By far the biggest problem that supports it being that of Journalists and Celebrities picking up my work as something which helps to support their own, instead of buying Books at the Shop and I really cannot tell how hard it is for them to stop doing this and to acquire Books I have written each time they showed up near the shop anyway. The consequences in question being that they start their day making comments about my concerns and end their day the same way, trashing the market to improve their lives, if I had managed to move them on during the day, they perform routines that trashed client interests, most popular of those routines being the claim I simply cannot handle the fact they were financially better off than I am. So I am rather done with it needs stop picking up my work and ensure it did not leave without a paid for copy of my Book for every involvement with my concerns and needed to stop making comments on my Public image to pursue its concerns in safety after the stupid personal decisions it had made which is incredibly rude thereof too. Its an old story about people who only tend to pick themselves up off the floor literally if they are emulating Celebrities and how their life fits with that of Royalty and Public dignitaries but the present matter is largely a matter of how they are used by Media and Celebrities. I think I am doing considerably well seeing its only about 3 months since their interest in me became something that constituted a main concern of mine so far there has been a lot of progress made.

There is not talk of American led Political dissent against Monarchy all over the world because they feel threatened but its nothing unusual as such, the Americans invent ideas on what to be threatened by all of the time. Here is mostly a case of developing wealth equity systems that helped young people manage the way crime affected them at school but whilst their Media fools have taken a handle to it as a tool by which to rely on me for all sorts of decadence enhancing dirty jobs with a crowd that will force me to do their bidding, the Americans generally spend a lot of time employing young people in alternative Industry in a way that is abusive towards me which has been okay as long as they paid for it over the last decade but they do not think I have the right to subject them to the conditions of a recession either and wish their practical jokes to be as profitable as the day they took up my concerns without permission and are learning the hard way, that I never did get along with those who did so on good intentions and that they are not important people. I do not think it a crisis, we simply must understand that in the US, there are a lot of puffs that get off making money on other peoples social life, to share with local communities that run down victims which makes them important people that have a state of mind that is perpetually channelled towards a dream of employing absolutely anything that is not their mate.

I mean we are here because when I have this structure, its easier to manage the matters of crime that affect younger people even though there are some occasions where some children get off chasing popular culture because they think it helps the others, some are picked off for talent shows by these popularity goons, some are picked off for music studio careers that are run off on radio waves abusing me all day as a form of personal insulting security their stupidities deserved and their gimmicks about relying on me for the filth in their lives to enhance their decadence has never been more profitable but it is becoming more and more annoying that I bump into them while chasing my concerns and we cannot be free from their stupidities talking nonsense either about what I am meant to do for my own race or what their idiocy believed was a threat to them but I dont know if they want me to shut it down because it had nothing to do with them and there is still the question of a right their stupidities had to try and make me since this was their own lives. My point is that I am aware that rebuilding this system will attract them to do the same things they have done through investments and popular culture in the past and I wish to ensure they understood very clearly that they had been excluded from it believe I am well within my right to do so.

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