The fascinatingly annoying story is that these people have never seen a character who does the wrong things being so convinced that he was doing the right things. I would not know anyway as these are comments being made by people who are educated, such that if it was easy to a lay person to read and understand what I have put out as a description of what I am doing, their educated minds must be doing this because they had an incentive where nobody was burning their salaries as well and of course they had become quite accustomed to their practical jokes which are unbearably insulting. It is an example of the fact that we have a bunch of people saying others were doing the wrong thing while thinking they were doing the right thing and yet if I wrote an academic Book, they would have been able to tell when I got about trying to reach out to all the Universities, in a bids to get my Books into the hands of as many students as possible, if I wrote a Novel, I would be trying to run a writing career the same way that Celebrities did, of which I have written none of those two types of Books all together – the description I had placed on my concerns being one of private equity intellectual property administration solutions, what we are dealing with here being the fact that they studied History at University, hence the endless insults about other people’s attitude, they studies journalism, hence the endless insults to decide how other people spoke, they studied psychology hence the endless insults associated with the way that not asking popularity people for friendship easily developed into a situation where the Police may have to assist you because they were out of your league and had eyes firmly fixed on your concerns. None of these assists with any of the things that do, for instance being orientated in the Law, if a defendant who had bashed in a person’s head goes into a Law Court, should he be able to prove that the victim had indicated an intention to attack, his conviction will be cut in half as the other half was the responsibility of the victim and may not have to pay Hospital bills either – the way to avoid most public problems being to ensure that the population learned about the Law but once that is done, the law will have no meaning whatsoever, therefore if people did not learn about the law, the ignorance causing them to commit crimes, the law is an ass, when they harm others to show up having arguments about what they were really thinking – so it is an example of what their celebrity culture and psychology tended to accomplish, the instances where the fact the law was an ass relied on those who bastardised its teachings about common decency, fairness and respect for others. I don’t think this matter is a crisis either, when this inventory of Celebrity interests in my concerns is put to public disposition as a means of controlling their interest in me, it is well known that they will rely entirely on their society daddies who perpetually hope for somebody to establish a new Country they can go to and be allowed to do whatever they liked because such a person was weaker – the story of the way these abusive comments trash my finances but the abusive big brother and big sister celebrities still had the effrontery to get off building publicity that suggested I was doing the wrong thing but rather convinced that I was doing the right thing. So here is what reality looked like, not the insanity they made up on Media and I am fed up with them making comments about my Books when they had not read a copy of their own, thus some will say that what I had written was ahead of its time; generally as such I wrote it on a very basic stage because I am still a student of first degree and those who show up to express the various levels of academic accomplishments that can entitle others to my career will find me wait for their you, me, employers and bottom chasing issues who had a need to trash your earnings, industrial popularity gimmicks as well; so far I am nearly finished with building myself the means to do the same things Celebrities did with my career to their careers as well, from the sequence of events which I think that I am now about to progress from asking these twats about their need to move into my comfort zones and finger my bum imagination on how I should be used, as per whether I moved into their Homes, got into their backyards and nudged them out of their Homes, so I think the next stage will be one where I came up with a plan to oppress their stupid need to get paid for being popular by bullying others as the right thing to do, talking rubbish at me endlessly, as well. No way therefore I will be found talking in a manner they were comfortable with, if I can rather work with broker Clients on whether I moved into their backyards to nudge them out of their homes, hence their insulting interest in me and my concerns. expressing most of those silly ideas about being in charge because we had allowed them take most of the Credit for public work, to such an extent they were the only ones who have had their social issues resolved, the effect being the means to constantly engage in what they find to be an amusing way of torturing those who do know what to do.

The theory produced for clearing out the mess made here is that I spend my time interfering with good looking people which I do not. The truth on the other hand is the various complications associated with the way my career had been set out as something that helped them cope with their hatred for society people, considering the you, me, employers and bottom chasing issues trashing peoples incomes and it is what I had to contend with when they were not busy picking up my service processes and getting involved with me opening up my life to people I liked nursing a prospect of settling down with one, to chase popularity and quick money which the public will fall in love with them for and therefore enhance prospects of profitable celebrity into the future – when I do point it out like so, we will see the idiots Celebrate being able to give me a hard time which is for them a relief from blowing off their big mouth that I spent my time bothering good looking people. So, I am it is said not an ugly person myself which does come in handy when I want to confiscate the stupid popular culture, Celebrity culture and Fashion. So, the mystery was that Royalty is good looking as well, the big one is that the Queen is not a blonde and we can go back 40 years and wonder which one gets the Prince of Wales into trouble all the time.

The way we ended up here is that I simply thought their interest in me was misconstrued, so I tried to move it aside and repair the damage done to my plans for work place qualifications and my career, only to find that this was an opportunity for them to pick up my service processes and devise publicity for me that meant the consequences of personal decisions they made when working for money did not appeal became my main concern, leaving me with a public image which suggested they had finally found how to make me fight people on the streets because they thought it is what their stupid civil rights looked like, finished off with office space insults that foolish parents taught stupid children as well and settled up on American ageist scum making stupid statements at me, especially when they wanted to take advantage of something and had a penis between their legs.

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