking everything around here and I am not giving that time back to them, as it is being used to make sense of the lies they told which the entire world got to make sense of as well; I therefore accept that if they were unable to bother me the way they did, the wealth and social inequality gap that I would create would be unprecedented but the idiots have also damaged my finances like something new, it should be noted. We hear the statements being made time and again that it was about getting a Libra into a fight, the part where I have annoyed them the way they have annoyed me, to such an extent that annoying them had itself become an achievement, was clearly not yet a fight in their view, we have not even begun to scratch the stupidities of gimmicks where the way I stood up for myself was being passed on to Scorpios whilst they got to tell people they behaved the way they did due to astrology, which is not ridiculous the last time we checked, it will be explosive when it is time to explore it too, so far it is playing out as a sense that they all want to live in a world where people insulted other people to make money. It is all what happens when the business of Police and security services protecting the public from localised and overseas terrorism is dragged into the public sphere, the goons will not give up on the gimmick of distant violence and abusive nonsense that facilitates it in the sense that victims were not brave enough to deserve the career at hand – so it is usually a matter of terrorists being able to execute their own brand of justice which then also well branded and marketed by them as well, so it stayed where it stayed and only those who had legitimate jobs to get involved with it did, save they had to as well, and use it to run people down until others were not allowed to breathe and build communities for fortitude that supported their personalities being designed to communicate 24 hours about grabbing other peoples livelihoods and stealing from local shops and punishment for services they felt uncomfortable with, now the idiocy is saying that they were so important that I ought to tidy it up which is in my opinion the fun bit so far in the newest developments, regardless of whether or not I possessed intelligence and means to do it; the part that Celebrities played in it involving instances where criminals had taken an interest in my affairs, politicians made a mess of my career to claim I was not out there fighting the real wrong doers who were actually people that looked better doing the wrong thing than the rest of us, which threats I understood better than they did according to fact history and evidence, so somebody promised the famous that if they got on a band waggon over it they will be assisted to make a lot of money and so they have been trashing my Bookshop and finances to keep it going since, when they have ended up making sense of their lies and practical jokes as well, issued threats at me over a lack of co-operation, about which I believe I have issued the threats for people to desist well enough at this point.

The Celebrities I must say, were the main problem in this matter, if I repeated all of my Royal and public work, my finances will continue to look a state because I ran the Trust on a low key to have these matters resolved properly and they wrecked it to adopt a disposition where the entire world needed to listen to what they were saying as their position against mine in terms of the idea they were more successful and it has become such a difficult thing for any person involved, industry or government to grapple with whilst they then moved on to the insults of picking up my career publicity to do whatever they thought was the way I ought to serve their needs, progressing to the narcissism of goading me into a fight with others, which effect is that working intellectual property administration on a platform that resolved matters in terms of Celebrity vandalism and society insanity, not only are client struggling on property equity if people can have my work free of charge, the home wreckers can take up the way that people responded to the goading, to ensure what I did with the challenges I faced were used to serve any population of people who controlled the most wealth, then there is also the claim I am working with communists, a space on the left hand side which epitomises their corruption and alliance with criminals and ex convicts, who were now able to work bum fingering up start insults on me. It loves to perform gimmicks that suggest I am afraid of them and cannot communicate my point clearly, so beyond the deadline, if they were still here, I will embark on some activities that will progress the business of shutting down access to the convenience being gained at my expense and the Machiavellian gimmicks will be worked back on them to ensure there was risk to life, whilst the idea they will spend my Royal property on their problems for revenge would mean I needed more insults from their famous stupidities. We know what culture at agriculture is, we know what culture at government does, none knows why we have ended up with this monstrosity that allowed people to make a lot of money whereby their position forms huge administrative mistakes that should not have been made at all, we do not know why we had Celebrity culture, we do not know what it means or does. There is the question raised as to how I ended up with this predicament but it is an old story about a bunch of Political and fame twats seeing me stand up for myself on being bullied and deciding that the methods ought to be transferred to somebody who was born under an astrological sign that was more willing to serve them by fighting others to help them feel safe and important, considering my astrological sign suggested I would not be as productive in it as they would have liked me to be, the Political part had since developed into something of a group of people that faced such complicated problems that they had become serious minded persons for a change but we were still experiencing delays in the benefits of that so far, the Celebrity part was just really personal, both however have now brought all their resources to bear simply because we are now living in a society where we wanted to know if insulting people like this, to make money, was the thing that everybody wanted – I am not pursuing the matter in this way either, I am doing it in terms of a history of working with communists so that home wreckers can show up on my public image to get money off Americans, the insults and bum fingering up start gimmicks of their criminal alliances as famous people, a gap on the left hand side where I ought to discard my social position and end up because I am not good enough for what I did, the same gap which if they ended up in would cost me everything I own, at this stage I have really had enough of it, if the effect is that working property equity with clients to the effect of product appearance applicable aesthetics and functionality, were being factorised in terms of any challenges faced being used as a tool by home wrecker media hugging pricks, to serve the population that controlled most of the wealth in an area that they had frequent access to, whilst their quasi criminals got to run me down on the streets to ensure they got what they want from the fact they could never stop goading me over public control matters.

I am told that two things were the overall effects of the way I talked about these matters; one of those being that the failures are all my fault and the other being that I am actually afraid of my own literary work, both of which are naturally inaccurate as the failures would have been said to be a consequence of a mind that can understand the narcissism of men who possessed media outlets to play with when it came to the lives of broadly talented persons like myself especially or the famous home wreckers they employ, to convert the way I faced career challenges into a tool that helped them get rich by serving the population that controlled the most wealth in the areas of the country they had regular access to – the failure being a product of the fact I published a Book and we know that information companies are usually owned by eccentric characters but the need to get me into a fight with those character by famous idiots who were previously complaining that their own producers were racists whilst clinging to my public image over a space on the left hand side that does not exist but the idea formed an epitome of their fame corruptions, had unleashed so much hell, including an alliance with criminals and terrorists at my expense, that I have earned nothing from my work in 14 years since it was completed. The matter of being afraid of my own Book relating to the way that it would make sense to work intellectual property administration in the direction of people who took industrial offices from those who know what to do with it and set about employing locality criminals to help them keep the job, if I were talking to people within the environment that I expected my Books to be popular but celebrities would think I needed to crawl under the mat instead, save the part where they wanted to make news because wrong doers at Industrial Offices, even those that had done no wrong but only possessed a mindset, had caused the loss of 300 jobs, the savings of 100 persons through an investment scheme and had grabbed some bonds which helped them run off to tourist destination to put their feet up, all for an Office which purpose was to get through all the issues and matters that will ensure individuals and organisations that forged an arrangement even a partnership with an enterprise came into possession of something that they paid for. Obviously they were able to make sense of the reasons we could not get along if I had ended up where I did not want to be with respect to them and the Politicians over my Books, considering it transpired that I was the cause of public problems and these wrong doers were people that were willing to buy show business and were also interested in making money to facilitate it, especially as we are here because they possessed huge egos that got accustomed to passing insults at me and nothing is ever enough for their famous stupidities no matter what they possessed. They would claim it was impossible for any person to come into possession of enough money, what we know to be the case more so as a matter of lifestyle and people who make money handling the personal lives and public image of those who solved problems they were complaining about, before they became the paid version of those problems, is that at some stage somebody had possessed enough money to say that they had paid their bills and the interest in their savings could afford them a years wages, so if they arrived at such a place by handling my public image, both authorised and not authorities in equal measure, why trash my Bookshop as well? it is a massive apparently that now needs urgent correction. The home wrecking would suggest they were encouraging me to make use of my public duties, whilst we know that if we made the law so tight that the wrong doers or people who possessed a mindset that we knew by law could be transferred to anybody or anything, ended up in prison, they were so lazy and entitled that they will not be willing to play their part or do twice the work that they were supposed to, regardless of whether they were being paid fairly, what they were good at is a gimmick that pillages my privacy and the work I did for my intellectual property administration service at client markets, if wrong doers ended up with a certain amount of purchasing power, just as much as I have warned their popular stupidities were looking for trouble and now looking where they were likely to find some too. They do claim they hated me because of a lack of co-operation with American interests on my part, it is a given naturally if they were perpetually engaged with a series o practical jokes performed at my expense which their stupidities had gotten accustomed to, started off at a period in my life when I was a fully developed adult and old enough to know, the next course of action I will take on account of their need to make a mess of my career and finances will help them decide what exactly they hated and how they hated it.

They do claim eventually that I will get what is coming to me at some stage and it will never happen, we are talking about people who were detached from public policy just like the extremists but their problem that had become other people’s problem, is that they did not have what the extremist had. I suppose it would make sense if I repeated the warning that the stupidities needed to cease pushing me if they could not live without having to show up on public media, handle me abusively over historical good deeds and complain. The backdrop being usually common as it ever was i.e. their abusive interest in me was a matter of greed and the greed was worked with amusement that facilitated media narcissism to keep it going until they got what they wanted from each unusual interest, my case being the part where the amusement had developed into treachery which is eventually the main objective, the treachery upon being achieved which will allow them show up here to wreck and trash complaining about a problem of which they became a paid version of the same problem at my expense, it is abusive everyday on a stupid media and continues to get on my nerves whilst complaining, arriving at a point where it dreams I am an Arch Prince coward and I will one day get what is coming to me, as stupidly as possible. I mean on the point that I am never proactive on these matters, we will only find ourselves reiterating the same point again and again, that they want to live as if they were living during their retirement at this stage by handling my personal space and social life but is their lives such that they had a lot of time on their hands, they were not mobile people and were involved with public politics than any other time in their lives, since I am the person picking up the financial cost of their gimmicks, about which their interest in my Bookshop needed to have vanished by the said deadline or they will have more to complain about, especially when famous? The point made endlessly is that there were underlying issues and it did not do to prune the leaves literally, whilst reality is that none of what they were meant to do and more so with their own careers are done when it should be, converting my wealth politics equity and crime control publicity into gimmicks for home wreckers and civil rights idiots who want equality had become their answer for all things uninvited, an example of gimmicks that were invented to spend other peoples time on their problems, when they had found people like myself who were willing to take a middle ground rather than shove them back down to the abyss now that they were running out of time, they became an outstanding problem.