Eventually, the problem was to do with the way it rips up my state office affairs, arriving at a stage where there was an industrial fair for instance, full of new and exciting products people created and wanted the public to test, there would be a section where people organised entertainment and it was therefore possible for those who had somebody fund equipment and venues for them to entertain a considerably sized crowd, to say that they were famous – this has been converted into something unrecognisably abusive and they could not keep their hands off the cookie jar for it, ‘they were out there on the red carpet promoting videos and music CDs that were made in the interest of something as disrespectful as my person’ but I wish to get rid of them and rekindle the wealth equity and crime control publicity and public service office, which was difficult because they believed their famous madness to have been entitled to something in this place.

By the wayside people have raised the question of reasons it is so difficult for the famous to find a place at the Monarchy but it is not difficult at all, the Kings Mother was incredibly good at this leadership, you could marry anybody you wanted, provided you kept the rules and did not shake people up at the Monarchy and even she spent her whole life being attacked by them; in my case it wants an Arch Prince as a wife and is stifling his personal relationships on social media to get it, not yet a question of whether it can keep one as a wife in terms of those who needed to be convinced that it could. More so it should be considered that they think I am one of their best allies, in terms of the fact that I am good at handling their famous madness where the abusive behaviour is delegated to high street shop managers that do not allow members of the public keep their jobs whilst enlisting popularity twats to do the jobs of police.

It has been a 20 year career mess here for something that started as stupidly as a need to show up at University and secure the future of younger people at my expense, so that their stupidities may acquire a crowd of their own that they can control, now everything about my career works well except the finances and they have faced difficulties that entitled the insolent stupidities to my income margins as well, whilst having built a media presence to complain about me and bully me from abusive well off neighbourhoods as well, it is now a real problem, if convinced that I do not have a chance like we had to listen to that lip flapping every so often, it needs to start as well as possible, so I may get my redress for a University fiasco, jobs market mess and now a Royal Bookshop gimmick, particularly with respect to their abusive middle manager gits.

They do go on to suggest that I had become like them, a character that knows about everything that is happening and therefore likely to get assassinated, it does appear that somebody said something, so they took it literally, they took what somebody said literally and I ended up on the receiving end, with a big mouth: what happens really is that whilst others are trying to run a government, it shows up with a Media job to experiment on exactly whose response to frustration would be the most spectacular, if it does get off suggesting I had become like one of them who was likely to get assassinated, it was because I never got a share of the money that they make from such nonsense with media and celebrity culture, when I mention it like so, I have helped to establish reality, they do not get to establish reality because I am afraid of them and they had a big ego, before then they needed to decide how I responded as it was obvious each time I did, somebody who was fed up living under the bootheel of their insults lashes out violently. This nonsense has played out in full – 20 year career mess for me, starting from dropping out of University, to the tough time at the jobs market and now a bookshop that other people worked practical joke on, making me a character people bullied to make sense of civil rights issues and to befriend the wealthy, for their part they rip up careers like that to pass exams and take up jobs that make them bullies, the other group of people had since gone on to have families, then get on social media to work narcissism that made money too, which showed it had nothing to do with me at all. It has all these gimmicks like when it suggests government people tended to create the idea they were big bad characters taking down big bad criminals but show up to sacrifice them in order to deal with it, has endless gimmicks that it can perform to build up a sense that its victims were responsible for its own actions naturally – the exit is still available, needs to make comments about its own career and stay away from my Bookshop – for my part it is about to enter the part where corrupt private security industry and rogue landlords were involved and their celebrities will enjoy so sense of security whatsoever on my account, should I catch a whiff of a gimmick where I had been groomed into a position that meant I had caused the offence by which people attacking me was a matter of time not if or when, I will view it as a motivation to teach their famous stupidities a lesson they will never forget – it has been a 20 year career mess here and it needs to fool around elsewhere, no idea which part of this warning it had failed to understand. I am preparing to push them around as well very painfully, especially in terms of the way that if the Government had a foreign policy, they would ensure the risks of running a business that had anything doing with the overseas arena was increased exponentially, to show up with well off neighbourhoods full of people with expensive things they cannot account for, constantly on their telephones to somebody that was helping them make money from financial fraud and boiler room enterprises, handling my assets to secure market abusively and getting politicians to listen to their feelings about not wanting to be controlled each time I did not wish to tolerate their stupidities when I was working the bookshop account books.

It needs to keep its practical jokes where its career was located and stay away from anything that represents my Business and my Books, I mean I did give it time to find a personal and social life which did not involve me and the time expired because it had a big ego – if I smell anything that sounds like somebody being hired to attack me by a famous idiot, I will tar them all with a brush and teach them a lesson they will never forget too. If not spending time to boast about the effect that the Asians and Muslims have had on my person, career and finances, with its well off neighbourhoods assets and property robbery it would boast that it had no reason to be afraid of me – regardless of the fact the exit for these idiots still stands, it needs to make comments about its career and stay away from my Books, the picture here is that it is an idiot that had spent 20 years of my time to feel like they had their own crowd to lead, working the interests of younger people at my expense to build communities that finger my bum, all they have done with it is middle management insults and media abuses, garnished with a need to boost risks to business people that had dealings with the overseas arena, backed by narcissism German twats and grandiose Italians, I am set to start bullying them as well and any whiff of celebrities paying somebody to attack me will mean I take up a need to teach the boys and girls next door Celebrities a lesson they will never forget as well. It is always disrespectful and it is disrespectful all of the time, everyday: no problems here that I can put a finger to but my bookshop had stalled, finances are a mess because it loves to run me down until I am flustered every time low lives that had nothing to lose banged walls and doors, then get off handling my career publicity to announce it was backed by more powerful people and the insults will never stop, before it starts complaining about the consequences of it the insults all together. people have suggested I was so vulnerable it is pitiful but I am really not, simply a need to build this question of what they would not do if they thought I was unlikely to push back – even the Politicians are in on it, this gimmick of keeping an eye on my income margins to build weaknesses into my life and career that others can manipulate to ensure they got what they want from my affairs, I need to build them one as well, so I could say that each time they did something that adversely affected the Bookshop, I would go there, the exit however still stands, it needs to make comments about its career and stay away from the Books, not show up here maintaining gimmicks where every fool that did not wish to get into trouble with the law could handle my personal and social life for popularity whist it complains and invents gimmicks that tended to build up the idea it was the fault of victims.

I am told there is no real assurance that I can stand up for myself where these guys were concerned, this is not the case – they lived in a world of immoral society gimmicks that is smeared all over peoples social and personal lives, after which they picked up career publicity from victims to make money and attacked those who did not smell nice, I am currently living in a world where assumption is made that my parents will show up to assist me get into clothes and meet people because of my career, usually before the question of which side was too cowardly to get itself out of financial purgatory and the news about their stupidities changed. I have never really invited well dressed vagabonds and abusive gits into my concerns, seeing that it was the way that a home wrecker could wipe the floor with me literally but it has been a 20 year career mess here like we see them give their own to the frugal – started with a University fiasco, after that a jobs market abuses, now a bookshop practical joke that is related to the way that I must have done some private security industry job disgracefully on their own personal and social lives, therefore needed to get into trouble with the law, to show I deserved what I owned, but the more difficult thing for their stupidities to do involved getting off the ego, keeping their mouth off my affairs and staying away from the Books if they were complaining. These are the facts that have helped me set the stage for my own experiment to find out if they were better narcissists than I am, I need to begin bullying them as well and I will take it to a stage that none could have foreseen if in the course of doing so, I faced instances where famous idiots hired people to attack me, I mean we can see the low lives that had nothing to lose and got involved with peoples spaces to churn the tummy were their allies, not enemies that they showed up to pick up my career publicity for, the point that stopping their insults was the way to keep an abusive society off ones privacy.

They do claim I should not simply expect them to do nothing when I had declared an intent to bully them as well but I do – I expect them to stay away from a Bookshop, cease interfering with its clients and spend their immoral society energy on those who are actually interested in it or take a warning. The history is one of a 20 year career mess from which they have only achieved pyramid schemes, middle management insults and an abusive media, like we see their stupidities give one to the frugal, running me down everyday to make excuses about ways that I handled myself which was not worthy of the Monarchy, considering their friends were currently tired of paying off the middle class twats from making trouble after years of enjoying a gimmick where I got to dance around my pain – their stupidities are such that once they were done ripping up small businesses to make big businesses even more successful, they will buy nice homes and cars to bully people with, the big businesses will enter a stage of diminishing returns, after which begin to operate normally again, venturing into areas where they opened up markets they were too big to fill, so small businesses could grow again but by them Generation Z and its ageist idiots would have solved the economic crisis that the older generation created, which was created entirely without their stupidities all over, offering assistance. Today we are done with the basic aspects, from here I can see myself beginning to pick up the American popularity insults that describe me as an old fart to make the most of a community that sees me without my clothes on and crashes a Bookshop, so they may get all over my career publicity and earning margins – it is about to get incredibly exciting.

I. Uno I

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