I am said to be of the opinion everything people channel at me is a form of abusive behaviour, but this is not true. What really happens is that since they helped trash my academic work to keep going a certain public perception of my personality, to allow them get paid for being popular with it, their behaviour towards me have become increasingly more abusive and violent and now we have entered a stage where I had to live with a world where they spent time patenting bits of my life to their names, garnished with a group of bullies at the Monarchy who wouldn’t let it be so the Queen gave the responsibility of protecting me to those and they have now turned out to play both sides where they hated those friends of theirs at the Monarchy as a resolve for channelling more abusive behaviour at me while their eyes and hands were fixed on my hermitage and financial concerns – this has been garnished with another history that occurred between 2015 and 2019 when they trashed my Bookshop building interests criminals showed in my concerns on Media as a form of financial abuse, so that while I got bullied into doing something about it, everything I did went to waste on account that those culture and society gits tackling me had communities to run me down by which I was being handled by some ageists, while everything I did successfully about it was to be passed off as a part of their career on Media and I plan to ensure that Celebrities suffered for the destruction of my Bookshop thereof, as I really am convinced that if they got away with this, I wouldn’t be human in the eyes of the world. I have been told that they had no reason to fear or respect my person and that from the facts I have pointed out, they had every reason to be afraid of me, especially the culture and society bits – but I am not certain they are aware of what will come of a process where each involvement with me was followed up with consequences for the culture and society daddies that back them up for it and if it involved getting near my Books while they already profess to hate it, I will likely make the consequences many times are harmful, so do the celebrities fail to realise this theory that I am unable to do a thing about it because when this history of their clashes with a history of me assuming that ignoring them solved a problem, I go under and they got on top with a media presence to show for it and all goes down the drain in this Hermitage and became very amusing, they are yet to realise the danger is that I will get away with everything I did to them over it. It mostly is a delusion of what indeed they can do about me, on the part of the celebrities and their criminal culture and society goons but the damage done to my Bookshop does not play a part in the matter, even when it comes to a process where others own entertainment industries that they wish to deploy as a tool that helped them patents bits of my life to their names, blowing off their big mouth at me on media for it every day – this is what I wish to ensure they suffered for intensely.

So I am told that I have never really explained why I support the President Trump but what is lost is the fact that Mr Trump does not really support main republican party base, he thinks that it is full of ageists who are responsible for spike in criminal activity having completely wrecked the lives of younger people and he despises Liberals not least because of the destruction of his Hospitality business for absolutely no reason save discomfort caused by his Political view – what he loses then is funding for his campaign but when he wins the White House on this platform, he really wants to fulfil this promise.

The Politicians complain that we are not competitive with communists, but it was always the problem i.e., British companies will build products that communist customers paid for but instead of a service process, we hung around somewhere competing with communists and then when we return, we have not got a foggiest clue what we are doing with local economy anymore. We even have here a case where these companies broker Equities with this Hermitage and the very need to prevent Customers buying products and paying the price for the insanity these goons displayed became a battle for survival, then it shows up to say I think I have been there but have never been, when it only need show up here to read something I had written, as set out.

Task: To Broker Lifestyle and Asset Equity through the creation of Products by which our Customers and the Customers of our Broker Clients organise the purchase, use and even development of the supplies they purchase at the Local and Global Market place. Action: To eliminate the involvement of general public social lives and lifestyles which do not foster or antagonise our main objective. To use them as tool for Publicity by weaving Equity and Equitable services into the products themselves, thereby releasing Equity from a Royal Hermitage for our Clients. The Arch Prince (Hermitage Resident): Acquisition and Temperament process of our Asset Equity is flexible but mainly includes keeping workers of culture and society ills constantly informed of Hermitage engagements, the knowledge of which they carry around in the course of unacceptable activities, thereby providing product, operations and market PR for the Hermitage naturally and security is settled through property Equity Administration for our Clients. This means that our Books through which our Clients find Equities that best fit their Operations and our websites where we care for other needs are as provocative to them as possible and we aim the make our Publicity even more so. Result: The successful Broker and creation of products by our Clients and development of lifestyle by our consumer Clients which detach from processes of social ills such as violence and war, facilitating the profitability of our customers personal supplies at the Market place. Follow on: So I am beginning to work on my strategy more intensively, meaning that the female hope mendacity that works with bullies playing market practical jokes on other peoples career alongside the other problem associated with ethnic minority women having a social life regardless of whom they got into a relationship with and how many children they had as a result of it, may do whatever they liked, if they stopped handling me and kept the distance from my concerns and Bookshop. It is understandably conjectured I am a  threat to women but I am not - this is a behaviour performed because it facilitated wild freedom, identical to career crime and a means to secure and control men into whose lives those who performed them may run to in search for security, while they had no sense of right and wrong and mercy to avoid harming others on the part of their victims had become a habit. Not long after we find they secured alliance with German friends and there was not enough make up in the world, a certain behaviour emerges because they did not have to organise their personal lives. It all feeds into another story whereby I have to explain the bad treatment I get from the Monarchy which is non-existent. What happens is that The Queen thinks I delay my work until the bad things happen and if I got encouragement I would not, I had to explain this as per the fact I needed to avoid clashing with Politicians as it is not my domain, so I was given authority to work on my own initiative in 2018. What has created the illusion of ill treatment is a group of people who have adopted the initiative to protect me from relationship based abuses by Celebrities - to say I may trust them would be insane but I rely on them for this. Hence the sooner Celebrities, Industry people and applicable Politicians accepted that it worked this way, regardless of what they want to respect, the sooner we may return to a more normal form of living with less of the bottom chasing issues associated with the life of famous people who must get on the ground to ensure people in Uniform who require their support got it - while those who handle my personal life must accept I am single and cash strapped at 40 and they are therefore not doing a very good job, especially with respect to complexities associated with an assumption it would be easy to drag a Hermit out into a relationship with Celebrities.

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