So it is said that my condition is a very sad one but I donít know why people do it Ė I am not sad, in fact I am so happy I am being bullied by idiots who think that they ought to appoint themselves to a duty of putting things into my personality and like every time we see them, we find them complaining about problems they created for themselves, when their stupid popularity sets in, they will claim that I smell. Match this with a process of feeling tired from the work I have done to move them on and the idea I am sad, mixed it up to make sense of high feelings in terms of me being happy and tired while people thought I was in grave need for assistance and will mean that people were taking risks with mental illness. In terms of my career itís more a matter of people coming up with practical jokes that they stacked up back to back and now that they had on Media, I will need to take permission from them to access my social life, career and public image while they did whatever their stupidities wanted with it and we have not yet reached an arrangement on when the idiots believed I should start running a Bookshop properly, now that it was theirs to control and itís about to end very badly. So far history is that my career is a mess and they would never stop singing to that every day on Media but at the same time their popular culture is a complete mess as well and they are hoping that it will get better before they got old but that will never happen, so there is all the threats and violence everyday which suggests they were not having the fun they had invented all together. It is not that complicated for it to be clear that it is very destructive for me, this case of girls and boys associated with daddy characters, setting out to get famous with the use of my daily concerns and if that were to stop, there would be no problems as such; I donít believe itís so difficult for them to either Ė they simply need to stop taking pictures of themselves exhibiting popularity stupidities on my social life and public image, need to stop splashing out on it over social media and the internet and all abusive and stupid comments on Media needed to be shut down Ė if they believe they cannot be obliged, then I will take up the task and hopefully they didnít complain either and this is not their lives and where they live. They claim I reek of decadence and its utter nonsense; itís not really a case of setting out privileges and working on them until I became tired and decadent as they put it, itís more a matter of building wealth equity, when ethnic minorities get involved it produced a certain flavour in terms of education Policy, international development and security, when white people do it does in terms of crime and dissidence Ė what their stupidities have done with it is to trash my career and invent any stupid thing of their choice to insert into my life and hang about at Popularity extracting money from my public service and this now need to come to a dead stop. They always say that my career gets in everybodyís face and nothing works this way either; what happens is that they are good at this business of galvanising a lot of disrespect for what others do for a living while gathering up respect for theirs; in my case it has now produced this effect where I am a writer and I write equity and people might want to read my Books but that does not happen because the disrespect had taken hold and they now instead spend their time picking up Bookshop service processes to deploy for other purposes at popularity or wait for me to get out of bed everyday so they might deploy any atmosphere that emerges to create market, features the self-exhibition stupidities of their children, all because I am not a writer in their opinion, when asked why they did it always tend to come up with the same response that involved saving their bums and dignity, which just adds up to a process of punishing me for the Books they found relevant and again it needs to come to a stop Ė I donít know when they think I ought to run a Bookshop properly and what fun it is exactly annoying big brother gets from becoming obsessed with my nauseating financial complications caused by their stupidities and obsession with my concerns anyway. They do boast that there is nothing much I can do about them and I donít plan to do much either, just ensure Celebrities I have not vouched for, kept out of my concerns Ė if I am unable to clear out the history they have built so far, if the business of building new ones and coming up with a way to build it such that I couldnít get rid of it and the stupid comments on media did not all come to end, I will embark on a process of ending it as will make me very comfortable indeed Ė these are the facts they need be aware of, if they are complaining already. Celebrities I have not vouched for ought to cease looking like the death knell for my survival and stay a distance from my concerns or there will be physical input on my part with respect to processes that will ensure this was achieved.

They do boast about the confidence that there was little I could do to tackle the insults and disrespect issues which is utter rubbish as what happens is that the Communities built up to give them support for all their disrespect was the problem while they werenít my main concern. We know what happens with Celebrities is the consequences of their involvement and the cost of it Ė cost should be tackled through withdrawal, consequences should be tackled through some form of recompense but Law makers have not yet thought that their need to play games with everything including government showed that existing laws were inadequate for handling Celebrities at this stage, that said, on my part, making them tidy up mess associated with their involvement or using their careers to do it, should add up with withdrawal of access, so when they show up at the Monarchy at the Queen is asking if they were there to fight National enemies, I would have fulfilled my Office. They have had 15 years of these abuses and I guess that now they need to show they were famous because they were counted among the good people in the world and expect me to help them keep the secrets, if I am not afraid of being unable to predict what they might do next.

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