I am told I am just a small man with a big heart, but it does not matter if I  were a big man with a small heart as such anyway – as far as I can tell, nobody is asking these people to get off their well off neighbourhoods, run my life with the social activities of criminals from a safe distance and offer up opinions about my existence when they were frustrated about their own abilities with respect to their personal decisions. As far as all can see, they are the only people doing the fighting, so they believed the existing results were actually the way that everything ought to work, whilst it would rather be just as amusing when I begin to make fun of them because they were not allowed to access Royal public image since they were not Royalty and or Hospitality that is set out for Politicians hence they were unable to cover their backsides, what is happening currently is the warnings about their need to handle my person and fool around with my career when none is asking them to supply an opinion about my existence.

As for the suggestion I am in trouble at the Monarchy, I am told that I am not and I am not – just security services are out somewhere tackling localised terrorism and they were localised terrorism gits who went to the Monarchy to announce a problem they had with an insignificant character that was actually an Arch Prince, hence security services have decided to do the job that way, at least for the time being. For my part, I am supposed to with respect to my position, complete my first degree and handle my Trust professionally, instead I faced botched career work all of the time and had to find out the sociological madness they engaged in by watching the pornography that they made with it, whilst spending time with Celebrities and we know they were the people complaining the most about the result. Goes without saying I would fancy being left alone. I have pointed out I will at some stage try to end this nonsense by taking up their doxy society to make a name for myself by, showing up here to issue quasi threats, tell lies and build communities that exist to see me without my clothes on everyday, alongside their incredibly stupid American friends. The Celebrities on the other hand were good at bashing my career but my party piece is the way they picked up every new thing that came from it to sell for self re-invention in Hollywood, where it seemed all of Europe had been decanted of its vicious pricks that cannot keep their hands to themselves even in their imagination.

Ultimately the biggest problem is that these idiots are not in charge and the function of their abuses is that I became like them - so far the outcome has been a global stage platform to complain about the opposite sex whilst they suggested they still wanted to have children, so I assume it is set to continue with a new abusive test everyday until it stops badly and from what I can tell, it is a need to see me get into so called trouble with somebody more powerful, showing up here for vicious opportunism 24-7. Eventually am I told that according to what I knew I should be doing well on the financial side, a 9 year problem where people got involved with a business and as usual client expectations were higher than my outlook, so unless they set up a partnership and their business made money, they were not planning to read the Books immediately, the only opportunity I had left was the quietness of my affairs, which allowed those that simply wanted to take a risk to venture out for it, all caused by the entitled famous who have explained their actions in terms of the money in their private bank accounts being able to get me out of any difficulty at any time, like something unbearbly stupid and has actually progressed onto an alliance with quasi criminals who read my birth date star sign, to decide the best social insults that will ascertain my social mobility in order to get away with it.