It is now said that I am on some sort of revenge vendetta and its utter nonsense naturally as we know it’s more a matter of the fact that even if my Publishers were planning to pay me peanuts and make millions, I could only earn something when and if I was in control of my Books, patents and markets, not Celebrity idiots exhibiting themselves on my social life which sex workers join in on to provide pleasure services for men. It has now developed into a case of galvanising Public respect for their careers while developing a huge amount of public disrespect for mine, both of which they controlled to run me down all day, get me into a fight with local hoodlums and gangs about which they wrecked University studies years back and talk vaginal monologues at me endlessly. They point out this case where I have lived on Government support for a long time and of course we know that has been brought about since last they spent time ripping up University studies, then progressed to teach me lessons by popularity idiots that have not given my tummy any moments break especially the blacks, since 2001, right up to the time they saw me at University, passing the exams, taking up jobs in the City, pushing hoodlums through the academic system on my public image to tidy up communities and encouraging younger people to get imagination around my private parts so I never got to finish the academic work, the entire time which the Celebrities trashed my Books and my Bookshop, then my social life as well so that it became impossible to meet people for jobs and so most people get caught up with popularity gimmicks around me, laugh at my CV first before they read it. They do this and then they get paid to do a job of assessing people for Universal Credit, what they have done weighs on them and I am here dealing with idiots threatening to fulfil a dream of making me homeless, by working my Universal Credit entitlement with a big mouth and it has always been a simple as showing their desperation by getting the Celebrities off my case and shutting down all history that famous idiots had built with me instead of this, otherwise they had seen my social media and do know that save their involvement with my concerns, the fabled process where people had small problems and got government support to end up with bigger problems, I have had the issue sorted out. I mean the Universal Credit support isn’t really enough to facilitate room for fraudulent behaviour that they appear to be concerned about and it’s the same story of how all these nonsense came to be because the way that I learned what I needed to do for a living clashed with Tony Blairs idea we were a backward facing Country that thought of marriage before career, about which they cannot now control market corruption, congestion on the roads and dealing with pollution had become far more difficult. It has not given me a single 24 hour break since 2001, especially the ever desperate for fame, money and popularity black people who think they were entitled to be in possession of what does not belong to them all the time, then run off the abusive civil rights that served to show they had a problem living in a Country thereafter and I just hope that each time they go from a handful of idiots to idiots that passed exams in school to get a job without which it would have been a lot worse, to people who assessed whether others were entitled to government support, they bore in mind that the civil service does not really employ them on a charitable basis. I have no idea for my part what they would have me do, to remove the history that their popularity idiots and celebrities have built with me at this stage anyway but it seems that the need to threaten me with corrupt mistresses punishment of homelessness is about to progress this matter from something of the way getting out of my door makes the problem of me being the character that will show up somewhere to defeat their enemies worse until they wrecked my career, to show up and threaten me at Government support, into something about which they will burn the history their celebrities have built with me, so that I might be able to work my career, while I supervised and prospects of any stupidities associated with the fact they were now famous and had money, showing up at Government buildings to control me, will likely get me acting in a way that will teach them a lesson they will never forget too. I do get told I am very knowledgeable on these matters but it’s not really knowledge as such – we know why we discourage violence against women and we know this business of the profitable insults, the running people down for no reason, the way my personality should be used, the way that I am not brave enough to own my career and should hand it over to another etc, serves to suggest that it is an illusion to think that at some stage this behaviour will convert into a career opportunity while the Men and their Girls engaged in it – therefore if so, female problems were the ones that suggested you were entitled to financial wellbeing. For my part, it appears these idiots do not think that there is a viable career budgeting associated with living on government support and that people in such a position will always do everything to ensure the money they had ran every aspect of the career; how hard it could therefore be to write a Book of Equities and sell it to trades men, architects, engineers and professional workers leaving me on government support therefore is that which beats the imagination and this is the question their stupidities and Celebrities will answer, the next time they threaten me with stupid imaginations associated with assessing whether I am entitled to government support, while that stupid history they have built with me to get paid for being popular continued to get in my face the entire time – besides which is the question of considering the way that I am likely to get off Universal Credit when Popularity ensured people laughed at my CV before they read it, at the same time which is the question of how I am to sell Books to professional workers, trades men, architects and engineers, if and when I could see that the way they allowed Celebrity access my concerns building up to a reputation I could really do without, is the similar affliction they have levied on my target market – hence the relevant question pointed out earlier or those threats being only as good as the idea they have on how I can move on their stupidities without causing them a lot of harm.

This said, living on Government support to deal with idiots who had strange ideas on how to offer politicians prerogatives about living in a progressive Country was not a panacea; the problem here is that the alternative which is the small income that comes in while my Bookshop is making progress at the market, is being completely killed off; the tool for this is their society insults and Celebrity entitlement to my concerns, picking up service processes to develop into something that suits their lazy civil rights conveniences and the solution is about to come through if I am not making progress with offering them exists where they were asked to stay away from the books and stop shooting their mouths off on my social life. This idea that I couldn’t do a thing unless I had government support which is everything to me does not make sense anymore considering a history of three years working on a Bookshop which ambient income they trashed over popularity gimmicks that is continuing still as we speak. The income that sits where they handle my books and blab on my social life, to run off bubbles of criminal interests in the way I handle my concerns is the only alternative to living on Government support that I had, their inability to shut down this nonsense means we will move on to plan B where they got to burn the history celebrities had with me or I will burn it for them, regardless of who got off patenting bits of it to their stupid lives so they might sell show business products – I mean buying a Book when they get involved with a Bookshop instead of using the service processes for other civil rights popularity gimmicks that made them better off has to be the most difficult thing to do in the entire world. People have suggested that I act as if this problem does not require urgent attention and this is correct i.e. unless they are moving the Celebrity money into another economy, I will still be better off just concentrating on what I did until I showed up at the other end for doing so, however in my case, I am facing a direct threat all together and none knows why the Americans do it either – they even claim that it would be very difficult for me to get rid of Celebrity history that has been grafted into my concerns while it was a simple as the fact I owned a Trust system and it’s the part where I didn’t hurry people on payment since the primary set up mechanisms were designed to help people on their way to economic recovery, they want this to get rich fast and get things done on the basis of the size of wealth and social inequality that their suit wrecking pricks doing it for the poor and their stupid nepotism while they ended up with overseas bank accounts again and again and again, were able to create and it now needs to buy a Book every time it shows up near my concerns if it wants to avoid the next stage of what it will complain about over its insults and threats.

They claim that I am being tackled by Politicians and yes I am but it’s an old story that if the leadership handles somebody’s creation for the betterment of the Public, the need for lower authorities to do the same as well indicated the leader’s position is not safe, however which they suggest that if I bore all the risks for this, their activities will pay off – so making sure that each time I cleared it out, I set a Public stage for the entire process bearing in mind the effect which is such that it gets worse when one relates with it academically, leaving them to appear as though they possess academic qualifications for bullying and the only way to relate with it was to drop down to hoodlums on the street corners kind of communication about which your work and academic activities will pay dearly, I always set out this publicity to ensure they resolved it during election and it was shown that I had no wish to deal with the same problem a second time. The rest is just the foolish women and Celebrities who clearly can read my mind, good luck to them, I am not the one complaining others were war mongers – the effect being that they expect to make the most of everything I had as I came up with it because their need for equality had been forced on me as service I will provide through a bookshop by foolish Americans who ruled the world with a big mouth and this means that since I never do a thing without making sure it agreed with my Books where I had done my best work, it simply adds up to a process of daily punishment because they liked my Books as stupidly as their immorality had corrupted their minds. So they love to boast that I can do very little about them naturally and this is not exactly true either; I am a Hermit and the Public have now made it clear they would part with money on my concerns over wealth equity matters and we have reached the point where people need to understand how absolute my views are i.e. the idea I am a coward who needs hand my career to braver people, doing my stuff doing stuff, I should relax whenever people want to make money on my social life getting imagination up my anus because their stupidities were excited, as it is all activities that will pay me at a later date, is clearly an indication the men who engage in such nonsense will one day convert it into the idea that the victims were entitled to financial wellbeing probably. The boasting there is little I can do about them will be the part where they misunderstood the absolute nature of my views as well i.e. keeping from my Books and keeping their mouth shut where my concerns were being handled was their exit, if they were complaining about me and the next time they threaten me over the stupidities they have gotten accustomed to at my expense in the last 15 years, I should do my part to ensure it ended very badly too.

They do claim that they did my career and they have done nothing save pick up the way criminals viewed my handling of it, to run off abusively on media, as the practical jokes are second only to being a living breathing human being. They complain that my Books were disrespectful naturally and we know that when they don’t like a Book they build up Public interest so destroy the Book and the person who wrote it while others lived in fear of not being able to predict what they might do, keeping secrets of their stupidities thereby allowing them get paid for being popular – another important practical joke. So the market will be what it is and before I got involved with the various aspects of people who didn’t want it and people who did and people who wanted free things, it chases down my daily business, looking like I signed a contract with its stupidities because it had popular culture to fool around with and in a few years a history of insults built was able to turn off public interest like a tap and this served as punishment when the process of criminally breaching my patents and the banner it created around my Office while at the same time showing the public I was working on something important had failed to produce results while I could not be relied upon to keep secrets on how they believed they had to work competition issues. It is a group of idiots who are looking for trouble and nothing more; we know the risk at this stage is the business of picking an issue with my Books to such an extent they were able to build an abusive community of men behind them, who supported them on anything and everything they did about it and with it and they may venture to this if they wanted to see what I thought of the fact idiots with penises only need address me and my concerns when they are being paid to talk to me, not when their stupidities thought they could hang about a job doing whatever they liked and it will not end very badly thereof. It is always so incredibly insulting and always this way unfailingly for absolutely no reason.

The fact that their stupid celebrities patented those gimmicks to their names on my social life is not an excuse as to the reasons it should not be shut down – shutting it down should feel like dropping out of University and then I may trash their finances as well claiming I owned what I created like I hang around in a Hermitage learning from their stupidities all the time. It does this, it becomes more pleasurable to do it when it had seen you walk into a Church; destruction of academic work and finances, destruction of career and explanation of abusive activities that are set to ensure you got to attack others violently in order to help them feel important because their stupidities were famous and no matter what I achieve or what I do, this stupid and insulting view of me will never change while the idiots complained about social inequality and in fact forcing me to live a life of equality with their stupidities has now replaced Bookshop service processes and therefore needs to be moved on, depending on responses, painfully if need be.

They do claim this problem with Celebrities was my creation and it wasn’t – it was the old case of men entitling themselves to my income margins and their daughters entitling themselves to extract an income from my social life, in effect of which it really has nothing to do with mainstream celebrities as such altogether as well, of which we have now reached that stage where the history built up with me might have been something patented to their names and the test of how they were to keep it is going to be decided. It should feel just like dropping out of University on account others must get what they want at their expense, the joys of doing it this way as well.

They do claim that I am completely detached from the fact there are people fighting my battles which is utter rubbish as there is none doing such a thing – I mean I have set out their own full of black people who arrived in these lands before I did and have not allowed my tummy a day’s peace over a need to get paid for being popular, so am wondering if they were lost as to whether people were fighting their own as well, the same way they think it’s not a big deal for me to have dropped out of University over this nonsense. It beats the imagination when they blab that they want me to be proud of my own culture, if they think that African culture works this way and that when they are confused about the difference between working an Arch Prince’s Office as black and British with things I would have done if I were African. I mean its happy time to just show up at University ignoring the way their black people tackle me to make money on my social life over popularity, to get off travelling to Africa to bring in more black people that will identify with me for the purpose of making trouble, it never understands until I set out their own as well, which I believe I have cleared up as the fact that stupid Celebrity history needs to be shut down now or I will shut it down by a process that considers only my own wellbeing. The rest of it is their stupid tribalism and its follow on nepotism naturally; the Muslims believe if they provoked enough black people and suggested it was about me, in order to handle my social life and earning margins, they will get away with it and black people were always fighting my battles while I had a multitude of sins, the Europeans will perhaps one day translate their insults into a suggestion that I was entitled to financial wellbeing but I don’t think it will happen any time soon, each has a history with me and whilst that was the case, they didn’t write my Books, so what they are complaining about is unlikely to end soon. Then there is my party piece, relentless idiots in suits who were supposed to be the educated ones building all kinds of nonsense about how Liberal star signs would do anything to avoid a fight, so if they got me stuck with society gits and minions getting imagination up my bum, I would be finished and this reputation of me being Mr smell came off it – hard to tell if they were unable to foresee that whole communities having imaginations at the back of their minds about somebody’s tummy and anus, was likely to produce such an effect, whereby they are now unable to judge that if I got physically attacked like their big mouth suggests over the smell issues, I was really going to try killing them as well. I mean they do say I had my excuses but they are referring to smell issues caused by people going up against bigger people and the kicking against the thorns effects becomes really bad when more complicated life issues come into play as well and this is not what is happening in my case where I am always getting shaken up by idiots excited about how they will use my personality like I am an item, growing into abuses at University that got me dropping out and now the communities that think about my tummy and anus all the time have got legitimacy on public media – physical attack on their part of which they have not yet judged will call for a comprehensive response, personally I have no idea why they simply cannot keep their hands to themselves. The way people think Libras will do anything to avoid a fight on the other hand of which actually works in a specific way – you will likely have done all the balance issues since hurting others was a serious matter, whilst some are so silly they fail to recognise when people get hurt, in order to move on, the history of cause and effect which caused somebody to get hurt will be regarded and something that all must avoid, while a new history of cause and effect created for people to play and fool around with and we have never once seen the character that are good at building trouble so sustainably, come up with any of it – on the other hand, whenever the balance issues had been done, it’s the one that wants balance issues done on violence that will have been mad enough to look like their problems had to be solved painfully and this never really happens. They claim also that there is a lot of violence going on while my position does not really solve any of it but we also know that walking ten yard to hurt somebody is a decision and there will be factors like what those who groom you into a fight are expecting and whether you want to give them what they want – so we see most of it isn’t really violence but a handful of idiots making a mess for everybody on account they didn’t think it would matter if they put themselves in charge while they hadn’t a clue what they were doing. So they will start out with civil rights movements and will never cease insults that set me out as a potential activist, eventually I will end up criticising the rich and they will set me out as a character people can abuse to suck up to the rich and pay them for doing so one way or other while they also had a go in order to suck up to the rich as well; this does not bother me since it can only get to the stage where if I didn’t stop them enjoying civil living and a right to have one, people would think I was irresponsible – so for those who would end up reacting in a situation where they were always being insulted by those whose names they didn’t know, randomly on the streets, we get to make sense of where the violence happens. Another type will be the very disobedient gits that eventually create the short insulting videos they claim added up to advertisement – it will set out a person’s personality, like in my case the social life and public image by which I will engage with an audience and sign off books and on it place a product, insultingly building the sense people ought to ignore your feelings, that you were a thing to be handled and not a person and this will continue disobediently until it made money, if it does not meet somebody that wants its stupidity to keep the hands to itself or like in my case takes steps to show I am not emotionally attached to their democracy, when they look like they want me to solve their problem by causing them a huge amount of suffering, so we get to make sense of where the violence is happening.

The other tale is that I am responsible for the way people currently feel and the way that they are willing to take more risks and yes I am; their popular culture is now a complete mess the way that my career is a complete mess as well – they were hoping that they will recover it but recent events have shown that will never happen considering current social position and age but for me it all should feel like dropping out of University for them as well. I mean they denied these kinds of consequences were possible if people dropped out of University. I already had a problem with a personality others wanted to use before I walked into the University – now upon dropping out I have a personality that they own because they were responsible for it, so when people had denied being aware of such a fact until the parts about my attitude as associated with my diet kicked off and affected them, such that they then found me and set about attacking and threatening me into doing something about it, I do wonder if this result where they need to shut down Celebrity culture that they patented to their names over my social life and public image is the result they expected, having been they wanted the problem solved so desperately. In the end for what they have gotten accustomed to, they now need keep off my Books and stop making silly comments on the social life and public image, statements about how I was first to provoke them by the way being an example of such comments and they are not actually relevant people – I am done with it and their society predicament should feel like dropping out of University too. It is how far we have progressed yet on the problem with middle management abuses, society gits and celebrities; I mean if I kicked them really hard as well, their daughters who usually end up as other people’s sugar babies will provide the media with ample arsenal for financially profitable scandal. So they do claim it’s about pride and it probably is but the way I remember it is a case of people at University telling me they will fight my battles and making statements about forcing me to do it when I walk on until the tummy issues became a self-fulfilling issue around it, which took it up to the point where it was acceptable for lecturers to fail me if they wanted to. I dropped out of University 12 years ago year date 2020 by the way, they have owned me since with a big mouth – now they are fighting my battles to such an extent that every character that dropped off the radar since they left school has spotted an opportunity to offer prerogatives to the Monarchy by signing up to Armed services on their account and they now have a history of trying to tackle the Head of State when they were supposed to be fighting my battles. I mean I don’t know why they do it, I just know that perhaps somebody need advice them to pass up opportunities to take advantage of other and gain power over people, of which in my case they claimed they had no reasons to but we know that my actions have shown I thought those communities supporting all the abuses and insults they channelled at me were the problem for the time being until their stupidities became one – otherwise people pass it up all the time. They do suggest I had no honour but when I take away everything that will facilitate blame culture that makes it easy for their stupidities to stab and shoot, the Politicians will claim that a lack of predictability for my actions meant I was the one behaving dangerously and I want all comments around my concerns from their stupidities shut down immediately. They do boast that I am facing an uphill struggle naturally which I am not – I plan everything down to the last detail but then they always do this, show up to convert my service process into something that suggests I ought to attack others to keep them safe, chase my income margins and develop a community that supported them while at it. This nonsense has been developed as a practical joke to play on me every day to such an extent we have now ended up with claims of people who want to attack me getting involved on one hand while on the other they cling to my income margins with a community behind them and this is the last time I will tolerate these kinds of results as a product of the perverted interests other people had in me. It never gets involved with anything according to the purposes set out and have to do their own bits at all times, then they claim I made enemies at the Monarchy while we know that if they hadn’t developed this Publicity that I had and set about pressing for it, there would have been no such thing. We see this all the time; they need decide how Royals will behave and how Royals will appear presentably in Public, to facilitate the financial wellbeing of Celebrities who give them some of the money and matters of state at interfered with because of it; take for instance developing something on stability matters where we had Celebrities throwing money at Nationalists to break up the Union and you had to show them their money was part of the financial system which they could enjoy or use it to make trouble if they were not afraid of consequences which you cannot do without getting caught up in a poverty situation – from here the poverty situation will define you and the abuses for it will make Celebrities better off, so that when you do get out of it to make yourself presentable to high society, Celebrities will go to Town on your social life, as stupidly as possible. They don’t scare me, their idiocy is always so abusive and so insulting and I don’t want to deal with them clinging to my income margins with a community behind them anymore – it needs to stay away from my Books and keep its mouth shut when it comes to my concerns. I don’t hate them necessarily, there isn’t a right or wrong answer, they probably have a point where they claim you need to self-care and it was terribly important but I am clear what I will not tolerate any further, it needs to stop and it needs to stop here and now. I mean we all know that based on above facts, Celebrities will likely respond by giving their money to government causes and charities, so it might have appeared they gave some back to the system in return for power and influence and which pretty much a what he did next scenario that badly behaved Royals love to copy. I do get asked where I think the ‘they’ I speak of come from and it’s an old story about customers who come up with practical jokes to share the incomes of companies they have bought products from but the reasons it becomes a problem that affects government is the gits who put themselves in charge but hadn’t a clue what they were doing – so these customers were so powerful that handling them involved finding my Books which solved the problem and then destroying it when found, following this, I have been told that I will get into trouble if I described the scum as rich idiots. The Celebrities really take it to another level when more often that needed will be heard passing abuses and insults at me and when faced with the challenge set about wrecking my Books to control customers that want to share their wealth – they even claim they had ideas on how these matters should be resolved in a way that meant policy was decided based on the sheer size of wealth and social inequality, when we know they wouldn’t get everything they used to get 3 decades ago for instance necessarily. It is the point at which I can no longer tolerate this nonsense for my part. So they claim they want to make me an average joe and it will be that way if the local scum that get imagination around my private parts do not share their social lives because of me and the idea if I started a fight their money made from my social life and public image would never run out, continued to show up here to distract my audiences – otherwise we were all able to see most of these were avoidable simply by saying I am a writer and deserved to be respected as one if they were handling my Books. This Hermitage will never be respected as a Royal Hermitage unless this rot on its finances is trashed as well.

I. Uno I

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