They do claim I am I a lot of trouble at the Monarchy, but it is not trouble for me at all, just an immense amount of work I had to do if I needed to overhaul 18 years of public work, to say that I am no longer in the service of the Monarchy. It feels a lot easier to attack the Celebrities as well, they were the people who decided to make decisions at the Monarchy because another group of idiots had society businesses and they were running everybody down to share the wealth of gits who enjoyed spending their money to make people’s lives a misery. At this stage I have no idea what I am  to do to the famous gits, to ensure it stopped showing up near my finances to make statements, comments and gestures about its bank balance which then stalls my Bookshop and career all together but this is the third time the idiots have handled my career and made a mess of it in 21 years – the most evasive yet i.e. picking up my media and setting out ways I have engaged with Clients, to build up their own Publicity for it as will ensure they created a version of me that their stupidities will feel more comfortable with, essentially picking up my career and earnings to build publicity where I got to serve them and then building a crowd that will help to enforce it. I much prefer we continued to tell the white lies as I worked out a way to ensure this was the last time their stupidities handled my career as well, looking like a shoot my head, I am famous group of idiots that cannot stop handling other people. The society goons apparently spent their money on what Celebrities did because those gimmicks about their possessions deciding what becomes of others was an effective way to recover the money they have lost; it needs to give my Bookshop a break or it will recover nothing. In essence by saying what I have said about my position while I was not facing any threats, two situations have emerged: one being that the Prince of Wales hated me and the other being that I am not facing any threats i.e. I have mentioned it because there was a need to set out an understanding that if the Queen did not want me to continue I would not be clinging to power, as it usually is a product of the small sacrifices made to complete public duty is set out and repeated again and again and again, so beyond the end of public duty their stupidities will continue to seek access to my position to work the corruption they have recently dreamed up, therefore I will be paying that price year on year for the rest of my life, talking rubbish on Media every day. The hate of the Prince of Wales on the other hand was nothing unusual – we have lived for years with a sense that the Office of the Prince of Wales was the place people went whenever they wanted to steal from others without getting into trouble with the Police, assumption being that it would be moved on and out as time progressed but what has occurred is that the disposition had been made into an Official position, so first of all, the current Monarch is a woman and I do not want to be the betrayer of women by acting in a way that avails the Queens good record to him, secondly, I need to prepare for an instance where it would be necessary for them to face the just due for their stupidities and more so when such a time comes on eventually. Once I am done with the business of an end to all processes of Celebrities handling my career and a line is drawn on the stupid patriarchy insults, it might show up here to make use of my personal space and therefore cross those lines one more time, if it had a real need to make sense of the world its stupidities have devised over an assumption that its position was a better off one around here – considering more over that the Prince of Wales Office being deployed to fight for their industrial gimmicks never caused harm, except when their stupidities nearly started World War three in Ukraine.

They do claim I have not put to bed the idea I am a coward either, which is an old story i.e. they were the cowards who always needed to explore peoples civic duties and fight their battles the way their victims faced down challenges, naturally when you kick them as well, will want an instance where it crept up behind you to stab you, then you had to mitigate such instances and get left with a lifestyle otherwise it takes the plunge when you batter its stupidities properly, the Police will let you go at the end too. It is not that I do not want to get into the core reasons for most of these ill events, the core reason is that they build communities which existed in secret and if it trashes your University studies and or career, should you act in a way which exposes its secrecy, there will be punishment for infringing their civil rights, that said, in order for them to have any way to enforce such nonsense they needed access to peoples social lives, careers and finances and this was the illegal part which I am keeping to help me decide how this will be the last time famous idiots made a mess of my career because they had money instead of buying and reading a Book. It is usually a two part story with one having to do with a need they had to run people down and share the wealth of Industry gits who spend money making life a living hell for others, by which they made media appearances and became famous, the other is that their background truly belongs to characters that were real and proper low lives, so it was not just difficult to realise that even after ripping up my studies, career and social life to get rich like this, they were still low lives, hence it sets the stage for them to stall my Bookshop and finances, calling me name, running me down and trying to get younger people to join in, about which I want to pick up the same premise and the main method by which the matter was settled on how I spent 7 years to move them on and they had during that time learned important pressure points about Client relationships to use again me, which makes this nonsense a huge practical joke from their point of view, beginning with the part where the money in their bank accounts stalled my Bookshop because of what they said about both, I need to ensure this was the very last time ever, particularly by making them keep the money peacefully in a world where they understood clearly that I was involved with and had influence in Government.

The idea has since developed into a sense I am an extremist concerning the way I handled these matters but on the ground we were losing money, talent and resources, just so a bunch of people could do a lot of damage, make a mess and keep a certain proportion for themselves which added up to private wealth that facilitated outcomes where the money in their bank accounts had an effect on other peoples incomes. They claim it is a matter of what changes were likely to satisfy me but I am using myself as a test case – Books published, Level 3 Diploma completed, Bookshop established but the sole reason for low income was disrespect and the same public conditions created to facilitate such disrespect is what the people who created it i.e. the Celebrities, Industry gits and Politicians are complaining about, which we could really do without. So I need to pick up the illegal parts of a history they had built starting with my own property and run it off until my public and social position becomes clear enough as a consequence of having done so, the big picture is that we are losing money, talents, time and resources to this gimmicks, I am not an extremist. They do even claim I sounded as if I wanted to be a Politician which I don’t, as what culture and society gits got up to did not affect me at all unless celebrities got involved, implying that I would have had celebrities getting involved at Government Office before it affected me. They do claim it’s a myth which is utter nonsense; those activities will never end and will never go away as long as we lived in a world were only some people were in charge and only some people were wealthy, banging away at the background whether people were Royalty, Monarchs and Presidents of the world, the posturing we do is a product of a handful of idiots setting out an abusive public stage by which they strip others of decisions and statements made about gits having fantasies on career talents that could be deployed to do violent things and crime, reaching a stage where they ran off abusive advertisement that targeted victims and worked out their own problems in life by getting fingers up peoples bums, they were supposed to be famous apparently, besides which if you did end up making sense of the gimmicks of culture and society gits, such that your social life and public image was decided by the insanity of what passes on your left hand side and right hand side, one day in my position if I did, I would have to explain it to the Queen. What I do with people who decide that if they did not want to get jobs and careers for money because it was preferable to commit crimes but did not want to get into trouble with Police as well and therefore needed to set out a way that cultural indemnity of abuse will get me to give up property everyday until they were rich and comfortable, is to set out their gimmicks on my own public image, so it meant the silly society took risks with homosexuality, hopefully the popularity and famous idiots with their insolence will cease picking it up, getting imagination up my bum and shooting off their cracked up out of my league big mouth about a big brother disposition that will confiscate my public image instead of showing up here to read a Book if my work made them comfortable. None knows why it is always so insulting and always so abusive and they will never pay for what they used, despite most of their gimmicks being about the money in their bank accounts, about which I really need to ensure the most recent damage was the last one ever as it were.

It is not a magic trick that we are this way, it is simple chastity, the reasons people cannot understand why the Queen just does not like some people – in my case it had doubled up in the sense that I had built a website, put up a disclaimer and wrote swear words on it, so they could not understand why I am supported while I should be dead literally. The Chasity about which they show up here to run off gimmick about communist democracy relations, to show up tackling me all the time, just to claim that people were born homosexual.  It has since become an aide of the Prince of Wales over its need to get rich fast, the part that produces insults where its children could do better than me, I was a low life and a bum and they could get nothing done without passing their patriarchy insults and abuses my way, talking nonsense about what they claimed was a lack of respect for the Prince of Wales on my part. Reality which is that it is more an Official matter where HRH undoes what the Queen had done to control an abusive situation in the Country which gets people seeking to acquire handbag mistresses with long suffering wife at home and the way that such gimmicks makes a complete mess every time – we already know that if you got up your roof to abuse somebody all day, the Police will come round, take you to a cell for a couple of Hours and issue a warning to you, I therefore had this role where I worked to curtail the violent orthodoxy – the Prince of Wales has undone all of it, we have no idea what he and his men were planning for the Country, we know that HM leadership was what we had and we know he will not let us get on, then it was all garnished with a bunch of civil disobedience abusive culture scum who never stopped flapping their mouth at me about the way I am not Royalty and did not know how to respect one, about which it was easy for me not to handle their stupidities as much as it was easy for them to leave me alone and shoot off their opinions somewhere else. It is an official matter that the way this has played out is the Prince of Wales getting me to tackle Celebrities whilst in this condition nothing I did would have produced results which gives him options for career piracy, at the same time, nothing I did with my own personal finance career meant anything to anybody no matter what I did with it, nothing to do with respect.

In essence we are looking at a bunch of idiots that are now out of their depth having acquired a position at the Monarchy while the main interest in me was about getting rich fast and by hurling insults at me to feel as if their stupidities were more important than they should have been endlessly – the blacks have not yet learned to play with something else if they were complaining of their white Counterparts tackling them by running off racism in the Police force, it is still making sure its stupidities got fingers up my anus so every white git with ideas about owning the country and running people down with very violent and relentless lasciviousness could do it as well for marketing purposes, so I believe it is set to go beyond the part where their stupidities get killed and I write a blog each time they tried tackling me for it. As for the insults, I think that for the others who have not yet explained how they hope to mitigate the risks associated with working the Princes trust to make superior sons feel comfortable, would be managed if their abusive gimmicks had given way to terrorism and there was a need to retract finances from such beneficiaries, it is talking nonsense about disrespect in a manner that prevents me from carrying out my own duties, when I had run off statements on the insults and violent abuses to such an extent I pointed out the forms those patriarchy insults had taken and made it clear where their interest in me was meant to stop, crossing that line again from such a point would have meant that they had declared a war as well. The rest can only end up in a scenario where I wanted to make something meaningful out of their gimmicks within a 24 hour period and an insults led to actions taken to ensure that one more instance of picking up my concerns to make its stupid life easier and then hang about telling lies like I am a piece of meat, will produce outcomes where I began a process of fucking them over with it properly as well.

I. Uno I

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