This boast is very common, that they now had me where they wanted me and it is utter nonsense just a bunch of self-seeking gits who had a media presence and spent it on a process of lasciviousness that trashed my career and finances, now aimed to get me into trouble with the Police as well. the bone of contention is that they were famous and they took an interest in my concerns, I ignored the need to get in contact with my publishers and make me into a profitable enemy, set out what they could get involved with and a reason for it, so they have since decided they wanted that arrangement but had to secure it in a condition which showed they were superior to me, now had a real problem with the sense that I may have entered a state of mind that meant I found intolerable every instance where their famous stupidities showed up near the job, so I am now likely to seek out narcissism that will ensure I progressed from a process of showing I hated their stupidities showing up near the job by producing evidences instead od dialogue, to a process of repeated abusive and hurtful things I can do each time they performed one on me, to ensure they listened as well. The media was more or less the same, not just inviting itself into a Court but picked up the state of affairs to sell to the main engine of their lasciviousness being the culture and society gits, in a bid to make more money, turned out to threaten me because their bottom hurt as well. Everything around here had since stagnated because of these two groups of gits, the career, finances and personal life and they had begun to move onto the part where I worked for things during the period and am set to lose those, like the culture and society gits decide they had money in their banks, the fact they did which stalled my bookshop, talking rubbish about having me where they wanted the entire time. It should have been a case of me per client from 13 year ago when I dropped out of University, instead of this rubbish where equity I broker with clients was accessed by the Celebrities who bought the products and everything was a mess, that was the first red flag and they now need to play with something else. We see the same behaviour exhibited towards the wealth equity, whereby they did not want to go along with the rules as it was better to set me out as hate figure while sucking up to rich people, hence there are various other reasons I ought to take this action.

They do claim I supposed none knew this was a process where I got to control all that belonged to me but it is not a matter of playing up whether or not people knew, it is a matter of the fact these characters were keen to deploy my work for money making and then achieve thereafter instances where taking them to court would happen in a condition where their solicitors had the upper hand. The rest of their issue is mostly a question of the reasons I hated Celebrities of which I did not hate them what happens is that they are incredibly disrespectful, not just the matter of running me down, stripping me of series of decisions made with respect to my career and expectations some idiots had about seeing me carry out criminal activity, building communities that get imagination up my bum thereafter and hardwiring mentally ill people to share my personal space for abusive purposes which was supervised by society gits engaged in violent lasciviousness. The other group of city centre gits usually lose sight of the fact they were the source of all problems around here, inflicting heart disease on me to decide how I existed, in a bid to get these gimmicks that public control problems engage with at the background, into my bedroom, as part of a process where they put away money and tried to get me running a Bookshop to work for them which if I refused to, meant that as soon as it was successful, they came up with an offer to buy me out of the market. So it is a case of a reality where people who have been deployed on frontlines for National service knew I was a good hand when it came to a process of locking down access to their public and social lives, which also plays into my Intellectual Property Administration job and a process where I got rid of them to run a Bookshop successfully, not a matter of hate. Hence I am never going to prove I am not a coward by doing something violent as the Celebrities want me to but I should say the warning is that we are heading towards the part where I will likely shut it down by picking up a business of exhibiting myself as a matter of my Office at their expense. It does feel like living in hell, trying to rebuild everything while my finances are a mess and idiots doing their bidding had media access to claim my career.

They claim nothing can absolve me of my cowardice on the other hand which is utter nonsense as none wants to get into a fight with somebody who fucks their society as well because they got finger imagination up his bum and trashed University studies playing stupid games at his expense. The part where it is suggested I shared it with Celebrities never happened, only the part where it wants to live in a period of time when I did nothing about its gimmicks, so whenever a penis shows up there Celebrities I shared a Court with will be all over it, coming into public recently. I am not really interested in their problems, need to get the Bookshop paying the bills here as a matter of urgency and it cannot be that difficult to talk to people about it and get a library into public possession.

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