They claim I am convinced that negotiating these emotional and social minefields are absolutely vital and it’s just as insulting as the suggestion I ama  character who thinks he can do whatever he liked at the Monarchy – the latter being more a matter of taking up peoples time in the world, since last they progressed from being evil to being stupid as most processes and abusive attacks had failed, because anything done to move on their stupidities will only end up on Media as a part of another person’s career, while on the other hand people were blinded to the fact that they were not supposed to have relations with their relatives, finished off with world of men gimmicks that creates an unlimited amount of penises at the Monarchy, showing up on Media to control peoples careers in the City all the time, while there was no risk in their view that I will go from doing all that is required of me to show that selling oneself was the wrong thing to do regardless of circumstances, to doing something with an intention because the sex industry exist, which I will tidy up well enough to ensure that HM was not offended and the same way the end justified the means for them, will it justify it for me. As for the emotional and social minefields they speak of – I believe it is not that complicated for people to make sense of a writer who engages with his audience on social media and to cease all insults and fun that makes a mess of the finances.

Now I am said to be in danger of a problem that will never go away and it rather breaks the heart but I have no idea why people do this, I am only very tired which I accept I shouldn’t be, but any human being would when inundated with the abusive activities of stupid men that take up time all day. So this is what it is – these idiots always have ideas on how to do bad things to make money and then they invent an exit for the consequences later but that exit is developed at somebody’s expense and in my case the big question is the reasons that then make the exit workable by trashing my book sales and conducting such a process of abuse that it was possible to switch off public interest in my Books like a water tap. It is an example of something that is set to continue for an eternity if there was no response on my part for it and we have seen the Obama facilitated Muslims for example – its pillaging all day and no direction to turn thereof, once they think they had chased the plan to get rich fast to such an extent that they were on the brink of war, their exit was a campaign which suggested the west came into their Lands to seduce them with money and destroy it later, even when it does this, it will set about trashing my Bookshop and it continues like that even for the men in the UK whereby what I have said here for example does not affect the salaries and jobs in anyway but the vicious and abusive comments will turn off public interest in my Books like a tap and they will claim it was something of an obsession with the exhilarating way that I responded to their stupidities and hang around issuing threats to support their theory that they were convinced it would stop to make them comfortable. It’s nothing unusual and we see it all the time; the parents are abusive and the insults channelled at me suggests their children want to play with my livelihood – the children have the worst possible upbringing and then when they ran out of money to keep it going, the popularity culture serves the stage by which other people’s off springs developed a perverted interest in my income margins – as I mention it so, they will then claim that I had taken up responsibility while what I am really saying is that they have had 15 years of this nonsense, while the idiots who build a media presence for them so it does not get to move on, are no longer claiming their media jobs were the best in the world, since the obsession of insulting me and helping people creative proof of the importance of ideas that when they thought I ought to drop out of University and spend time getting into a fight to boost their popularity, it was set in stone.

I personally do not think that if I exhibited all these behaviour towards what I thought another person made a living by, I would thereafter still set about informing them that they would end up in difficult situations if they described me as a bloody idiots for instance – so this is not just a matter of being a very annoying big brother character who really loves to screw around with peoples nauseating financial complication, it is something abusively far more nefarious. So far their popularity culture is complete mess but I have not achieved a result of seeing less of this perverted interest around my concerns – we know that it’s an old story where it will make a mess of people’s lives in such ways to buy a car and when it turns up, the car will serve as a rallying point for people who want to make the money as well and then it sets about addressing me like a servant that its stupidities had accounted for financially and the insults never move on because they were extracting money from my income margins every time I tolerated one and we are not going into great details about the wicked things being done to others to make money, about which they seek exits from the consequences at my expense, which started this conversation in the first place. Just me pointing out how indeed I must have from a hermitage gotten accustomed to the abuses of the parents and then the badly raised children and then the insults of the children who want to play with my livelihood and now this – safe to say, that I take my time because hurting people is a serious matter but I would fancy they took the easier option of staying away from my Books and shutting down all types of comments that had adverse effects on my social life, now that it is in their hands to decide if I may run a Bookshop properly.

They do love to boast that there is nothing or little I can do about Celebrities which is utter nonsense as I must have pointed out earlier – the reasons we do not think about drawing up a reality where involvement of celebrities meant hoodlums got imagination around your private parts and wrecked academic work and career, and people spent a lot of time coming up with strange ideas on how abusively you can be handled for others to be better off, and people abused you until you had an eating disorder, then set about courting violence towards you because you smelled – a reality then where cutting Celebrities off anything that got them involved with you was the solution, which most people don’t think of because they were afraid of Celebrities; so it is not actually a very big thing for me to have done, it was simply the right thing and most effective solution to the problem. They always claim they were being disrespected by me and it’s an old story where they were insane, stark raving mad, not disrespected and if I moved on this matter over a very short period of time or set myself on a deadline, my responses would be very harmful indeed. I am done with the insults and I am certain they understand what it means when I do say that I have had enough.

It’s an old story about those practical jokes, they never stop and are always increasingly more and more abusive because they are developed to facilitate manipulation that would get them paid for being popular lest they had to do a day’s work in their lives. Black people always set the stage by claiming that they can handle me every time which is utter nonsense; it’s always a two part story with black people, one being a handful of gits that have followed me around with insults for years, the insults setting the stage for the way they get involved with the best work I had done for my career, to make a mess – the other being the black people who want to get paid for being popular on my income margins, setting me out as their relative which I am not and so we find that the ethnic minority community that has been built to include me for this nonsense was brought about by the actions of racists who got us hurdling together like sheep, so they might perform this nonsense and the civil rights movements they come up with was a trap that would get me to criticise rich people and become a character they bullied to suck up to those who had money and will make money no other way, making it clear every time that they didn’t think the fact I dropped out of University was a big deal. The first time it kicked off, was a story about the poor getting poorer and rich getting richer, in the middle of the storm of which black people had me and black women could manipulate me into working for careers that I abandoned to them – something of how little they learned from those parts of the world where they escaped conflict to live in the UK for instance, by the time it ended, they claimed I was in league with racists; now it’s a case of trashing my finances with a perverted involvement every day and we have never once had the benefit of being shown a singular problem they complain of which they had not created for themselves or that the idea there was a shortfall of 70% at least on the work they were supposed to do to fulfil the dreams they shout into our ears all the time did not exist – hence it has been difficult to move on but each time I clear out this nonsense they push me and I am about to chase a path that ensured it ended very badly too. On the ground however dropping out of University over their gimmicks was not a big deal but the biggest problem with me these days is an attitude associated with what my diet looks like and we can see ample examples of what it is assumed a person can tolerate on the basis that human beings are known to be so stupid according to history.

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