The destruction of my income and property has now developed after 18 years into an attack on my well being and claims that I am shameful to follow it up with. I do not think there is anything shameful about the fact that since the inception of a Royal Hermitage, I have been persecuted by stupid men seeking to change the consequences of their own personal decisions, especially on the financial front and build a future for their equally stupid children where it was possible to do so - it is an abuse in every way, Politically, circular and religiously but if their need to involve themselves with my Bookshop and its income margins the perverted way, does not come to a stop, I will have to throw caution whereby there was no prick left for women to have sex with, because I had taken up all their pride and joy and spent it rectifying all the mess they have made here, destroying everything they had in the process, right across the western world.

It is a behaviour like no other; first there is the violent gossips, then it progresses to fantasies of violent sexual abuses, the fantasies become something the victims feel, it is used to build communities that get imagination up peoples bottoms, then they tell lies and proceed to exacting violence on those who smell – in my case there has been another turn of events as well where they made money at my expense and depend on the personality I cultivated at a Hermitage to enjoy it and very process of using this personality is violent to ensure I was a dump literally and I am therefore beginning to take in a physically serious way, a process where people got to talk from their rights to start with especially when they had a need to address me (while this behaviour incapacitates me in terms of career, we find that there is new violent behaviour channelled towards me as what they had decided was the way to relate with people who had lesser success than the one they had - it feeds into a process of making sense of domestic violence where its ever possible to explain how the fist for some reason hits the face and we cannot fill in the missing links, it does therefore need see I have had enough of it, talk from its own right or keep its mouth shut). Some people have said that it is not exactly clear what is going on either side but we are talking about these gimmicks finally achieving their grand aim in 2007 when I dropped out of University and if people want to measure my sentiments, they would cast their minds back to the fact it was the year that the worlds worst recession began. Everything they have done since is set to suggest that all I have done with my career really belongs to the person that created this eventuality. Same story where they complain I shut down their mobility and its always a case of the fact they have endured difficult times in their lives about which I am being persecuted through their problems and money issues and the only thing they had been able to rescue in those difficult times was their access to Celebrity culture, so as long as there is something around my personality and public image to suggest there was prospects of them getting paid for being popular, their communities will continue to incapacitate me by getting imagination up my bum – this is the reason I shut it down. Their parents are out there handling me as a means to take over top jobs at Industry as insultingly as possible naturally and so it is assumed that human beings are normally this stupid, hence I am likely to tolerate it for an eternity as well. We have entered into a phase where they claim I am not elected but made decisions about government all the time, while reality is that they are still working hard to become more important than I am through my own public image, as stupidly as possible, making a mess in this place and there is no behaviour they wish to exhibit in public that does not involve either destroying my social life or destroying my property, including the women that have been rounded up and married, so once they had children they were then divorced, so I might never settle down with family and their imagination getting up my bum will make me homosexual, while their stupidities had always claimed people were born homosexual all together – so there is now a need to say that the people in Uniform took one side and they took the other, in the middle was my Books with a future in which we decided how their insults and abusive publicity towards my clients and members of the public that are interested in my Library, will be stopped.

They claim I am a threat and when Politicians fail to understand that, there will be a time when jobs and respect had vanished but what has already vanished is a conducive atmosphere in which people read Books I had written due to the fact they had money problems and those who didn’t wanted to be richer. They love to boast it is an indication of the fact I should never mess with the media and it will only get me assessing the glossy magazines at the corner shops featuring Celebrities blowing kisses at criminals on my Public image and how their stupidities picking up the way criminals and quasi criminals target me, to build a bubble they ran off at my expense everyday through their own day jobs, so that I might sleep on it for a while.

The tale loved unconditionally appears to be that of claims I continue to speak as though I can handle these matters while I cannot. The truth of what I can handle being that its not actually clear why people are unable to make sense of the fact that a character who gets off some wickedness associated with a society he has affiliated himself with, that is likely to ensure he lost everything he had from the day he joined in or everything he had before he joined in was collateral damage on the day he decided to leave, using his personal decisions, not just in terms of attacking those whom he abuses in the worst possible way until there was a bad smell because the bad smell was obnoxious, only to show up and desire the income margins of an Arch Prince who does not engage in such things because it is more attractive than his own, building a way to get whole communities working imagination around peoples private parts, is a matter of civil and criminal disobedience not Politics and business. We have seen this nonsense play out in the UK security services where people have to deal with this abdominal discomfort on account that they had done an act of public security as such and the question here becomes one of the idea I had deployed Royal power to attack successful citizens that showed up at the Hermitage to engage with me and is the main reason they claim I want service from their villainous sense of security because I am insane while I think I simply want more blood, now that all I do to carry on my concerns in safety have been damaged beyond repair and they have not explained how it links up to their need for money and fame, their need to get me covering their backsides while they became important people, even though they claim that a connection exists as it were. Hence it becomes clearer that although they claim I am insatiable, I simply want them to stay away from my Books and stop making comments on my Public image that help them pick up service processes at my Bookshop, deploy the service without paying for it, in a condition which meant that very stupid women were given the opportunity to build publicity for me which suggests I am meant to get into a fight with others in order to make them safe or I will have no access to market I built for my products and the prognosis of being homosexual will be a constantly applicable curse to my career activities, which is obviously something that a handful of ageist idiots who never stop dreaming of me grovelling for money can work wonders with, to claim their society was powerful thereof. So all I wanted being that they stopped doing this and stopped hanging around somewhere with an assumption I am unlikely to pick up everything else that does not actually matter being played up at my expense insultingly. We see them play with the star sign issues all the time – I never thought it was important until I found out why they behaved the way they did towards the fact I am a Libra and always tended to make sense of their stupidities by playing it up on my public image, meaning that their Celebrities could do nothing with it without hurting themselves but what I realised is that since they are aware of these star sign issues, they know a Libra like myself will likely want to trash their world if he does not have a partner who can tell him not to destroy peace as such but then set about ripping up my University studies and my career, to show up around my concerns everyday to continue an activity which suggested they were looking after something they had achieved, created and owned.

Their obsession with my social media expresses much the same thing - nothing to indicate the realisation they are not actually important people if I manage their stupidities from an Arch Prince's Office by building a Court for female journalists who simply want to report the news without being abused - that the entire world of their antics fits into a society that abuses journalists and celebrities to make way for criminals that want to commit crimes the law will have to ignore. A lot to indicate if they handled me they will attain power and some are complaining about people dying as a result of my activities while I am considering a process of allowing their sexual context insults to build up to a phenomenon before I spent everything that allowed them carry on with their concerns safely which should ensure the neighbourhoods were filled with gangs. Nothing yet to suggest it is a Hermitage and I work with people from all over the world on the premise we do what we can do avoid Politicians - they handle it and get involved with it as though they were in dire need of a piece of advice, wrecking my finances for trophy fame..

I. Uno I

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