They have suggested that there is very little hope for me and I do not seem to understand it, I however do not believe there is little hope for me as such, as the only impediment to my finances is the insults of people talking into me when they had failed to destroy it, which works from the top and getting imagination up my anus which works from the bottom, not yet beaten up anybody because their big brother characters always ensure I am distracted and had to face the conversations about the finer points of homosexuality with a big mouth. The other more valid point they make is that my Books are disrespectful but they are not and I don’t understand what motivates people to think that I have come to believe such nonsense anyway; what happens is that they section the Books, detach it from the Public and spend time trashing my life through it, to resolve consequences of their personal decisions and this is usually done on something that had a degree of renaissance to it not something that is disrespectful, never mind the business of ending up with their stupid children talking money talk over my Book sales to build dot com millionaire empires which have created the same effect on the success of the Books – the point of mentioning the facts being that I need to set out that my Books are not disrespectful, these idiots are incredibly insolent and are not entitled to handle my career as they have come to believe that they are. I mean the fall out of these kinds of behaviour are two effects; one being if women thought about wrecking my career and there were no men supporting them, they gave up the idea at some stage, what happens instead is their sugar babies picking up my service processes to try and enact with Publicity the dreams they had of me making sense of the poverty, destitution and despondence of the general public that helped them work the demagogues of their popularity stupidities i.e. it had always been a dream, so when I set out service processes for a Bookshop they had located an opportunity – the other being that they always need to pick up my work and extract an income from my market place because they had two bank accounts, one serving family and the other serving the foolish toxic sugar babies they send out to run me down through popularity culture, to which effect the insolent way they get about it is quite incredible, not something of my Books being disrespectful. We can therefore see that there are no prospects of the Bookshop being successful because I am able to clear out these problems, success is likely to come if I begin everyday by burning at least one career and end the day by tearing up another, until it stops, especially with respect to the other fools with the you, me, employers and bottom chasing gimmicks, wrecking my career because I had business with the company that employs them, talking nonsense all the time about a need to protect Celebrities due to my failure to take out society gits that get imagination up their bums, like their foolish mothers say they were entitled to make me do. So eventually they speak of the bottom hurting effects of my Books which should have explained that it is not as much a matter of the Books as it is a matter of their stupidities clashing with an Arch Prince and more so for a fun of it, as they are not entitled to access my career and therefore there is no way that my Books would have disrespected them. More or less, I think that eventually, I will need to build myself a handle for these matters, so that I can go to the handle applicable every time that they have made a mess of my Bookshop, which effect for the time being is that whilst I am building up the audience unto the great launch day, they rip up the finances and keep it down to explain their overactive stupidities as a product of my Books being disrespectful of men and bang away at me all the time because of the way that criminals had taken an interest in them, meaning the idiots were caught between a rock and a hard case, talking rubbish.  

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Here it is suggested that I have been hitting the notes on the sort of things I ought to push really hard on but I have not; I am not really vulnerable to people making a mess of my career to pick up the way I recover as a tool for improving another person’s career through Media, it is something people did as a project that will leave them with a lifestyle they will complain of in future – what really happens is that they talk into me and get imagination up my bum which damage my social life and each time I get out of bed to feel immobilised by such nonsense, they will feel me all day long in the male community for as long as I wish as well – it has been the way it worked for the past 18 years. We find the reasons to be such eventuality as a process where we may have had Public defences against National enemies, like for instance, Russia, so these defences will be wrecked and by the time it is rebuilt, we will find the idiots bemusing themselves with property that does not belong to them asking if the owners really want to take it back, so they are so stupid it tended to make sense of the shooting and stabbing and all that. The fashion people were clearly a big idea, so they will divorce themselves from all involvement processes and set about picking up everything on my personal and social life, to make fashion with, I had since decided that they had enough fashion Publicity for me to deploy as a means of rectifying damage they have done to State ceremony as well, but it does not deter them yet. Same as the fear of me crashing for some very stressful career I had inflicted on myself which it is not – it’s the same case of being an Arch Prince who is required to work with the Church, so it would not have been held against me if I became a Priest as well, I had the idea for a creative equity intellectual property administration business, as a matter of what I could do with my spare time; the crashing is likely to be caused by stupid celebrities cutting off the public to confiscate my Books as a tool for resolving consequences of their personal decisions, while the daddies send out their sugar babies to pick up my service processes, as a tool to draw attention to them taking pictures of themselves around my Royal privileges, stirring up this fear that I might end up with the same crisis we faced concerning the Prince of Wales which is never likely to happen, as I had already begun the business of putting out questions on their need to access my Royal Office and privileges, as stupidly as possible, which makes this the fun part, that will get serious and violent unpredictably later on.

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