They do claim I have no way to get out of it which is utter nonsense as we are now driving it to a stage where the cause of this being their patriarchy insults being displayed all over my career, social life and finances, such that when I do draw the line on where their interest in my personal space stopped, they may cross those lines again if they were complaining. Mostly however, it is a case of some really stupid people who are a problem for every relationship established for work and personal reasons, the case of tackling them comes down to the issue of ruffling some important political and diplomatic allies, the assumption is that courage or the lack of it was the reasons for this, I think it is the fact people refused to engage with organised or controlled recklessness – it needs to make the stupid comments about its career and lay off the Royal finances especially when famous. They do claim I thought people liked me, the reverse where I did not care if they did was the reality, the problem being that Celebrities turn up to race each other to the millions on my Public image and by handling my earnings for a dress well self-exhibitionism Western society narcissism, it does not stop until it really does and tackles me painfully every day until then tearing down my entire life and finances.

They do claim it’s a matter of the way I treat people being the reason I have lost everything. It is utter nonsense like the first issue – what happens is that they turn up to pick up my service processes alongside the idiots they claim were fans, then run off so much abusive nonsense on the public interest in my concerns as to stagnate it, then set about building a version of me that their lascivious stupidities felt more comfortable with, finished off with a gimmick where they pick up my PR and my earning margins to make their own money and bite my hand off every day. They could shut this down anytime they wanted but the narcissism suggests it is all my fault instead – there is a real risk at this stage of me becoming a character that lives the way they did and the fundamental reasons for this is the unusual interest they showed in my Bookshop, followed on by the Media insults – I am now about to draw up that line on where their interest in my personal space ought to end, alongside the other fools who keep giving them money each time they caused me problems, talking rubbish having ended up with the sort of Clients, customers, investors and workers that their stupidities have always dreamed of and when I do, they may cross it again and find out how far their big mouth goes around here. They have always made their money in these ways, in the grand scheme of National income which sets them out as a bunch of idiots and nothing more. For my part I do get told I delayed these issues, the delay of which is meant to show that I should not be living on Government support whilst running a Company where I developed creative equity to broker with local and multinational companies – I have been taken off the simple process of building up the creative equity, broker it, keep Clients happy and sell Books, into something of four separate jobs that are not paying me; the job of getting organised for work and the job and making sure their stupidities did not damage what I had organised, then the job that I got and the job of making sure their stupidities did not wreck the means by which I did, turns up complaining about its narcissism wrecking my finances for fun giving way to gimmick that developed into questions on the way I treated them with a big mouth, currently story of my life that I have been arguing with stupid people, it does talk too much, especially on Media as well. They believe they had me under a barrel to say the least but where we are was the simple instance where I could work out a method to counter that stupid need to make money by inflicting distresses on me, through the fact my Public life is developed on wealth equity, thereby finding people that will make money to counter it and then I will be the one making contributions to the wealth and social inequality that their stupidities had built in a very short period of time – overall, when it or its parents had responsibility to provide leadership for workers in their care, needed to keep the insults and tribalism said off my finances, stop showing up to pick up my concerns for money making, build communities that get imagination up my bum like something I will want to beat up seriously and stop biting my hand off thereafter. Always so defiant apparently; builds society where what I worked for my entire life may go to vanish permanently, sends out hoodlums and criminals to get imagination up my bum and run me down all day, dreams its entire life of a process where I did something to disrupt the stupid society and there was a crowd on my door step for it, like something I would love to bleed, tells tall tales on the narcissism it had come to work on my career and finances while its stupidities claimed to be the innocent party but it is the distant violence being channelled at an Arch Prince to decide his social position and the fingers up my anus to make a mess, which is set to decide how I maintained existing reputation.

I mean creative equity to broker with Client had nothing to do with Celebrities picking up my earnings and settling their financial problems by handling my public image, nor did it mean fashion idiots picking up my Assets to boost their earnings while finding me a fight and claiming their stupidities were innocent party in the matter but it is an example of the reasons it makes sense to ensure their careers did not mean anything to anybody no matter what they did with it as well. This is the sort of instance where we enter into the part about all of it being an amusement for them but it is their good old dressing well, self-exhibitionist narcissism , I do not believe that whilst we see such evidences as the part where they described me as a bum and taught their stupid children to do the same, that none was aware this was what it is but we have done this for 7 years and I have had enough of it too, such a fact should be respected if people are complaining. They do claim I am not making it easy for them and that I am a threat but I am not yet a threat as such, I have no plans to make it easy for them either - it grooms me into a position for its communities to finger my bum the madness every day by detaching me from decisions I made to manage activities that may get me into trouble with Police, then it picks up my assets to exhibit all sorts of stupidities that suggested it wanted the world, trashing my finances first to enjoy the high life and then my health with the distant violence to make it work, it really needs to play with something else. They do claim, they thought of me as one of their loyal audiences but it is all good provided they can avoid suggesting that an Arch Prince ascribed his social position to them, as spending months to act in a sequence that added up to a film or a music video for instance, which they did not direct and do not own, should have indicated that such a thing does not exist and their gimmicks were incredibly hurtful.

I am told I know all these things but should make progress thereof – the thing on the other hand however is a matter of a bunch of industry idiots picking up my assets and market to exhibit themselves and demand the world from me which is not what I placed on my profile as a description of what I did but had stagnated my Bookshop and trashed my finances. The Celebrities on the other hand build up from a process where I created publicity for these activities so Clients know I was aware and was on hand but that it was not what I thought should be the main interest of Clients at the Bookshop, they have turned it into a public profile for me through which I picked up interest from criminals that bothered them and the dirtiest parts of their show business, then they turn up to run me down and attack me when I did not do violent things because of it, at the same time handling my Public image to make money – so it has since become clear they built the activities, comments and gestures which make a mess of my Bookshop and are aware of which they needed to shut down if they wanted to stop complaining about me too. These are the two areas that answer the questions from external sources – what happens between me and them is largely a matter of the dress well, make something of yourself and work narcissism on others you put labels on stagnating my social life, personal life and financial wellbeing, 7 year spent to move them on without success so far and I intend to end it badly by bringing the inventory on what I am doing with my public image to bear, so when they handle it to make money, their career meant nothing to anybody. They do claim they were a threat but as I mentioned, they invented the statements, comments and gestures and needed to shut them down, the dress well, inflict narcissism on people and get fun from it every day disobediently no matter how much victims complained about it on the other hand is never going to do a thing in this place. I do get told the I always omit the part the Prince of Wales plays in the matter but I don’t; firstly it is a matter of a bunch of men engaging in happy ruin around here, I promised to wait for them at their retirement and they will need the German influence insolent fucking as much as I will need to fuck their communities over my own patriarchy insults as well – the rest of it is that one issue where the Queen had it under control years and years back, something of public administration and the violent lasciviousness bullying being the means to detach people from decisions made as a matter of career and family wellbeing, due to peoples need to exploit on the basis of career, what their victims could have done to get into trouble with the Police, about which in my case was mostly a matter of idiots who always get people’s children into hospital because they were making money, being entitled to my personal life because there was nothing about my profile and concerns which indicated that acting in such ways was a priority, which is something they were entitled to, now determined to choose my friends for me and screw it properly to make money. The Prince of Wales decided a long time back that they were people who loved him and it has been an issue for years, now he is simply too old to do the right thing; at the same time he is willing to sacrifice others and I had fallen victim again when I decided Celebrities were only making money from idiots who were happy to pay them to make a mess of people’s lives, having decided I will be forced to do something about celebrities, assumption being that this would not affect the Military, I am now doing something about Celebrities and it should not be my problem when celebrities wanted to show a willingness to fight his wars for him – this is now the main problem i.e. it should not involve me and the continued process of involving me and making a mess of my health and finances for their entitled gimmicks will ensure I end it badly as well – it needs to make celebrity comments, gestures and insults about its career or it may set out the ones it makes about mine and shut it down. The rest of it will be the stupidities hanging about the security services, talking rubbish about having enough of me as though I did not have enough of them – so when it gets to the stage where the enemy had learned the skills of its own security forces, it may want to build itself some soldier killers and hope that those only killed enemy soldiers, otherwise lay off my case, especially the Americans and get on with it, assumption being that I knew nothing of Public authority and public leadership.

Nobody likes being insulted and abused like these because he is not part of narcissism that involved changing social activities for the sake of being modern and then setting about seeking a career from privileges of injustice and excesses to make others suffer for it – my career and their own does not meet anywhere therefore am I lost as per how I may respond to it, but I think I am getting myself out of the Hermitage, winding myself up with a plan to ensure I ended it badly, got away with doing so and allowed them tell the tales as usual. They claim there was similarity between us and Celebrities of which there is usually one between Celebrities and criminals – if people get into the sort of trouble associated with these two groups, the Head of State would never let them into her House, so expected scenario is that they sort it out by themselves, worse case is that another person makes them a deal, they served the persons House and found their way back into the Monarchy; my point is that all is well around here, as I do not have enemies much less doing anything that gets me into trouble with the Police, just duties on society gits of who always had to build the societies that are kept secret and used to perform public sexual narcissism on others when they were trying to make money, allied to Celebrities whenever somebody does the kinds of things the Prince of Wales had been doing with Celebrity and the narcissism and keeps the public place stupidities going for them, claiming that it is the male society that gets into a habit of abusing him but then cannot reach a decision on what to do when he stops the male society and his ears picks up something on usual from the Celebrities i.e. the new complication to my duties – they are aware of which comments, gestures and insults they have built and make around here to trash my social life, health, career, public appearance and finances, so need shut them down.

They claim I speak the way I do but we still made use of Celebrities and it is utter nonsense; what happens is that the Public puts some trust my way and some celebrities get involved with the trust, this meant that at the point where a bunch of people started acting as if whenever I engaged with that trust I was spending something on them about which I had no other choice but to, I needed to clear up the fact I am not engaging with them; what I am doing now are associated with the problems I found in the course of doing so, the very reasons I designed my Public image to function on wealth equity in the first place, such that we can see that what we are now doing was linked to the fact the idiots were addicted to my public image and finances therefore will not give it up. They claim they have done damage here and this is the sort of problem that causes most of the frustration – we are talking about a bunch of idiots with money made from getting paid for being popular by setting me out as a character that wealthy people should hate, now the main impediment to the success of my Bookshop is that they had the money, the sort of abusive comments that affect Clients and I therefore had to clear up and the sort which affects people I am responsible for and I therefore had to backtrack all day long, completely destroys my finances and it will not be shut down as long as they had lies to tell on claims that I brought it upon myself. So I need to take it down to the part where everything from Celebrities right down to ageist gits who have built a means to pick up my concerns by causing me a lot of suffering and distress, which is then sold to city centre gits that will not buy products another way, is put to a matter of insults channelled at me, especially the ones that are meant to indicate that they were entitled to be served my me because they were very important, which was funny until when it is not – to set out a limit to which they make take an interest in my personal space or address me, which limits when breaches would come with consequences. The rest of the time they claim that my leadership gets in everybody faces – it never did during the time spent to establish an arrangement with my publishers in order to trash my career and get rich, the continue some narcissism thereof for what is currently an eternity, it did when I took up residence in a bad neighbourhood to turn up the heat. The part I cannot understand is that they had difficulty making sense of Public leadership i.e. a system where people provided services for Children, elderly and workers, some provided services to protect all the others and it is said that they identified with my work and leadership to get it done, something about daily attack on me because they could never make money without sending people children into an emergency ward at Hospital, therefore needed my personal life to cool off, wrecking my finances with what is some of the most wicked activities that can be performed through access to publicity getting these responses from people and what women say to them especially being a subject upon which they ought to punish people. It is a question of what indeed they can do about it and I must confess sometimes when they complain it is music to my ears as well.

They claim I was meant to be harmless but I am, if their practical jokes on my finances stopped, I was understood to own what belonged to me and there was a time lapse in which people were allowed to engage with the Bookshop, all because a certain amount of professional courtesy facilitated the process. As for the matter of making progress with myself however – all the progress is here present; a level three diploma in Law and Business to aid me with the process of building creative equity to broker with companies, the point where I can raise funds and push my qualifications up to a first degree and a process of making a Bookshop financially successful – it usually sets the stage to display the full extent of their stupidities when the patriarchy insults wreck the writers public image and they picked up my social life to make money as well, then ten year later claim that the fact I am in the same place I was a decade back hurts their tummy, so they had to build a community that gets imagination up my bum which is an expression of the power and dominance of their partriarchy for instance. It could always read a Book instead of devising alternative uses for what it sees of me when I made a public appearance and keep its comments restricted to the one that pays its salary if it may. We see the matter feed into the Russia – Ukraine conflict, where there is a communication between Washington and Moscow playing out in Ukraine with people left dead in the process and we are not told about the communication process: we know there were many options that could have been followed and that since putting soldiers in Ukraine or expanding NATO would have contributed to a looming WW3, sanctions against Russia was the best progress but they went about ripping up all we did to Police the democracy communism no mans land and moved the matter away from the business of the Russian Administration making sense of the way the world worked after WW2, in the sense that Capitalist Operated in Russia and it was no longer closed off to the world, so no Country really had absolute security to risk imperialism by and placed in the uncharted waters of a Russia – NATO spat concerning which there was no prospect of success, what we see in Ukraine being some recreation of the Berlin Wall. Then we hear them ask what my position on racism was whilst we knew that I had such a history as meant that if what racists were doing was made available to me, it would have crashed and the process of crashing it would have been linked to my career but so far on the Celebrity front alone, it has been 7 years of vandalism, so those were the idiots who really knew what they were doing and needed to get it fixed – like they claimed Trump was racist and we know he always had those views he had, ran his business without issues and was friends with the Celebrities the entire time, such that we were able to see the main problem to be that of a bunch of people who took leave of the fact if the Police were overwhelmed by criminals, an involvement of the general public would be classified as interference with Police work and that it is the Communities fighting crime, not the Police, if it was said that punching a person in the face would leave them a couple of weeks in Hospital which implication was that they might become homeless because they did not pay their rent for example, whilst the Police had the job of finding the person who hits people and making such a person take responsibility i.e. what are you going to do if the Police were overwhelmed considering that the difficult part for you was to organise the career and finances in a way that conforms with the fact the community not the Police fights crime, especially when you claim that conservatives were racist and the Liberals clearly did not build the west if people had to be strong enough to achieve the Publicity front and the justice front in equal measure.

They do eventually claim I am running a hate speech but I am not – I imagine it is clearly not hate speech to get on top of my voice and scream out a series of activities performed by a bunch of people which even they had acknowledged was a threat to my very survival. After 20 year of career vandalism and career mess, we still ended up on the part where they spent my day enforcing the most contentious part of this nonsense, which is that I am supposed to fight people for them because they had money and were special, not least more so the idea that their civil rights took such a form and I think it is motivating me to do some real harm as well. They do make this nonsense into a threat all together time and again – the threat bits being that they were wise arses over the activities of bad people until I dropped out of University because they never stopped sulking at my expense there, now they are spending my earnings and property on themselves over claims that bad people were doing bad things. The process usually involved their liberalist stupidities taking an interest in my personality, the usage of me was existential, something about owning everything down to my temperaments, I would become a commodity and a person in a can which they opened and then consumed the contents etc, once past this we enter the part where they issued threats because it was time to suggest that everybody was facing the same issues with regards to extremists and criminals, the actions of extremists and criminals being the main stage where every judgement I issued in their direction got them to spend my earnings on themselves, now making their stupidities into a threat. I suppose the part that really makes their famous idiocy feel really peeved about me, was the sense that my career would normalise, that I would work on it and none would have noticed save family and people I worked with and that I would be successful in those conditions, it simply had to be prevented issuing threats with a big mouth.

I am told that I have never actually resolved or settled the matter of the basis on which people tackled me all the time but I have no need to do so – the first reason was the factory work I got as my first job, leaving me at the mercy of criminal popularity backyard which arranged music CDs to mop up all that happened when I stepped outside of my door everyday – the second was the University fiasco where the more the found out the problem I was trying to resolve through my studies was the more abusive the got and the lecturers were in on it too – the third was the door to door sales job which got the real Men Muslims and Asians playing a part – the last was the private security industry where the German influence gits had to top something. They do claim it serves me right which is understandable as they are now engaged in a business of only trading if I became a hate figure while they did, making sense of a process where I organised my public image on the basis of wealth equity, so that younger people can assist me on the work front while I assisted them on these abuses, especially those who were involved with fame and popularity, I understand that the interest their abusive sons and daughters were dispatched to show in me was a statement to suggest that the wealth equity was so addictive they faced a risk of spending all their wealth on me, hopefully it keeps away from my Books and makes insolent patriarchy comments about its own career. I do not think the matter to be a crisis, their entire lives are developed on the basis of a sense of identity, an alliance with people who had a responsibility for other workers in their care, country ownership and a process of making money by a very abusive, violent and relentless process of running others down through violent lasciviousness, the threats issued and the complain about the smell is simply extra comedy as it does indicate they were uncomfortable as well and cannot sell anything without abusing me in a way that will change my life; mostly all is well, the only damage I have suffered being a product of the actions of the Prince of Wales who suggests that superior sons doing popularity indicated that people loved him, first suggesting I should be poor until he is king which eventually led to me dropping out of University, now its just a fun National level practical jokes but I am not likely to respond to him, more likely to find out what role Celebrities were playing in the matter, as their perverted interest in my finances does the most damage and had since reached a pinnacle. The assumption is that I am unlikely to perform these activities at their expense as well when they were ready to take their retirement, facts suggest that I am able to and likely to use it as a tool to suck up to rich and famous people, get rich fast as well – so far I have screwed them over once on their need to make a mess of decisions I to manage the gap between my career and activities people expected me to engage in as would get me into trouble with the Police because they had the one ambition to get their fingers up my anus all their stupid lives, next time round it would be the finale on my part all together as I have warned them they were currently the only people with jobs, an ability to live well in a neighbourhood and step outside without worrying about smell issues all there points which had become the source of all my problems as the fact they had money got to stall my Bookshop every day. They claim it’s the violent acts I am meant to perform but none is making physical contact with me as such, the reasons which their stupidities want to steal and sell to Celebrities – so its all the gits with CCTV who had watched me long enough for me to feel their stupidities doing so, it clearly had to be done and their celebrities will own my work and take it over while trashing my entire life to ensure they felt their famous stupidities owned it.

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