I have been asked to shed a little light on my current activities as they do point out a direction for administrative Government to follow. So it is the part I should say, indicated where I have begun to take more seriously the business of Celebrities setting me out as something that wants to get involved with businesses and then getting on media to get paid for being popular by those businesses first the Girls do it and then the Boys do it and then the mendacity of hope issue follows where they tell me my problem and is that they can now control my finances and that they had such an amount of money as meant if I started a fight they would not have run out before I was burned out. So I now have to take with huge regard the fact that there is no way people would build whole communities that get imagination up my bum all day if it was not facilitated by the gestures and body language which Celebrities channel at me while clinging to my income margins. Then there is the idea that I am facing an uphill battle but technically I am not as I am not the one complaining about the results of goons in suits setting out a money making practical joke whereby we lived in the same existence and I had dropped out of University over it in 2007 while I am writing this piece for what has continued since then and runs on media every day in 2020. As I say a lot, if you said they were criminals without evidence of crimes they had committed, you would get into trouble for doing so since it is clear that if Celebrities hung around somewhere seeking my income margins and the goons in suits hung around somewhere taking a process where they got off Celebrity culture and spent most of their time hurting me and especially to make profitable a process where they thought me irritable, who are the other characters that show up to build and enforce communities that get imagination up my bum all day? We know that people who know what they are like always give them a hard time at the immigration system before they get to the UK, such that when they get here they are usually frustrated and likely to behave in a way which suggests they wish to get away from the consequences of personal decisions at all times, hence if we solved everything with the overseas wars, we will never be able to police this successfully.

I have been told that given current circumstances and conditions we ought to push harder on these matters but technically we do not have to I have set out my position as one where I am more comfortable working with the Chinese than I am with the Germans and we know that Mr Trump (the current US President) has been doing a lot of work on US foreign Policy on the matter as well, hence its more a case of waiting for the final whistle scenarios. The claim is that the biggest source of my problems are that I suggest I could recover my career when and if taken from me by Media and Celebrities but as I have pointed out before, I actually can, as most of their abusive behaviour are not really linked to the technical or professional qualifications by which they do the jobs which have paid them the salaries that are the main facilitator of their behaviour. What they are suggesting is that I would likely show up on their studios or somewhere near a concern of it that will ensure I got their attention whenever I wanted, to get caught up in the rituals associated with the way people idolise their fame, knowing their own is the only ritual that destroys other peoples career to prioritise their personal finances, when I had a career to retrieve from their stupidities and we know whole communities never show up near peoples lives to groom victims over a period of years and get imagination up peoples bottoms due to their needs unless there is a perverted interest from Media and Celebrities in their chosen victims. So I have asked them to keep the Comments off my writing career or give a date they wish to begin but for the time being, I will continue to tidy up the mess they make here with everything that results from getting up my media equipment to put a name to their faces, wreck my career and tell me they had seen me do something at Private security Industry and had ideas about how I should make them feel more protected and privileged, after the same behaviour was so intense it wrecked University studies for me a decade prior. I have noticed that it has pushed them to take advantage of the bad neighbourhoods I have set myself up in, to ensure I am where things I happening for my writing career, through which they have built up hoodlum crowds that will fight their corner with them but the same way most people who read this will likely do something bad, about which I have to set a disclaimer here of being aware they are likely to think that their careers had not as much as decided what the incomes of those who have media careers ought to look like, let alone wreck it, while they have put up with this for decades or the female journalists I supported with a Court because they wanted to report the news without suffering abuses dealing with the destruction of all the Court offered and publicity for me with respect to whom I am meant to fight to make their stupidities feel safer, which is much the same as pointing out that they have built up hoodlums that will fight their corner but in my view have not built up enough to satisfy me, so when I deploy their fame to tidy up the mess they make here, they might get stuck in according to the way they blow off their big mouth at me everyday, if they do really love to hurt themselves the way their insults suggest that they do. It is all similar to the way they talk endlessly is that there are Celebrities who admire my work and for it I put them and their careers in danger but it is utter nonsense as such gimmicks are linked up to the idea this nonsense was a function of wealth and social inequality, even the development of justice and such justice will I have as well, when I had trashed every form of Celebrity engagement that picks up my equity to make money without setting them out for the public clearly as villains, such that it became quite obvious that unless they were using their own to do it, these are the only kinds of entertainment that will be made. Hollywood Film producers and Celebrities are usually good at describing who was discriminating, now they have decided who was the best problem solver, so these gits can continue to behave as though Celebrities lived on food banks at my expense and this will make a good arrangement for it too - to find out how long a stupid label that says I am Mr smell will remain from the day I would have begun to take it very seriously.

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