The story about how much I get on people’s nerves and they wanted to teach me lessons is an undying one naturally but what is happening really is the assumption I am not a threat to them and their ego adding up a business of showing up to handle me and my career with a sense that they were entitled to it – so they have said things to people around them to be popular for long enough to believe there was a prospect those things had found a way into reality and it does not get as bad as Liberal idiots in government buildings spending tax payer funds to build them publicity and media presence by which they could bring this nonsense into a reality that was mainstream living, only to get about wrecking my career and finances over claims they were keen to see what my body would do about it, gawping over me for their stupidities and gimmicks when it had not yet developed into more serious matters.

I could never make sense of what it is about anyway, perhaps lesbians turning up to play those insulting games where they had more manliness in them than I had in me, eventually producing insults when they had gone too far, since they had failed to recognise that there was not a law which prevented me from hunting them down to do whatever I wanted with them too once they were finished with me as such. Then there are the popularity people and their need to cling to my earnings as well, blabbing their own insults and saying there is nothing I can do about them while we know that if I started to think of their lives and concerns as a place I went to extract some sweetness while I spent time wrecking their finances for fun, we would end up with one of those occasions in which those who can beat me up would never stop making a case and those who cannot would never stop hurting themselves, giving way to those who can beat up trying to catch me without success and those who cannot catching me and wishing they never did. I do get asked if these things come to me because I am twisted and evil on the inside, but I am not twisted and evil, it comes to me because I am starting to cultivate a hatred for these idiots which I may deploy every day for the purpose of caring for my career, especially when I needed a deterrence.

The rest are an old case of a need to hang around the city as socialites who told me what to do and how to exist, complaining that I never use my authority, while since last I rented a space in an environment where they had access to me, my whole life had stalled and they have not been able to make sense of the way I am unhappy about not being able to account for years I had spent clearing out consequences of their popularity in a hope I would do that successfully and carry on with my career. It is a two part story where I set out a Court that I shared with the women I got involved with, the support I provided through the Court system leading to such outcomes as feminists targeting me as a character that had made promises to support women and therefore trapped in it and can be used for any purposes, which is not usually a problem unless the men were all over it like these, to use me as a tool that got responsibility for the female community off their hands, which they also had no wish to pay for as well. The other effect is that they invited themselves into the Court and made a total mess of my personal relationships eventually leaving me cash strapped, claiming that they could because they were good looking, and it is an example of the way they complain about inviting themselves into people’s concerns to make a mess and ask victims to demarcate between them and Golddiggers while both had the same objectives. The other part of the story being that the same behaviour is being played out on my wealth equity structures, such that even my University studies have been destroyed and if these idiots were then able to continue this behaviour of picking up my work to pass off their own whenever they were doing something about being famous, there will be no success in this place. Hence, I am not twisted and evil on the inside, I have only started cultivating a hatred for Celebrities as well all together, they are at the heart of the reasons I needed to ensure that some people’s lives were a sweet thing and I got fun from trashing their finances.

As for the idea I never use my authority in its own right; normal people would have noticed that pointing out a matter of career, money and national front issues, associated with the fact people have to make a decision on how they want to live with the people around them and the more they committed crimes was the more difficult it got, it was support for what is expected of me by the Head of State who controlled the Parliament and the security services. However I cannot say that I am not pleased with results where my work is done twice just to ensure it was more trouble than it really was, and they got hurt as an added bonus – since the real problem here is that they enjoyed putting themselves in charge while they had no clue what they were doing and it’s a matter of the fact they had a large ego and a character that easily took to a habit of very bad behaviour. They do claim I speak of HM controlling parliament and the security services as though the Queen will do anything with it, which is not the case either, I mean I do not, so I am not ignorant of such a fact; the case is a matter of leadership on Heroism, where one must be clear minded, generous and avoid weakness. So, in my case it has now played out as a matter of the fact the people who are in service are the people doing it, while the culture and society goons are the people who will do it when those who are doing it failed – which they would say I am proud of, but we know there is yet no better way of administrating their insatiable need to harass public security operatives. We see the same behaviour for the celebrities as well; an injured soldier on one hand and a Celebrity that is entitled to trash people’s careers and sell sex and violence gained as trophy from the personal lives of others, offering it as the only means to market success but if you tried to force them to sign up to the armed services, they would claim it was an act of racism, while it really is not. They do claim we do it this way because our priorities lay in war while reality is that people are left thinking a Celebrity would build a crowd to enforce the idea that I had provided permission for people to handle my public work if they wanted to pass it off as their own and get paid for being popular because if we talked about injured service people who had knowledge of how to deal with problem that arose when a person got a job from a business and other interests in the business wanted their money’s worth, so goons who don’t want to work for their own money spotted an opportunity to take advantage of the best work such a person had done for a career and the best talents that were used to do it, so as to get paid for being popular, we would be doing so in bad light or that there are multitudes of ex service personnel that get involved with industry. So for my part I built wealth equity that was a way to manage the effects that crime had on people’s lives and they decided to set it out as permission for people to deploy my work as their own and get paid for being popular, thus it becomes quite clear that far from employing a celebrity to keep out characters that show up to take advantage of my best work and best talents when I had business with companies, if I didn’t stop this, there would be no success for my Books. They do say that the whole thing had always worked this way but I had to take it apart and make my own version which is not really how it worked; the way it worked is that their lies had cost me enough as it is, primary assumption being if they passed the exams at University while I dropped out, they would go their way and stop handling me which never really happened – so I originally started out sorting out something which suggested I was heading to the backyards of large businesses for industrial activity while I wasn’t, before long I was grappling with an income margin because I had to explain all my activities to civil rights gits whose campaigns were being run to decide how much money I was entitled to earn. I do get told these reveal how I fought my battles and yes it probably does, as in my view, all trouble makers tend to make those statements about the way they bother others because if they came to harm, the world would be their Oyster, so it simply makes sense to fight over that stupid Oyster all together and yes when they start it, they would then realise the opportunities at their disposal came once in a life time or never came at all and it would be nice if I did the fighting differently, which would never happen.

So, they claim that no matter what I did I am still a coward because I am not known to fight anybody, and people have been getting away with abuses and insults that affected other people’s careers. I wouldn’t know anyway, I know these are stupid individuals that show up to sulk at me during my studies until I dropped out because they could see my fighting abilities more than I did – now they have simply progressed from years of abuses that helped them extricate this fighting abilities, get off to perform some national service for trouble makers and have returned while I had nothing to fight and nothing left to fight in their view, to torture me with accusations of cowardice and it’s never clear who exactly had given them CCTV to play around with in these ways, what is clear is that my bottom hurts and they fail to understand I am unhappy about not being able to account for the way three years of my time have been spent so far, because it has been spent clearing out consequences of their popularity while all I did was displayed with a media presence at their achievement – so it is about to take this business of my cowardice to a whole new level, a level that makes sense of the fact they forget their place, claiming they were upper class with those office space, Office bloc, office window abuses that gets all over the streets to make sense of the reasons they want everybody to be as screwed up as they are, especially when people are blinded by the way they make money from it to buy stately homes that help them understand the reasons HM lived in  Castle i.e. the abusive things their parents do to win top industry Offices, which gets them stuck with filthy things culture and society gits did because people did not want to pick it up with them once the processes were over, telling me how to exist, about which I have been using swear words on the matter frequently and will have to explain it as a boundary as well later on. My point being that the abusive stories of cowardice and their need to get me caught up with people that are insane to play it up by is something that is built on the suggestion stronger people were making me fight their battles, which rather seeks a proper response for the abuses I had to put up with. Then again, I really do not see why I should be getting into a fight with people for them anyway, when it was obvious the ethnic minority abuses were so intense and their insults were so frequent that at some point none will be able to tell who is responsible for which abuses were wrecking their careers and then I will begin to adopt a need to be a very manipulative person too. This is all happening because of Celebrities – their enterprise continues to pervert my public life and my work, such that whilst they, their media and business associates worked on the basis women existed to ensure men took a look at something that will make them go off to attack others and be attacked, they will then regularly show up here to put themselves in charge while they had not a foggiest clue what they were doing and I am currently making slow progress at stopping them making those stupid comments that affect public interest in my Bookshop, which is the reason I am cash strapped. That said, there is enough to deter here, in the sense that getting out there on their case is rather a quite different show from running my Bookshop which I do by toning these issues down i.e., the structures for the Bookshop were developed during the recession and therefore set out such that both allies and adversaries could be Clients without problems, hence I had to be more accommodating. Here they would say I had made the best of the recession problem while I tried to prevent others doing the same while the way it really worked was that they wrecked my university studies the same year the recession began and set about spreading word on having find a character they could cause suffering to, if they wanted to propel recovery processes, leaving me with a sense they didn’t know what they were doing and I had to help, so I took over.

I am said to have put up a superficial sensibility when I claim these matters are not a challenge but they are not, the real challenge is achieving confidence for the public concerning my Books – how they read it, where they read it, when they finish it, how they apply it, is never going to happen in a public environment but this is what these media and celebrity gits have drummed into them, so their inability to stop making comments around this area is quite a problem and the fact that they have not yet devised a way to stop doing so generally means I am set to achieve change in their behaviour by burning their cash. We have heard those excuses that it is all about power but as I have pointed out above, once finished they will decide they want to be free from the filthy aspects; first my social life and public image is thought about and is placed on the line but these days they say that they were in control of what happens to my Hermitage as well, which I cannot stop unless I worked the neighbourhoods, developed my own means of hatred for them and ran it off to secure feedback for their families over this nonsense and deterrence that I can work every day. They do make this statements that Celebrities think they are nice people but I am not predisposed to see the picture; it is utter nonsense – we cannot tell how you are a nice person by ripping up a person’s writing career because you thought his books served an opportunity to tear up his life and finances, making yourself feel good on it while you got him serving you as you had renege on your enemies, at the same time building a crowd that will prevent other members of the Public getting involved with the books, hence you never paid for it and others will not be allowed to pay, leaving the love of your life cash strapped – I don’t see how it makes them nice people when especially US Celebrities are usually allied with men that entitle themselves to my earnings and leave an opportunity for disobedient girls to make sense of my public image with respect to lewd activities that facilitates people doing sex work on it if they were not doing it – I don’t see how it makes celebrities nice when their paparazzi and other clandestine media set about a game of the way women exist to make people do violent things, which sets the stage for those socially immoral activity that gets them into hospital or gets them running away from something to trash people’s lives so they might live their own, of which I usually have no idea the exact points that they had put themselves in charge of public matters all together while they hadn’t a clue what they were doing with themselves in the first place, to brew this story that they cared about it, attacking those who are handling public issues when their bottom hurts etc – I don’t know it makes them nice people to know that in order to work my Office well, I must have been vested in Industry knowledge and have been proven to find my way around complications associated with National front and cultural abuses, only to be showered with a mess that they want to make of society gits who build people a life of crime, where they had decided their society abuses must be regarded the same as the law of the land, whereby the actual law is usually discovered when people commit crimes, at the same time which their community croons spend time making a complete mess of people’s lives to preserve history of when people made mistakes or went wrong all day; an ideology for which they trash my University studies to keep up hope that my body type might be used to protect them by tackling those who tried to handle them from this part of society, meaning that they heed no advice from anybody about not exploring the ideologies that have been created from such an environment and yes will bring out arsenal that have never been seen before to bring those they believe can be made to tackle it in order to preserve their career to heel. So it carries around this thing like so since University – the people beyond my league, society gits who have nothing to do with academic work, the book reading and the shit; soon it finds a way to ensure I paid the price while it passed the exams to get the better jobs but that clearly had not solved the problem of the stupid practical jokes of what passes on their left hand side and right hand side, which they believe people must be made to suffer for until they were assimilated into, as a means of preserving their own process of dominance. They claim I lived like a low life which is their own version of being nice, but we can see the parallels between me as a low life and them as popular people and they can clearly see the mess they make when this is drawn up. So their gimmicks about setting out a handful of fools to gather information on me which is displayed on media for any purpose of theirs have not stopped, even though there is now a real prospect of clashing with Celebrities for it and neither has the business of tackling me, even when I point out the way that the crowd they have built for it the real problem for me thereby putting their bum on the line as well, to make sense of the processes of putting them in the same situation before the fight they appear to be in need of began. There is now a real prospect of those stupidities about respect involving their community fools who will likely only stop short of painting a mural of what becomes of their social life for getting imagination up my anus to facilitate their need to get paid for being popular, claiming it is culture and society, developing into something more serious concerning the need of celebrities to handle my person and or my concerns.

It’s the road to insanity and perspective of madness which road has been laid out for those that are wise enough not to take it, followed on by popularity abuses of stupid Celebrities that spend time dehumanising me over their need to take advantage of me while wrecking leadership at this Office that involved extending the security that had been provided by the state, to spend on themselves, then complain about what the influence idiots who work it got up to. Successful business people who deserved to earn the millions have always been separated from the rest based on the ability to handle these matters and the Country ownership gimmicks that came with it and those who despite being able to, were also able to handle the prospects of operating as public servants have been the Royal Office holders, such as myself – it’s a matter of respect that solves all problems and mine is a thing about the idiots thus described not making a mess of the peace and quiet I build for writing at this Office and shut down all comments about Public interest in the Books.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland