I have been informed that it would be a good time at this stage of my work to stop doing what goons at the backyards of Industry consider to be a behaviour that threatens their welfare but I do believe I have pointed out in the past, such facts as Fashion Models not necessarily being good looking people I mean there are good looking models, there are those who are good looking and intelligent, there are good looking, intelligent and well socialised models there are good personality, good looking, well socialised and intelligent models, we also know that more often than not the latter two groups would be most likely to kill themselves and get stuck with drugs. I have pointed out before that models are people with a certain body shape and type which looks good when over 90% of clothes that are manufactured in the textile Industry are placed on their bodies, so they get jobs as models and I suppose it does also point out being abused, tackled and tortured by them over a 19 year period is completely unwarranted, notwithstanding that I know they are not necessarily good looking because I am better looking than a good majority of them.

The point is that they all need to stop getting involved with my Bookshop the perverted way or I will sack their own as well. They appear to have assessed my activities as something which indicated I had taken the bait; that the publicity built for me to get into a fight with people as will facilitate their socially immoral behaviour as financially profitable, had produced a result where they were able to wrap me round their little finger. The outcome is that I am seen to have written a Book and because they have stifled public interest in my Books, I had built a company that will help me manage how I am meant to get into a fight with people to make them comfortable as they deployed civil rights pressure, market blackmail and even duress, to spend my equities and Books without paying for it, the truth on the other hand is that my activities are a rouse, since it is rather clear that unless the business empires of the scum that keep the good behaviour at home and show up here to build me a nasty history is treated to these same sorts of insults, my hermitage and Bookshop will never be free of it, hence it goes without saying as I have pointed out; not putting a stop to it, means I will sack their interests, property and incomes as well.

I have been told that I work in a way that makes them comfortable but what happens with me at the Monarchy has nothing to do with my personal finances and if their stupidities insisted that it did, I suppose it could get a lot easier than it currently looks. I however could never understand anyway how it is that the wealthy are most likely to stifle my academic pursuits, build me a history of insults after I had written a Book and channel public interest in my Books else where to put up leverage and build markets that will be smaller than I had created, in order to boost their markets which will run into hundreds of thousands of pounds but my question then being that since they had millions stashed away in the bank account, there is no real explanation for this behaviour. They love to tell me the purpose is that I needed to move out to their left hand side and I suppose it becomes a question of what they will likely make me with as such naturally all I can say is that its the old story of the fact they dont want me moving into their right hand side now that they have a history with me, as much as I dont want them to keep stealing my property assets and equity by moving into mine and yet each time we parted ways they left with something that matters to me; so when they had reached this stage of telling me I needed to move to their left hand side if I wanted to stop them making my company into something that serves another purpose while it had Books displayed, it meant this gimmick must have taken up a completely new stage and level of vandalism and destruction of my work and property, so I would like to secure assurances as per whether they really are saying that this was the case.

I. Uno I

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