I am informed Celebrities thought I am one of those characters who believed that if they wanted to grab my career, I was in a position and possessed means to prevent them from doing it. It is rather very annoying and I cannot make sense of what it means, save I wanted to reminisce how it all began before I started being distracted enough to suffer financial damage and be influenced distractingly by what they possessed – those times when the Police were at work on a group of people who would sell products at the market anyway but were certain that only the criminal and organised crime products would do it for them, where the famous will interfere and if Police responded they built themselves reputation for being repressed and got public support for it. This gimmick where it see bread winner clients at my Bookshop and interferes with them is obviously something I would not tolerate from a child, so it is an opportunity to say it happened and provides the stage to reevaluate how one thinks that things should work but here we are with its idiots at Industry who want to be my right hand man picking up assets I have brokered with multinational companies to help when they want to make stupid statements my direction about what they felt belonged to them at global industry with respect to my actions being similar to that of their famous idiots and the same famous fools claiming that if they wanted to grab my career I was of the opinion that I could do something about it. The complain that state provided security was doing the abusive things they were doing is naturally apt, as it does need to make its comments and gestures and abuses towards its own career if it did not wish to complain that I needed state provided security to run a Bookshop – I mean it cannot be that difficult for people to stop shaking up an Arch Prince, stop disturbing his work and stop messing it up if they were complaining that stopping him from doing public control work left the trouble makers in a position where abusive behaviour got to affect the famous too. They were always entitled, always entitled to something – to pick up peoples children on the streets and put those to a fight, to shower people with insults and feel as if their situation give them an exception for it, always entitled and now shooting off the big mouth about what I cannot do when it never stopped making a mess of my finances, so its criminals would hear it blab. I am also told here that if State provided security was handling the Celebrities I should not have gotten involved but I don’t, they simply show up here making such a mess of the finances that I am unable to raise funds and complete the University degree which I started, so probability of outcome is that I will take up the doxy society and make a name for myself with it and then I could put it in a box and move on to more important matters. Here they claim that we have already done this but I could never have enough – reality is that we have only done the part where it needed to progress from building groups of people with ideas about things after things after things that I am supposed to do, in a racism infested society, that allowed such a group to grow into a society that touches my penis to make me frigid and fingers my bum, so people died simply because I would not stand for it, then there was the global stage complain about my responses, the Politicians waded in to make me stand for it and when I did the abuses grew so big that they were affected and I am now in fresh trouble with a need for Political idiots to read my birth signs and work with security services to manipulate me into a fight – all being done from a safe convenient distance where none is paying for my up keep naturally, now it is lip flapping ways that if it wanted to grab my career, I would have been powerless to respond.

The question always festers as to the reasons I underestimated the Politicians which I don’t – their own was a case of lay people getting to run government offices because they were elected, one has to say that the point where their abuses and vandalism will no longer be tolerated will be the part where others were blamed not just for the destruction of careers which belonged to those being blamed over their gimmicks but also for the way they hopped state provided security to get caught up with idealistic gits because they wanted to befriend celebrities and to be popular. So far the stupidities have reached a point where I am being blamed for the damage they do to my finances on grounds of my socio political successes.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland