On the matter of people handling me and wanting to mention an intention to endlessly, I wouldn’t know what they were thinking anyway, I know however that it does need to stop threatening me before I too let it go because it bit my little finger so, as they say – I mean I do want to handle them as well like the idiots they are, but the Law does not play the game on either side. People have pointed out this behaviour and something of a lack of response from me but I think that if I did respond I will try to make it a onetime affair as such; it is nothing as important as people have considered it to be, just a bunch of goons deciding that it meant they had civil rights to make poor decisions and set about a process where they were entitled to handle my person, such that the damage and destruction and pain caused me helped them to manage the effects of their decisions and where their lives have ended up, for as long as we both shall live, such that it goes beyond the question of whether the stupidities I had to tolerate was the correct way to get involved with a writer and made a lot of sense in terms of the fact if they were uncomfortable about something, they needed to stay away from it and cease threatening me. Some people have suggested that I have been doing this for too long but I have not, they simply trash my income, keep their own and get involved with people they don’t know for such nonsense, work it on the streets, in the shopping malls, and make a case for their gimmicks on Media as well – the ultimate aim of what I am doing is that they never follow procedure on anything; in the real world the security services and the government provide security, people make the most of security provided to build their incomes and business become successful, we all see it as a form of civil service in both private and public sector, they don’t – they wreck careers and replace people with criminals in the neighbourhoods, even when the government had provided security they had to do their own which involved gangs they will rip up people’s lives to make sense of, then their silly Celebrities will run off the civil rights movements that draw up sympathy for criminals and demonises moral upstanding people, then they cling to other people’s social life and public image to make money on some power they claim could decide who was rich and who was poor, as soon as they built communities that got imagination around peoples private parts. Nobody wants their system and they have not really got a choice if I started attacking them until they lost jobs and dropped to obscurity, for which reason I would need to ensure that attacking them added up to a form of public service – the aim to remove all those gimmick that build a road between me and the City for the purpose of tribalism raids that decided who kept a top job and to ensure most jobs and wealth were kept in the correct system.

It is never true that my career had been damaged as claimed, what we can see is that no level of damage to my public image is ever insignificant while these idiots do it alongside ideas developed for a narcissism that suggested that I had done something to offend them for it, at the back of their stupid minds. It shows up here with the foolish money drive to make money and ensure its friends and family were proud of its stupidities and hangs about selling me and my social life and public image, after which it attacks my Books to build a statement about its irritations and what its stupidities believed had to be done about the characters that caused it with a big mouth. Then they claim I have always wanted to do it, especially the Media nd Celebrities who were the biggest beneficiaries of another front line action of the real men muslims ripping up my career like the stupid University fiasco they had created before, never explained why the Middle East is always in flames but by the time they were done with their insults and a process of stealing my time and every little thing I did for Celebrities that wanted to be superior to me, the results were that the companies I broker equities with were the ones offering me intellectual property administration solutions during those times they thought I was done for, the Public now knows me for the insults and the stupid communities built to get imagination up my bum and my perspective was one of their stupidities especially the idiots from Asia hanging about somewhere to create a sense that I respond to their gimmick the way I did as per an opinion of people I did not know. Then there are the idiots who are now running the education system whose purpose was to get their stupid children laying claims of ownership to my Public image and getting imagination up my bum, a real pinnacle for every gimmick associated with having devised a way to steal things that the law cannot stop them stealing and getting up on Media to work on other people until it became financially viable, persona ranging from gits in the security services to Media and Celebrity idiots and we have not even started talking about dropping out of University because they never stopped making decisions on how my personality should be used, flapping off their big mouths in a bid to threaten me endlessly, as though having had it for a decade and a half, there was no prospect I may have had enough of their stupidities as well. It is very simple for people to make their comments about their own careers no matter how big and no matter how insignificant, in retrospect which we know that having invited their stupid selves to handle my social life and wealth equity for money making purposes and having made the money, the part where they got to attack my Books which is the cause of all these kicking off, had to be done – no amount of public image damage which detracts public attention from my Books and makes it impossible for me to sit down and write is ever small enough and I believe I have given them the exit to keep from the Bookshop and make their comments about their own lives and careers. On the matter of being characters that I do not know but had opinions of, I wonder what people expected me to do; the Media picks up the way I respond to their need for a business of making a mess of my Public image to enhance their own social profiles, as a tool for self-improvement while at the same time drawing attention to similar problems they encountered and can never have enough, so I decided I wanted to consume their careers like it was a career in can alongside that of Celebrities over problems and then find more problems until I had destroyed it too – same as the society gits who now hated my guts when the public knows me for their insults and not the fact I am a writer, discussing my attitude with Politicians like I am their fucking mate – same as the education system twats dealing with a process where I thought they ought to get stuck in every time I set eyes on them, so I believe that those who had opinions about discrimination on the matter had better ideas or needed to keep their comments restricted to their own careers as well. I am aware of the activities of Politicians but they are largely like the idiots who see me write Books and turn up on my social media to do damage that will allow them become dot com millionaires, then we hear them complain about the problems resolved by the Books until they created a phenomenon – goes without saying then that one should never allow the Politicians decide what I did, even though they pretend I may have done it over an assumption they were fair minded referees.

The two issue bottom line are that their need to travel overseas and secure friends that will get imagination up their bums while they stole my earnings and that of their Celebrities to find people that will tackle them for abusing Royalty while they tore down my writing career to chase their 6th mortgage goes beyond facts on whether I am now perceived to have believed my wellbeing ought to rely on other people and that people had died picking up my civic duties to go off and fight my wars. It needs to get stuck in and will every time I set eyes on its stupidities or find out it is living on borrowed them on the insults it and its children love to channel my way. The claim I do not care about what I am doing is nothing emotive, we know they were happier than I was when it was easier to say bad people were bad and that it had gotten complicated since last they decided bad people were buying show business while I spent time trying to rub shoulders with their stupidities, chasing my Bookshop to make a mess and reporting me to the DWP over government support frequently, the stupid practical jokes not ending very badly on the matter specific yet as it were. The problem has never been a dream of their stupid civil rights looking like this to an extent where they are always found dreaming of the violence that my body can do for others over my career and finances.

The stupid ideas just keep coming – it will then suggest I had something to fear while what it had done is set about building and eco system of abusive fantasies that played into me criticising the Prince of Wales from my Office, which set the stage for its stupidities to pursue a plan for some world of men that will exit when the Prince of Wales was Crowned. It is now finished off by a process of picking up my civic duties to get off fighting my wars and complaining about the bloodshed, whilst at the same time, its stupidities was making a complete mess of my social life and public image to display a narcissistic smile on its stupid face while it drew my attention to count products on a market premises, looking for more. As for the fear I am meant to show on the other hand, we know the idiots in parliament who play up this nonsense would rather prefer claims I had picked up a career that rightfully belonged to their stupidities, instead of telling the Public what is supposed to be the winning manifesto, when they wanted the Government Office, after which their media scum and celebrity idiots show up here with stupid fans to count pennies at my expense until they magically ended up with millions and nothing in the brains for it – then it claims I had duties to Parliament as well, whilst there were people earning as much as they were to ensure the itinerary in Parliament was on schedule, which proved that Politicians were not the guardians of Democracy as they claimed they were – it does not stop here either, it continues to make a total mess of my finances with a stupid habit of getting out of the four walls of parliament to make a mess of my career and run back in, then stir up its society idiots to build communities that will get imagination up my bum, if it does not have to deal with me ransacking its office and pulling the drawers, it will do this and flap off the big mouth about what I am meant to be afraid of, finishing off with claimed ideas I was a character that was convinced he could do anything, as stupidly as possible, looking for more.

They do claim my main problem is a fall out of a history where I am always found chasing women that are out of my league, the stupid gimmick where they got me involved with women and married me going badly, I suppose. Then again I wouldn’t know since they really had no business with the way I organised my finances to say that I will do nothing about the looking ahead, planning for the future and writing a will bits until I was in a marital relationship as otherwise would mean my relationship was never an equal one, their singular business with it is to handle me and extract the money in it – then it begins to get more abusive as their stupidities had similar problems for which every aspect of my social and personal life they had come across should be spent on, making a mess for me every day and looking like they were protecting me from people who might reveal to me that they had me wrapped around their little finger. Beyond this, we hear the blabbing all the time that nothing I said or did would deter them, but I am not trying to deter them from anything, just making sure they understood that they needed to stop making a mess of my public image thereby wrecking my finances or I am going to stop everything that facilitates means and process by which their stupidities did it. The other story is one of claimed mystery behind the suggestion that women find me weak and pathetic which is a regular one as it is a product of their need to hang about my concerns taking my breath away and making a mess thereof and then once done it claims I am weak and pathetic, none can as such ascertain what I must have done to put out a suggestion I wanted a relationship with their stupidities all together. Then it arrives at the stage where they have found out some facts about my personal life, the part where it seems that the way my Public leadership plays into me getting in a relationship is that there is more security for gay people which shed more light on the fact I was better at the fighting than they were and was able to handle the dishonour issues associated with security service when I did – their famous idiots had since picked it up, tore my Books and finances to shreds claiming I wrote it to cover their bums but was not important enough to get paid for writing it and need do the job properly, then they clash with the other people who are actually fighting their own wars and could make sense of Mr Pathetic being a character that was the way he was and what criminals and trouble makers put in was what they got, the bullying sets off from here to get me doing something about it and it is the part where my finances have been trashed over their interest in my Books, playing into a stupid need to pick up my service processes and build a version of me that their idiocy would be comfortable with, that is actually building up into some serious problems that will get a real response from me that goes beyond those gimmicks where they blow kisses at criminals over it. It all came to public knowledge since last they picked up my civic duties to go off and fight Russians, failed to win the fight, burned my security services assets, and show up on Media to sack my health looking to get people sucking up to Celebrities and selling my public image for a living.

It is never the case that I do what I do because I believe myself to be entitled to doing it either – what really happens is that if I said that I wanted to keep Celebrities off my Public image and recover my earnings, besides the new gimmick of running off publicity for abuses levied at me and a process of teaching their stupid children to do it as well, being a method of deciding what my social status was – it would have added up to a business of simply pursuing the fact that if the way I stepped outside of my door was deployed by a Celebrity to make money just like the industry gits can deploy their salaries to attack the companies that employed them whenever I had my way about their need to peddle my public image instead of sell products, there would eventually have arisen a time in which I got sued for stepping out of my door because the way I did it had been patented to another person’s name. This however is not enough as the one that does the actual damage was more a matter of the fact they made money off it and use that money as a platform to work finance based misogyny where they claimed I loved anal sex and to be dominated my bread winner women which gave them unfettered access to my property, Royal Estate and Public life, to do with as they pleased on account that I would have to find myself a marital partner to ensure that all of my duties were beyond questions. So, I would have to say that their interest in handling me for show business and to make the money that will get their friends and families to feel proud of them and the money itself, the size of their bank balance, was the problem that needed solving. It is all supposed to add up to some sort of revenge hence we can make sense of the fact not all Celebrities behave in these ways and they would argue that it depended on the ones I got along with but so are we aware what the Celebrities I got along with did was not in any way linked to a business of drawing up public sympathy for criminals and then when the criminals got around to civil living and got imagination up their bums, they trashed my finances and my Books and built communities that spent all day getting imagination up mine; this means that I am looking at a group of rascals that get on people’s public image to make money that they shared with a community and loved to show up here to make the most of my public image and personality, issuing threats and I ought to get into a position where I could say that I was able to do something that ensured they never said or did a thing that affected my career ever again but they had made such a mess that I would not be able to achieve it in a singular lifetime, so the same process had to be applied to the security guards that worked for them and thereby created an environment where my property and possessions may go to vanish like so and then when I get rid of security they enjoyed from the Police service because I wanted to attack them violently, it would make sense to their famous stupidities.

I. Uno I

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