I do get told the overwhelming sensibility about my concerns is that I tend to work with people while I spent a lot of time insulting them but it is utter nonsense as what happens is that when a company had business with me, if they put out products it generally meant that a group of gits set about publicity that suggested that once the product got into the possession of some of the most loyal customers of that company my position and my work and my income margins would be taken from me. They have run off this nonsense complete with features like stupid women I meet randomly who suggest I have been interfering with the jobs and incomes of some characters they were supporting in the City centre and the outcome is that they have become successful people entirely on the back of their tribalism raids. That said, it is still not enough for them and I am still being targeted, which is where the problem had kicked off due to damage done to my academic pursuits, my social life and now my Bookshop as well. The story they tell is that I interfere with their concerns naturally, once they were done making sense of the way their insults had cost me a lot of valuables, inspiring me to trash the groovy lifestyles they secure in South America and Asia but we know that the tribalism raid gets a good job running off all sorts of nonsense about the way I lost an empire when companies that brokered with me put out products which ended up in the possession of very loyal customers and that on no occasion have I been seen interfering with a process where they were driving to work or back to their families and hence they have not established the connection that has given them reasons for these activities thereof. They do pride themselves in what they believe to be their ability to look for trouble naturally but we see these activities are a product of the fact they are avoiding the correct way to do things because they are hurting people and I must assume that if they had brought up the case for interference, that they believed this was the best way to get out of a recession – hence worth pointing out we do what we do for a reason, so being targeted all the time because I built a trust system that give people a service on my websites and hoped to get my money back when they read something I wrote is one thing, damaging my Books would add up to a case of making me very interested in the theory that they had a talent for making trouble.

The other story on the matter is that of racism naturally. I personally have no idea if those who claim I made good of racism for myself have ever found a black person that had successfully established a relationship with racists, hence tended to bring up the matter all the time. The truth of it being that racism is to white people what criminal gangs are to black people and so a white person must have seen racism before a black person did and must have tried doing something about it, thus they always do more than black people do, likewise black people seeing gangs and crime before white people did and always tended to do more about it than white people did, the problem being that this is not the part that those who have put themselves in charge chose to speak of. For my part however they say I oppose everything black people do for their rights which it utter nonsense too; what really happens is that there is a link between the disobedience that these money goons exhibit and processes where their parents become tired and fed up and go somewhere to harm themselves, vanish or get killed and we know the kind of racism that eventually develops into a case of people being chased down the streets and stabbed to death is created when a white man had built a habit of seeing black people who are fed up with life and therefore set about killing them to help them out of their misery, as stupidly as possible – so we have not found a link between the popularity gimmicks, the effects it had on older adults and racism problem being solved. Then there is the part where we had a mind that suggested that there was a part of racism which contained some good that we can glean to make sense of the problem and get rid of it, which really does not exist, as it has to be entirely evil in order for it to be financially profitable which really is the other side of their tunnel of hate – the effect is that they see a problem and each time they think you should be tackling it, being aware of what the reality is, it should make you even more interested in what you can do to make them tackle instead, so we always find them double down and get themselves into a position of control with respect to that problem in order to decide how to enforce a process of making others solve that problem and then it becomes the ping pong scenario of others making sense of the fact that problem shows the wickedness that they spend their time planning and thinking about all the time. It is usually manageable at this stage until a group of wise arse ethnic minorities come through with the idea that the position you have ended up in with this ping pong thing, was the stage at which they will select self-improvement in such an abusive manner that you will feel sore all over if they liked what you were doing but also feel worse more so if their stupidities didn’t, when they inform you of the reasons they do it, the realisation is that they were saying that what they were doing to you was the power of their society and it makes me so angry I have to assess the business of hanging around somewhere showing mercy until it became a habit while they did whatever they liked and had to make sense of the fact there needs be more deaths added to the current tally as such. It is the same old case with discrimination and what people do with it; they have already adopted the part where the worst happened and we abandoned home and lived in the bushes until the regular atmosphere or flying bullets and gun fire, where each time we want to move to somewhere else, we move there and find that some family members did not make it – so the rest of us always tend to adopt the other two disposition; one to do with saying the hole we call home was not to be trifled with and the other was to say that there would be no place in hell to run for the person who spends time running off gimmicks that allow them access to our careers. For my part I can say I have done considerable amount on the case of home being a place not to be trifled with, such that I have built a good disposition on a process of making sure I was not vulnerable to silly ageists that wanted me to grovel for money and we have seen other people show signs of making good the sense that those who think about it really don’t want to trifle with the career, so generally we are doing well as a society and as a planet on such matters at this stage.

The other big question asked is that of the crucial thing that people fight for on the discrimination issues but it’s an old story of the idea that there is a finite amount of money in the world and if people put out selfish, evil, wicked behaviour which catered for no 1 only, they would give themselves access to a considerable amount. What then happens is that whenever they were not talking from their own rights, they are creeping up on other people’s lives and property inadvertently and this means that soon enough when a crowd had followed them, they will either have to make a decision to run and hide or make a claim that they were not responsible for the problem, which I believe is what happened to the racists, hence when they think there is a problem you need solve, you ought to become more convinced that they were in control of that issue if they liked it or not. The bigger problem comes when we assess the fact that money itself is a creation of the central banking system and is fundamentally developed to make bug businesses comfortable but then the Politicians will throw support at the idiots that are losing money at the Market because they preferred to employ people and send out those people to take advantage of others and make money by being stupid – once this grows to a certain stage as a problem, then they begin their own Politician based campaigns on whom they thought was an actual racist, if they had proof or not and then the racism becomes a trendy ideology that people can get in and out of at will, leaving us in those positions where we had to show reverence for those that have ended up in a bad situation because of an avoidable process whereby bad things happened to good people. Some might suggest this is positive alienation on my part and I suppose it probably is, since bad things will happen to Politicians until this behaviour stops if I got off making a big thing out of it – we hear whispers of that nonsense that power is not important to us all the time but the last time we checked they took all our power to legitimise their office before they came up with these gimmicks once they got there, the processes of taking more from here becomes increasingly abusive. They do say that I provide service for racists as well through the Hermitage and it’s not based on reality where people will likely assume that looking out for service processes attached to property equity which had been brokered with companies that created products they bought to run their lives with, will assist them with some discrimination, violence and war, which is utter nonsense – it is a service like any other business orientated establishment.

At this stage it is said that it would be nice if I said something with a sense of finality on the matter of market behaviour but there is little to say which I have not said before. These matters are like rubbish, unless you can say that when finished with the by-products of your financial activities, you had a means to crush them and destroy them or recycle them into something else, it shows up at another person’s backyard and this is how the same gits whose behaviour at the market isn’t changing currently created the economic crisis in the first place – their by-products showed up at other people’s backyards, then they went there to take and take and take, only to tell us some great magic got stock numbers getting completely out of control while they knew the entire time where they kept the money they had taken from the system, if it had not been piled up in a heap and set alight somewhere – needs to stop interfering with my Books, the income margins and patent margins which they never say they are doing; they never say they pick up service processes of my Bookshop and set about  building their own publicity for areas of my Hermitage that help me pay the Bills, then follow up with trading processes that involved pinching it i.e. I am saying they need find the money and bring it back and there is no magic that caused stocks to lose their value and somebody did not burn the money in a heap or their behaviour may change for the better if they wish to keep control of it, since it means so much to them that they did. I mean it is probable that a recession happened because consumers had stopped spending for some reason, it is plausible that consumers had stopped spending because their disposable incomes had been already been taken. They do claim the market is not what I make it out to be and that I had declared war on traders – however we know the traders were masters of the Universe until they became menaces and what made the menaces amusingly was the responsibility to fooling around with financial products to such an extent they ended up in possession of so much that they wanted to play the role of the central banking system, thinking it was preferable than just changing their behaviour, so they got off to the message to making the government understand they were the money and the government needed to make the population behave if the Country needed recovery. The market on the other hand plays my game more often than they gave it credit for and I should not be living like this as such thereof. What they do with my finances is set about making a complete mess of my service processes, build publicity for it and chase the areas that help me pay the bills to make their own money, when I rectify it, they set about building another publicity that suggested what the Clients wanted to do with my work had been taken up by myself, indicating that I had no wish to operate as a business Man. So I am meant to be successful as a Hermit, people read what I wrote to find out what a hermit thought and every time they do this, they set a stage for me in terms of my financial wellbeing whereby I had to be somebody place and I too want to play up the advantage of working on social media to the very latter, whereby I am able to assume that when I had done something, the relevant parties had seen it and therefore two strikes have already been committed. I do not think it makes me the provocateur, to operate in this way, it is just amusing.

We now reach the stage where the main conversation concerned consequences that will follow comments that I have made but I don’t see that they were able to back up this threat either – we know we are here because I am unemployed upon facing this situation whereby they were always abusive on account they were employers, my career and work benefited their businesses as an employee but that was punishment because I smelled, the smell was caused by their need and that of their silly celebrities to target me with abusive processes of advertising and selling show business products because they were not involved in clean business and were always setting me out as cover for the stupidities they got caught up in at criminal British backyard – so at this stage, all that allows me pursue my daily concerns have been trashed, people laugh when they see my CV before they got to read it, my University studies have been wrecked and now the idiots are after my Books. They love to express those stupidities along with claims I have not got a chance and it leaves me wondering if they believed I was caught up in some stupid war of the roses or something and the fact that this being another occasion that has progressed from the original one where they became obsessed with my work and property knowing there was a risk associated with getting involved if they had a history of getting families to stand beside one of their own by the hospital bedside on account they were making money, propels me towards this need to set a stage for them to make the comments and gestures and abuses that make a mess of this Bookshop and once they had done it and a public sensibility agreed on it, they may make it again one more time, so we got to find out what they were made of too.

The Politicians have said that I needed to be more proactive on the matter but I am – I mean in terms of their tribalism raids and the way it makes a mess of my career, claiming that when my work ended up in a product which was accessed by consumers it was gone for good, then when they got the job tackling me became more important than doing it, seeking I guess a process where I appointed myself to something too; we are already in an economic crisis and I am not working for them hence the reasons I ignore most of these nonsense most of the time, I have no wish to facilitate the gimmick where they said they were cut off from energy that allowed them get a job because of my activities, while the companies associated with them on the other hand, may continue to pick up my assets and spend on products to tell me that when their clients bought it I had lost something important, to look like characters who are not really terrorists but really love to fool around. The threat is that I will lose on mobility matters which is utter rubbish as the mobility is heavily linked to general public productivity, where they go on Holiday etc and we know that they were aware the Duke of Cambridge would support me on environmental issues too. The boasting of the way that it makes me worse off is usually linked to the way they claimed that I am very keen to protect my inequality advantage: we all know at this stage what is really happening is a process where I got to protect and preserve the financial aspects of a Hermitage since it is a Royal Hermitage and if I failed to fund it like one because they had stolen all the equity and incentives, it might still be a Royal Hermitage to the Lower and Upper Classes but they would deny at the Middle Classes that it was, besides which they speak of wealth and social inequality while, particularly with respect to women, the morally upstanding position that caused challenges when you needed to a get a job, of which you eventually did get on, cannot in anyway be repeated especially when you have lost that job and more so during a recession, hence when an Arch Prince did something about it, the idiots were simply entitled to make money from his work and the processes associated with it. In terms of the boasting it makes me worse off in its own rights, we are talking about their fanaticism of rich people creating me problems all the time, such that it has become inherently complicated to maintain a majority at the boardroom of companies, which thought that business should not damage the environment – I personally couldn’t make sense of this if businesses wanted their operations and property to remain with the company instead of showing up in the lives of poorer people to make trouble for them but then again we have seen it play out in the way the Obama Administration set about the kind of leadership that allowed them go off to South America to tear down areas of Natural conservation in order to build new business operations, facilitated European gits wanting to get on my work, income margins and public image to drive limousines passing insults at everything that is not their mate and of course claim that I am discriminating the entire time when on average the time it takes for uninvited involvement of black people in my concerns to result in life changing abusive insults especially for the women is about 4 seconds and whilst the first white US President set about a campaign to abolish slave trade, Obama knew the disparities that the processes of government that created the wealth disparities between the white communities and other groups existed but chose to do something else that resulted in the idea that people got out of abusive relationships if they had equality.

They claim I am unaware most of these issues are created by Americans but they are, the US is full of puffs with ideas on how to access easy popularity riches, share the money with communities built up to get imagination around peoples private parts and will soon be seen fighting my battles somewhere, to show up later claiming that I interest myself with a due that is reserved for armed forces operatives and whole crowds ought to gather around and help its stupidities to a process where they got some privileges at my expense but never will it win its own wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Vietnam. We know of course that according to what my work of always making sure when I am pushed to do everything about my concerns to avoid their stupidities taking advantage of me, really meant I spent time doing everything with respect to public and National security, which they are usually stupid enough to go along with never the less, then we hear the rest of the story and they became part of history, they now control Government decisions in the USA because they were the ones making big Political donations – on one hand it feeds into the way we resolve matters with trouble makers in the EU who love to boast about getting the better of me and how I would not have coped without Brexit, all that nonsense where all that glittered wasn’t gold targeting me all the time while government operatives suggested I took it lightly, blabbing all the time, the way I ensured they gradually became aware of what would have happened if there wasn’t Brexit and I had developed a resolution for the problem to move them on. On the other hand it throws a huge amount of weight on the way that I ensured that since an obsession with their stupidities mostly amounted to an indication such a person wanted to clash with the Military, they were stuck with military work on my account and are now showing me that it was possible for it to be the case that when people who work in the DWP, I mean a certain group that wear Uniform at work, did their jobs, it built communities that got imagination all over my private parts and got me dropping out of school and that when I did it was not a big deal that I did, making sense of the fact they and their Celebrities, in consonance with their Politicians are usually the seat of all racist activities in the country and the source of most violent forms of nepotism and discrimination while the empathy for us government operatives when we had to deal with some groups for whom Policy had to me made differently had completely vanished. It has become possible for people to see they were the problem but the way celebrities and the city centre gits entitled themselves to other people’s concerns mostly indicated that they saw other people’s lives as the place to go when it all gets a bit too much – feeding into questions on the way that I work with Celebrities while I thought the world had ended because the Prince of Wales wanted to but what the Prince of Wales said was real and what I do with Celebrities is only a product of sorting out a process that helped younger people between school and university graduation, in terms of the way organised crime affected them and I started mine out with some celebrity involvement and have not found a better way to get it done – that said, each time people pick off young people to access my equity and set them off to talent shows and popularity culture, it’s all good for them to be as abusive towards me as they possibly can as long as they were paying for it. It is thus growing into a case of following on my work by making sure the civilians will have to make sense of the access to public security which they have not got while the ones at the Military will one day have to vanish the way their fat cats rip up the lives of soldiers and get ex-service people to commit suicide over money making.

The fashion and Celebrity goons say they have had me wrapped round their little finger and it is utter nonsense – they have always done this interest in me weeks before I arrived in the UK in 2001 and then when I did the business of claims I was the thing that will defeat anything that remotely hurt their feelings served as a means by which what they did with my person and social life was no longer deniable. None knows why they made contact to dominate me with the money, why they got me dropping out of University but they have said that there has always been something mentally unstable about me which is really none of their business if I were to speak of my person but if they wanted details was a matter of their stupidities and everything else that comes with it, picking up a personality I had developed from a moral disposition to set about adopting a safe distance from which to push me into criminal activities and prison time, whereby anything I did to move it on facilitated the popularity, riches and incomes of TV personality fools and Celebrity idiots, backed up by stupid socially liberal political fools at Government buildings. So far I have set out the business of picking my service processes at the Bookshop to set off as the means by which they wrapped me round their little finger is not what I did for a living and when another fight breaks out, I guess they will make a global stage phenomenon out of the processes of complaining about it again as it were. So what HRH said on working with them was real but at this stage enough of complicated matters have been cleared to make the statement that people who obsess with them usually are engaged in making a statement that suggested they wanted to clash with the armed forces, especially the Military. Now they do claim I do not understand the struggles of black people at all, the same way they say I am relatively ignorant of challenges businesses faced and we found the way that the Middle Class and its friends only recently adopted a position where the fact they found out the reasons the Queen lived in a Castle was not a threat to me; so with respect to black peoples challenges and struggles, I assume that once done we would be able to go home so I don’t bump into other people from other Countries like New Zealand and Australia because the USA was the only country in the world, such that their ignorance enjoyed putting itself in charge even when it was struggling with the fact that I am an Arch Prince and they are members of the Public who would be more likely to get into a fight, to such an extent it goes off to Russia to burn my Assets and it was no longer possible to say that Countries not in a relationship with the UK handling UK interests unusually ended badly even in terms of UK soldiers suffering for it and they have not had the job done since, if it was preferable to invent false gold life changing insults they could throw at me to progress prospects of having me suck up to Celebrities.

I am said to be in need of help with bullying but I am not – it’s a matter of being provoked to such an extent that I had to take up the case of a habit of destruction with the culture and society that the gits who did it obsessed about but I stopped myself at some stage and they built communities that got imagination around my private parts. I mean I stopped because of facts that became obvious at the time, such as the part where I had not figured out how to control matters if somebody picked on me and set about bothering Politicians until he got elected and then we would not see it coming when somebody steals money from Government coffers or there was a military coup but I have since sorted it out and the next time I take it up, there is indication I will not stop; it needs to stop following me around to make a mess of the career, Bookshop and academic pursuits to avoid this and when I am not attending academic institutions need stop running off profitable abuses at me. So it is said that I am in trouble at the Monarchy and yes I am, the Queen is unhappy about the way I have not had everything sorted out and in terms of my untidiness it seems that the idea National security helps people build communities that get imagination around my privates will serve as the main reasons and yes they will say it’s the same as Celebrities which is utter nonsense considering facts above, it is usually done by the Celebrities and it tells too the way that this was all about the fact they were republicans who set about ripping up my career and got me into a neutral position that I spent making a case for the fact they were ripping our lives for some leadership that the Queen had already provided, some facts which go on forever because it was before I was born etc. hence they now want a position that was as advantageous as that of being a republicans and have always had their eyes fixed on my person and work naturally, while the Labour Party took it to a whole new stage where they never gave up stories about those who controlled majority having the right to be rich on account that a recession had forced the markets to invest in consumers – now the Parliament is stuck in a crisis that brings about hung parliament after hung parliament and those who want to get us out of it cannot tell the difference between privilege and stealing. Now of all controversies that help push sales when these clowns had abandoned legitimate business strategies, the most criminal has to be the claim that women had negative opinions about my manhood, especially when it was never a topic for conversation in the first place. So it comes to a case of the fact I am a writer and all problems are easily solved if their interest here was to read a Book, not get me abandoning the business of working out how I got to meet people and set out hospitality to sign away Book copies, to spend entire days on their stupidities displayed on media as something they found amusing; the problem then being the two part issue whereby on one hand there are women who get involved with me to protect me from their abusiveness and that of their children who have products that they claim they cannot do without, then set out to buy and buy until they wrecked my wealth equity structures which I had to rebuild to support younger people in academic and career environment, only to begin these processes where people want to make money by being stupid taking advantage of me in the same way and becoming scared of a process where I might want the general public to get involved with their lives and play both sides after creating problems for them as well, on account that since one of the more successful mistresses was Kim Kardashian, everybody wanted to be rich like Kim and they were going to pay for it like they buy Kim’s products until they wreck Public Office work here. On the other hand, we had the fact that we might have assumed that a measure of political stability was largely a matter of how well smaller people were able to get away from big bad people and yet the Media was the place where were shared what we didn’t want to share and got hurt all day. I simply want this place to be respected for what it is or I will be forced to handle their pride and joy in the same manner too, especially for the Americans who love to boast about the idea there is nothing I can do about their stupidities inventing reasons to handle me because they believed it was part of an attitude needed to get a share of the finite amount of money in the world and those threats never stop but according to history, whenever I responded it appeared I had assessed the map of the world and cut out the part that bore their American freedoms. It’s the point of leadership being set out naturally whereby within the process sorting out consequences for each of these activities: damage to University studies meaning I trashed their society and culture, damage to my Books meaning I am now working on how I am to get about trashing their industry gimmicks, it turns out the nagging issue is the way that black people were entitled to me and the sickening means by which black women want to get involved with me such that they knew what men like me were and could handle me, while their stupid children could never stop making public appearances to declare their superiority and I were said to have been instrumental to somebody getting killed and therefore deserved it, while what has provoked them about my entire existence has been my involvement with the British monarchy which I am not superior enough to do – so we find that it’s on average about 4 seconds each time black people invite themselves into my concerns for me to be found holding my tummy due to some life changing insult; justifying the way that I have not had any business with black people my entire life, starting from the time I bumped into subliminal messages that suggested the distance I would have to meet if I were forced to go from a person that was seen getting involved with Church concerns to a person that was homosexual would make women very powerful, now it is turning to the violence they will suffer from the business whereby doing me insulting and violent favours with a stupid culture to build up abuses and get imagination up my bum was inescapable, talking rubbish on media, fashion and celebrity culture if it is keen to seem me act in order to stop it the way that will leave only myself feeling comfortable. I still do not have business with black people and black women over it as such at this stage and they are beginning to get on my nerves in a wider sense. I understand the reason for this behaviour is the sense that I ought to make myself a symbol of suffering because I was not capable of doing the violent things that were necessary to keep my achievements and we know that the history of losing control of the people who are big and strong enough to do it makes this a sensibility that suggests they were free to invent any stupid thing of their choice and insert it into my life and career with media and violent lasciviousness – then there are the more relevant real world questions like whether they worked in the security services and were legitimised in their stupidities that involved keeping a watch on my concerns to trash everything that allows me face my day safely, more so since they were working in the security services, could handle me when I had begun to view their stupid lives in the same light; we all know that the first and second world war it is found, was developed entirely on a process where a group of people saw an advantage that allowed them take advantage of others and so they took it, they are never going to get that sort of behaviour here and may patronise it to hang around talking nonsense about the way I have contributed to racist acts the entire time as well, hence we are reaching a stage where I thought they talked too much, it had gone beyond a matter of what we thought we had muscles to accomplish and we will be finding out what they can do about me when I really want to have a go.

I am told the biggest question here is the case of my single status but it’s not a question in anyway whatsoever, we know they have gone to the Monarchy to ask the Queen for permission to secure relations with me and have returned to interpret the Queens rejection as an indication the Monarch wants me to be homosexual and so is the insults that I am homosexual that which would not have existed without big brother who has a relationship with Truck drivers and wants an arrangement with Celebrities that is really bad for me, wrecking my social life and Bookshop service processes because he had seen my arse. The idea I want a relationship with Celebrities is naturally utter nonsense since it would have been very unpredictable if I had Crown service to concern myself with, that I want a relationship with a wealthy person is suppositional because they might interfere with the Crown commission and the way it works, allowing the idiots who trash my finances develop statements that suggest my involvement with the Monarchy made me worse off after they wrecked my finances, a relationship with business people is not necessarily ideal since most of them believe that after I had sorted out matters at the Office, their advantage lay in the way it gave them an upper hand against abusive society gits and their children who want to get rich fast using powers everybody would have used if they had access to, I am likely to find acceptable a relationship with somebody whom a relationship would mean a social life that tackled the business of goons giving armed forces counter service for their work using the sex industry for instance. The part where it is now said that I am responsible for the carnage we see which I guess exonerates the insults and abuses I have to tolerate all the time from money mad idiots and their mercury retrograde gimmicks that fit into stupidities at my expense developed along the lines of showing they were modern and had their lives ahead of them, wouldn’t keep their insanity off my social life for a day, to complain of what has become of a process where I got to look like I was prepared for a fight and clash with their stupidities as well, so I guess I am responsible for the carnage if it was not an age of stupidity. The main problem here is still the same; I wrote a Book, they made such a mess of it that the problems I resolved to write the Book fell back on me, churned my tummy and left them means to build me reputation as somebody who smelled, the effect incapacitated me and left me unable to chase my career properly and they showed up with bullying that would further enhance their popularity over claims I was a low life who thought he was Royalty and I had to take them up on it and do something about my finances which has caused most of the whimpering. We see the idiots have done the same things with my social media and made a complete mess of my concerns again and action is therefore very necessary.

Now they say black people hold back black people most of the time and I say little about it which I don’t – these are sociopaths and Politicians like to enjoy the amusement that comes from their perverted interest in areas of other people’s careers. Mostly however the way it plays out is this nonsense where they come up with exactly what people can say and do upon which they built communities that will run down and attack those who didn’t comply, passing it off as civil rights movements while its real purpose was to ensure that none got to enforce the real law in a way that prevented them from making money. Where they want me to simplify it for them, I would be happy to remind them of the reasons they hated me being linked to the fact I am British until I picked up subliminal nonsense on the streets about what they wanted me to do which I didn’t do and therefore got me excluded from communities, making me less British in the process, as stupidly as possible, now they spend all their time on profitable abuses at my expense to show up and make money where I had done the best work for my career and cannot keep the insults down if I had not started targeting their sprawling stupidities too. It’s an old story of the way that they had no idea what they were doing and we had to wait somewhere for our bosses to catch up, hence what they did to make that happen and I am at this stage completely fed up with it too – it becoming part of a count for the things that needed to be administrated in a process of allowing people to enjoy a simple municipal living. The white people do say it’s nice I am responding well to issues caused by the black communities which is utter nonsense – the abusive behaviour and the sexual depravity is entirely a creation of popular culture linked to white people and developed by the daddies that fought for the rights that Celebrities want to have; so it’s a form of racism whereby they had decided what the problem was and when they thought you should fix it, they must have reached the end of their tether and you needed to decide it was their turn to solve problems which got them taking charge of their problem and finding a way to force their will on you, hence young people, especially the black idiots among them who have the imagination that gets up my anus etc. The other group of idiots will be the ones who say I act like I am a great warrior that will deal with all these bad guys but am not and I have had to listen to this nonsense for long enough i.e. I don’t have to fight any bad people since I don’t facilitate their activities and do not fund it, I stick very strictly to creating problems that I am certain that I had an ability to resolve, which makes further sense of their career crime stupidities thereof and if I pushed this a little further it will become very expensive for them too indeed. They have said naturally that they preferred fighting racists to resolve racism but we know what happens is their empathy for those who work government buildings having to grapple with various communities in a condition where Policy had to be devised specifically to treat particular communities differently and when their opponents in the white communities take over government because current operatives were unable to cope, we will find their idiots blazing our trail in a case of showing dignity and bravery over overwhelming odds instead of joining their opponents at Government buildings to fight for us when it had become so absurd that their seats were vacant and had to be filled in by white people, that they had decided on some amusing processes for the fighting that involved painting buildings and furniture white in order to show they were excluded before the point came up. They always say I needed to tell people what had to be done and yes we know that same as their insults and abuses, racism was a behaviour put together by idiots to ensure that they were able to access a good size of the finite finances that are available to the populations of the world; this is their fight, their bravery clearly have known no bounds just like their appetite for vandalism.

They do claim I have now told them exactly what they needed to do and its utter nonsense – I have said that their fighting lies where racism was a behaviour people exhibited ultimately because they thought it would give them a sizable access to the finite amount of money in the world, while the business of tackling me to hang about on media with abuses that suggest their stupidities were important while their communities attacked me for doing something important on their behalf, developing into an explanation for the current mental health crisis we face as a society, they are set to make enemies on both sides obviously. Their Politicians have always boasted about being able to control me via these insults and their imagination getting around my anus gimmicks, as much as they love to boast that I had no means of solving my own problems – but my problems are that I wrote a Book and they made a mess of it to ensure ethe issues I resolved to write it hit me in a condition whereby I was broke and were also stupid enough to start off bullying that suggested they were important, so we are now contending with what I am doing because I have been pressured to resolve the problem by the same idiots who created it. The Politicians on the other hand were not saying anything that was linked to reality, we have heard these stories before were their stupid children have suggested that Millennials were teenagers because of their behaviour and so they claim that what I am talking about are things that kids would already have sorted out to find their way in the world and we know this is like about the 4th time I have handled this sort of issue on a dispensational front, while the part where I found myself hurtling down a rabbit hole to show up at the backyards of industry and watch them do my career if they had the fucking guts for it even when I had dropped out of University was the bit their stupidities were able to cope with. So the point still stands that racism is about a behaviour people believe will give them access to the finite supply of money in the world, such that it would be a good amount that allowed them comforts and lifestyle and this is what their cowardly stupidities and that of their school environment burning foolish children need to spend all that energy on – I don’t think for my part that enough had died over their insolence yet, since we appear as though we will need to explain how exactly this theory of a stupid Arch Prince really works, all the more when it comes from a handful of idiots who wrecked my University studies laying claims of ownership to sociological sensibilities which I had developed on the way I pursued my academic work and it is becoming more and more sensible to describe them are big government office poofs. They do claim I found the culture and society issues complicated but am happy to pass around such insults but I don’t in anyway – what happens is a handful of ageists, 30 to 40 perhaps hanging around somewhere with a drink and soon enough they got imagination around my private parts and I thought I ought to twist them into a difficult social life position and their revenge involved taking the eyes that were fixed on my income margins insultingly to a whole new levels of banging on at me, soon after which their stupid local hoodlums and children joined in too but the stage at which I decided it had nothing to do with anybody’s culture and society is where the Politicians got involved, which adds to the claim I hated them while they simply annoy me fostering sexual abuse in my direction and ripping up my University studies to improve access to good looking man they love to insult for community croons that may want to see what I ate all the time, so being a big government Office poof said their stupid children had it figured out and that I am slow.

They do claim my problem still comes down to the financial aspects but it doesn’t; I have been running finances at this Hermitage to suit what I am doing with it but around 2012 I started getting targeted by black people who ran pyramid schemes and tricks on how to get rich gimmicks, by 2019, it was impossible to attend a job interview without abdominal discomfort that ensured I couldn’t engage with anybody and 3 years’ worth of bookshop time had been completely wasted with a bad health to show for it and Royal Office business does not put this type of stress on me. The gimmick from here has been that my attitude made it worse while what really happens is the daddies playing up practical jokes at my expense of which the first was the business where people laughed when they saw my CV first and read it later, second was University drop out bits and now this, so this is the third time and when they say my attitude makes it worse, we know it’s a matter of how handling me meant getting caught up in something so big they were unable to continue with their main daily concerns, which they believe to be my fault with a big mouth – so I have begun a process of responding and we are still in the early days of sorting something I can do with them that is bad for their finances to such an extent I blew a big financial hole in that stupid advertisement industry that helps them run the short insulting videos for their stupid socialites all day and I believe this is one of the best ways to keep their minions imagination off my anus; we begin with a process of setting out what I want too i.e. needs keep away from my Books and shut down its stupid opinions about my person or concerns. I should be able to plan a day based on what I am supposed to do; write Books, make a Bookshop workable by linking Trust activity to Book sales, finish what is left of academic pursuits but I am perpetually tired and this is the third time, when its stupidities have found something to get accustomed to, talking nonsense about my attitude making it worse.

I am told that I am oblivious to the fact that my tummy issues will get me into trouble but it will not do any such thing – I understand they speak all the time of where it wouldn’t naturally. The truth of it is the tale that never lets me be i.e. the abuses at criminal backyard popularity continues on how my social life can be used to make money but my work and career makes contribution to other people’s companies as punishment for the smell, the entire time of which the outcome was that when people saw my CV they laughed first and read later while they built me publicity to suggest I am unemployed because it is my fault – yet when I think they have said everything each time they suggest I am unemployed because it is my fault, the stupid dirty idiots have not actually said everything. There are places I wouldn’t do it in their view because I live a life that made contributions to the issues that churn peoples tummy and fart in public places as such then apparently or its just their big mouth wagging when they cannot prove that there exists a person who farts every time they met. They do say it’s the consequences of activities I engaged myself in and I lost as per whether I am the one building up or funding societies of ageist fools with ideas about how banging away at me all day makes market more productive for them, which their stupid hoodlums may copy, I wonder if I am the one running off the criminal popularity backyard abuses where people trash my academic work and hang around the radio waves and other forms of media building short insulting media reels that they claim added up to advertisement which eliminated all forms of market strategy to focus on getting friendship from companies through claims I am a bum who thinks others were bums, I am at a loss as per whether I am the one who knows I spend my time on this but set about threatening others who have allowed me get away with Industry job where I spend my time making a complete mess of their social lives in order to advance myself and get promotion, the same industry jobs about which my victims do not interfere with the way I travel to and from work, talking nonsense about where such victims would not smell. So here it is, they can now judge exactly what my mind set looks like, the same way I have been warning them on the threats issued at me being incredibly distracting. They do claim it’s a matter of fighting bits which have not been proven and I have set out the state of affairs at my office concerning the Royal order and my ability to lead on security, through social media where I can play games and put up the videos as such, we know first of all that when video games industries play with me and make games, if they played those games they had inadvertently become me and hell must be had – so here it seems the deterrence is not working and the next stage of action will be the truth bits where I wanted to retrieve everything celebrities and industry gits have been doing with my possessions and there would be hell to pay along the way, when it does engage in wrecking people’s lives to talk nonsense about which ones cannot handle the truth all the time as such. I am not the one picking up Books somebody else wrote, make such a mess of it and their careers the process of writing it causes him intense anxiety that hurts the tummy, then hang around somewhere talking nonsense about how they smelled and where my stupidities thought they wouldn’t; it is how bullying works but I guess then that all I need to do is to ensure those gimmicks where victims push back and then got punished no matter what happens here and so they can tell what my mind looks like thereof. Even now, their stupidities claim to such an extent that property security is affected all the way to markets and the internet, that I am dealing with eventuality whereby my history caught up with me – the reality of which is that they picked up a handful of superior twats in Africa who told them what my history was and then set about making such a massive mess at Buckingham Palace with it but nothing has really changed about the way that making a living fundamentally means doing some form of harm to these idiots when talk of the town insults that ensures they could get around like two faced tarts that did not have to organise their lives for any reason, meant that your very existence was a threat to friends and family and when your marriage broke up it got worse. For the time being, the effect is that they run off their stupidities on one end, when I get on with my own concerns on the other it was comparatively amazing but the Americans and their need to lead some friends that are entitled to my income especially the stupid women on social media, are the idiots posing a real case – the backdrop washing up here like scum that is admirable idiots and hoodlums with insults that were financially profitable at my expense.

I. Uno I

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