During the economic crisis of 2007, on developing ethics for my writing career, I was faced with a dilemma.

Still a young person but able to make sense of the way that industry backyards develop into a threat towards other peoples welfare, which usually graduates first from it being a menace once it had spent some time claiming others were the threat. I realised that most people could not understand the world around in the way that I did.

My dilemma specifically was that considering opportunities which a recession offers but most of the time which the cost outweighs the benefits thereby making it less attractive to experience a recession, if I took advantage of the fact I was yet to begin and could therefore modulate my costs bearing in mind my talents, I would become successful but after a period of turning a blind eye to the waste and destruction which the recession will have caused at the market would make mine a finance only success. I had to seek a compromise and I reached one on the fact that compared to most companies my products being Literature occupied a market which was incredibly flexible in the circumstances, so I had to seek out a platform by which I may deploy all the other advantages of having a business for the benefit of the business community. The only way to do this was to build the writing business and release its equity for broker, hence I settled up on writing my books to do this separately from the concept of Broker processes, in order to ensure there was economic and business partnership in my venture. This is how tunnel light books and holdings was born.

A platform through which I could reach an agreement of Trust with Clients, Client developers and Brokers for the management of my finances, the release of liquid cash to help me pay my expenses from a Royal Hermitage and the funding of Royal property among other imperatives at the State duty Office.

Unusual circumstances I have operated in which needs to be declared was my behaviour towards bad communicating language. My position being that I am unlikely to use them, I have deployed them as a tool to ensure that the fault lines of the books and holdings company brokering securities and equities one of which is the persistently abusive and destructive activities of the press industry, was properly dredged.

Social matters which have developed over time is that which we hear involved a process where it is thought that I am a proper bastard but we all know people want to know of the main reasons I am the target for those insults all the time and its a simple fact that they catalogue everything I have had to do as a consequence of their Politicians deploying career stupidities as a tool to invent anything they want and insert it into my career, to the tune of results where they destroy all means for ambient income while I work things out for a Royal Hermitage and of course collect facts on each occasion where I had negotiated with people in a condition of being the weaker party so everything I can do with insults that allow me look like I can see them under their clothes is of course an indication I am a bastard and not a suggestion that suffering which befits them the most is a work in a progress and I had refused to commit. Its an old story that this comes from socialism naturally which it does such that if I said they are idiots who clearly think they have an educated ability to describe and label everything they saw properly, normal people would descend that I am suggesting they are a handful of civil living low lives who never put out the best of their behaviour in public for others to enjoy because they keep it at home and whenever they did, we find they were susceptible to a process of becoming mentally ill and attacking their families thereafter. This nonsense we know feed into the gimmicks of the other society gits that spend all their time ripping up peoples career and destroying social life with violent gossips, only to become violent in order to protect their own from what they have shown the public is possible to do to other human beings, while their stupid fascination with the victims of their idiocy will never be explained. The insults are not that which I relate with as a joke and it does need to stop. I have been told I speak like one with a broken heart but I am not, its about saying what I say and then getting accustomed to doing so, the same way these goons get accustomed to their extremism and insults; I do so because of the work I must do and when I finished with tidy up after myself, it should be noted as well, that they are never caught dead breaking their own hearts like I do mine..

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland