A typical instance of this sort of thing is when it is said that my career is messy, which indication was that I had gotten involved with work done at Government or the operations of the Head of State, hence it was pointed out that my work was messy, about which I set off explaining that it was but I could account for it, as per my mind is not broken, it has only been spent punishing society gits who have wasted 12 years of my time to follow me around and wreck my finances to such an extent that when they put me to the insanity that passes on their left hand side and right hand side, I will be able to make sense of it, garnished with other ethnic minority idiots who trashed my University studies, showing up to chase sales on the social life that emerged while I was studying. So we have a history at this stage and people may ask them about it at any time, I for my part thinking it was completely worth it, seeing that they are still at it and will not allow any of these facts to get out on the matter either because they would much rather prefer people joined them in talking about my attitude while they did it, the complaining being rife as such, we have not yet reached any stages where I got to fuck the society everyday so they could not step outside of their door, just like those foolish communities get to get imagination up my bum work on me every day, the idea they raise being that I will get into trouble for it, the reality on the other hand being that they will not step outside of their door to get me into any trouble if I got up to it.

The Celebrities are usually another story that picked up all I did to play stupid wild practical jokes that wasted everything by and their game was always as simple as not making silly comments about my Books or social life which consequence were that I had difficulty paying the Bills, this is what they will not stop doing if they preferred issuing threats at me instead, drawing my attention to what it looked like when show business people were no longer able to handle me, the way they will fall to obscurity, which they believe is not in my interest, so I do have the history with culture and society trouble makers but I don’t have one with them yet, hence where I want to be. I have no idea what it is exactly Celebrities could do about me if this eventually resulted in a situation where it was obvious I did not necessarily like people usurping my popularity, they were therefore mad enough and I was angry enough for it, the business of hurtling down a rabbit hole to prevent people doing my career at the backyards of Industry while the stupid bottom chasing students allied to them trashed my health and University studies coming to play in the matter as well – recent catalyst have been this business of picking up their social media profiles to move on the consequences of their perverted interest in me, to be informed that I would not dare try doing anything that was not in their interest because to begin with, I was following their social media profile and they could use it to their advantage which would add up to more setbacks and more abuses that I could easily not get angry about if they were not doing damage to my Bookshop to facilitate their brand of popularity that involved industry gits giving them money when they bullied people. Hence the question of what it is exactly they could do about me if the need to show I did not like them usurping my popularity played into this and my seemingly extreme intolerance for the vices that come with their lifestyles having such unimaginable impact on my health and career, whereby I was angry enough and they were mad enough for it as well.

It is not really a difficult matter, not even the part where racism had helped black people to handle my career, public image, and finances as if we were relatives, like they believe it is. Eventually it turns to the matter of state provided security annoying them which beats my imagination all the time since it was meant to be the clearest indication, they were supposed to keep their careers out of mine. What then happens really being that the process of doing nothing when they picked on me to involve themselves with important people at the Monarchy, if my energy could be better spent preventing them from damaging career, personal life and public image, whereby they had soon started complaining about important people at the Monarchy and vice versa meaning that it had become a problem I needed to respond to, especially when they picked on me as well, while the Elephant in the room was the damage they did to my finances and the way they passed off the effects as tool for violent abuses and lasciviousness that can be used to handle me in a way that boosts their popularity, complaining about the effect it had on the Monarchy whereby they needed to express themselves so at my expense every day. This is the condition which ensured that it did not take a genius to make sense of where power and hierarchy of authority was located but I tended to get protection from people who operated at the lower levels of the Monarchy because their entire lives may easily be dedicated to doing this. This is the state provided security that annoys them endlessly so, of which none understand if their LGBTQ communities had grown out of proportion at this stage, why they will not stop making comments about my Books and my Public image to make a mess of the career, of which my studying at home is now one of their main concerns as well, set to get a response too: not clear what they can do about me in 24 Hours, if I picked up the stupid bottom chasing issues that had since become a phenomenon this this Country, which had emanated from the way they raise their children to insult and abuse other people endlessly, talking nonsense about my attitude when they were not putting their own twats on the line because they were proud of their Country and I picked up their Celebrities alongside. This does not mean I want to change my messy work either – I am not active on the outside but I have realised I am incredibly active on the inside compared to most people, hence I have discovered their stuffing them with what I knew produced such pressure for me to thrive on, likewise the fact that if Celebrities picked up my career to pass off as another person’s own on Media, my doctor will be speaking with me about heart disease in a short period of time. They do claim it is expensive for them, like the destruction of my career to make me into a character from which people sorted out finances is expensive for me, not least because it will help them build up idiots that will attack those who interfered with their needs – mostly it is something they do as well, ripping up my finances to get me making sensed of insanity that passes on their left and right hand side all the time, once they were confident I needed money and they had some, I will lose everything I have to get a little – hence they always had more in my view, only avoidable when I no longer have to write private diaries to cope with their interest in me. They do claim it will get me into trouble because they had their insults and civil disobedience to play with but if I faced any dangers, I would want to know if we were mates, relatives or I moved into their backyard to nudge them out of their homes, hence that stupid interest in me and recent abuses that suggest I am female and should move to their left hand side with a big mouth.

They do claim it is all a matter of not doing what Americans wanted, which is utter nonsense as for me it is more a matter of living a loutish lifestyle which in the UK has massive disadvantages, not least when a person is involved with the Monarchy. My loutish lifestyle helps get to the heart of issues where people rip up my career and get normal white people doing racism, installing for the purpose a social arrangement where if  person was offended by another, entire communities were offended too, so they might be in a position to provide me with leadership that facilitated their financial well being when a government had been installed to quarantine the consequences of their institutional stupidities, blazing my trail the entire time but if I did it in quite dignity like the traditional way at the Monarchy, it would be so much better for all but so little of the problem would have been resolved.

I. Uno I

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