I am told that I am one of those characters who believes that racism is solved but its utter nonsense as I have no idea who gets around suggesting racism is solved as a problem – we can never solve racism, it is a constant temptation for the White Community when times are difficult because they are the majority and we see the ethnic minorities do this discrimination as well; their own fundamentally involved a process of always getting involved with the concerns and matters of personal finances belonging to their chosen victims, making sure everything that did was insulting and violating and then after it will become violent once every involvement is uninvited and nasty. My point is that as long as there is a minority in any Country in the world there is bound to exist a form of discrimination in that Country unless we plan to do such things as find out what happens when it stopped people thinking or placed taxes on thoughts.

Besides which once a thought process is created for racism, it is possible for racists to recruit others to their cause and of course none got up at their 18th birthday to ask parents of how bills are paid, while those who have been unemployed for a long time have not been sleeping their way through life.

I am a victim of black people discrimination  myself and its hard to understand exactly why they think racism can and should be eradicated while their own discrimination appears to work so well for them, especially when they want to get paid for being popular – they have groomed me and wrecked everything in this place over a period of a decade and a half, for the purpose of making me a character whose personality can be used to do things for people at popular culture instead of get a job and now I am not in a better place, they are not in a better place but they have got a new project which involved eradicating racism while even the racists do not work hard on the discrimination as much as they did and every white man that is financially successful was a problem as far as they were concerned. They always love to claim I paint a picture wildly different from reality while reality is that there are various stages of this discrimination they speak of; There are the racists, there are other soft racists, there are characters who simply want to be able to take advantage of others, there are characters who want the Country to belong to a group of people exclusively because they want to be able to make bad decisions when they are younger and then set about drawing strength from an identity to chase their daily concerns after that whenever they wanted. So I have no idea which one they are referring to but they do continue to trash my finances and pass insults at me on media which means I am going to respond at some stage of it and will build a public image for the process too. They always boast that this is about German influence but I don’t want German, I mean I am okay with German Companies, especially now we are out of the Eurozone, what I do with them has become a lot clearer for them and for me but generally, it’s so difficult for Germans to stop inventing something very stupid and get into a sustained habit of inserting it into peoples careers, only to get off on media and seek out a condition in which they expected there should be no consequences,  I prefer working with the Chinese instead of the Germans; I mean after years of abuse and career vandalism, the years of academic work destruction due to their need to simply lay claims of ownership to sociological matters and mannerisms by which I chase my career, my Mobility and my studies and their need to disobediently run off sales campaigns on my personality and public image – even as we speak since they wrecked University studies in 2007, they have continued to show up around my concerns to claim a prize associated with what they claimed was a conquest – really difficult to tell why their employers cannot keep the eyes on the shop floor and why they cannot keep their imagination off my bottom and who this plaything of theirs that will move to their right hand side was meant to be in the first place which was the start of it all. There is also the Governmental aspects where we worked on diplomatic arrangements if the Americans were supplying money and muscles and each time we find the Germans manipulating the EU into a position of making a mess of it and then we think it still goes back to NATO as a whole but they will then get off on a sustained international stage campaigns of suggesting what they did was the correct thing despite the level of crisis everywhere on the global stage and my part was the short insulting and abusive videos they claimed added up to advertisement. So we see them get on the back of it to say that I am a terrible state while it does need to keep its imagination off my bum since it incapacitates me as I chase my concerns, needs stop peppering my public image with silly comments and need keep away from my Books as I have really had enough of them. The fallback story is that we act the way we do because we think the world belongs to us and its utter nonsense as the way things really work is that a Company shows up to build operations structures and people got employed, so it can easily be the only landmark in an area and when people want to show people around they use it as a compass, a sense of lifestyle emerges thereafter, soon sense of popularity emerges and since I had developed popular culture that helps young people deal with the way organised crime affects them at school, I am always caught up in such scenarios and we would have European students, Chinese students, American students and people studying from all over the world, it usually depends on which one they are deploying to aid them, which tool they picked. Much the same as people say the way I care about others is superficial while what happens is that if for instance I cared about pregnant women, I did not have sex with them and they are not having my babies but the parameters by which it happens is the way women are usually responsible for most of things that other human beings did to very small children on which the survival of very small children depended and when involved with Government Office, there will always be that sense you are treated in a way which shows what happens to you is largely a matter of what people do with or to you, therefore similar to the way babies are handled and this means that whenever there is Government women would turn out to get involved with it all the time.

It is obvious then that Celebrities are always in need of a process where it was shown that a hoodlum was attacked for getting involved because it fosters endorsement for companies. I do not need it and its all very well the continued process of making a mess of mine naturally until there is a response whereby I learned from the last person that made them very uncomfortable or I invented my own ways of doing so. We can see this story about eradicating racism fit into this perfectly, where one day I will contend with privileges their Children deserved, the next I will contend with inferiority that I deserved if I and their Children were at some stage reprimanded for doing something wrong by our parents and it goes on endlessly - while the British ones played a part in wrecking my academic work by going overseas to bring in trouble makers I would have to deal with and now that it is obvious there is always discrimination in every Country where a minority population exists, I need to ensure people stopped wrecking my career to make me do social issues for them - the job had been done, the job had been finished.

I  have been informed that involvement with these sorts of issues make them worse but they don’t; its all media perceptions built from the way criminals and quasi criminals handle my concerns in the neighbourhoods in order to get rich fast – responding to it only leads to a result where one hangs about somewhere listening to and acting on what Celebrities say and the outcome will b e questions family asked on how many Books I have been selling at the Bookshop bearing in mind that Celebrities are not living on food banks literally. The main problem is that they attack clients and any members of the public who are interested in my Books and then set about running off an abusive behaviour that eventually does damage to the market and keep it that way every day. Its not a difficult matter to make sense of, anybody can ask exactly how journalists get involved with peoples jobs when they had no expertise to do so – my one started out stupidly enough when they said that nothing they did got them the amount of respect that they wanted and so they needed to add my personality and work to their own in order to make their lives more meaningful and this is how we ended up with it having developed over the years. They must have been aware the entire time, that they are damaging peoples property and it is going to stop the way I want, like we have seen the Industry bits stop because its the only way to get on with a Hermitage, we have seen the Fame gits bits stop because its the only way a Court system feels like a safe place and the popularity goons stop because its the only way that I may have a social life.

They claim my work has no sense of direction while it is rather clear that they have made an amount of money which will not run out if I started to fight them, before I was burned out and because of that, the disobedience that handled my Books and peppers my public image with comments was justified because of the power they have got, which means that if they don’t have the money and I went back to the beginning point at which their stupidities started targeting me, this problem will be resolved one way or another. The other story being that of my fear consuming everything while reality was rather that we lived under the onslaught of their fear; those who are actually risking their lives to protect us cannot use their stuff to do the job naturally and this fear grows and grows to the point where they petition Politicians to be allowed to become security operative handlers, which was the beginning of the bottom hurting issues growing into a Public crisis. When it buzzes away at the background of your life, it can never be allowed as such, even their Politicians will say that you have stolen a personality that rightfully should be their own because they were the ones making decisions that affected criminals who were being locked up in prison, hence its all brought up to mainstream living and then their fear becomes the legendary thing that tells me how to exist.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland