They do claim I had lost all my finances and a job had been well done, it is utter nonsense as what happened is more a matter of taking out a security guarding job 5 years after I dropped out of University because of their unusual attention here, since then they had taken the opportunity to show that their civil rights was all about spending everything I did to provide myself with security, that it was about getting me to fight their enemies, while their stupid men got to ensure I had to get into trouble with the Police before their media gets to release my career back to me. We have done five years of tolerance by 2022, time again we hear they cannot get their heads around to it and I had to do it for them by stating that unless their queer communities had replaced public enforcement officers, their involvement with my concerns had no meaning or purpose, as to arrive at the stage where they pick up my earning margins to make stupid announcements about young millionaires they created from people who did as they were told to, something of a situation that the public should be part of. Then there are the women are well, stalling everything here including my personal relationships but I have only met women who wanted to control their own concerns my entire life, not a bunch of gits who were so terribly reliant on their bottom chasing idiots who loved to run me down all day due to their interest in me, claiming they were real men and cannot just change my preference for women at 38 years of age, we are considering it is still impossible for me to just write Books and engage with clients due to their practical jokes, beside their get rich tricks, going to build this nonsense up to a momentum and find out if they really can back up their big mouth considering shooting it off was a better alternative to ceasing activities that leave me haemorrhaging cash during my daily concerns, as their popularity idiots get to enjoy a field day for their own stupidities as well. The two other stories these well-dressed self-exhibitionist narcissism goons tell on the side is firstly, that it was impossible to envisage how I would ever stage a recovery from here and the other was success achieved in the idea that I was in league with extremists from which they have now detached me after years of abusive activities and murders committed to show how evil I am, I am now in a condition where their silly children can run me down to drive around limousines and befriend wealthy people. Both have no root in reality, I mean to such an extent that in the first matter, all I now need is some broke wife that was like myself to complete with what I am doing together and build a family that will fulfil required duties at the Monarchy, which they are not, as they are more a bunch of completely insane individuals who claim I am drunk with power to make good of a media presence and were mentally disturbed enough to trash peoples career and finances in return for pictures, attention and memorabilia from Celebrities and are usually responsible for Celebrity suicides. For the latter the idea I am drunk with power really comes to bear on the issue of working a Public service position, where I had to make a declaration on certain important matters applicable, some generic and some a function of my version of leadership, like when women say that public leaders were like babies and unless people were getting information from a midwife, you may think that what you had in mind with the best of intentions was the correct thing and then they end up dying on you, top leadership will not be able to tell clearly what I am doing and how to respond or handle my position unless it was clear which people occupied the space where I am required to show such things were applicable to my position, which is generic, applicable to my style of leadership will have been a matter of wealth equity, where I got to show how important it was to me to assist the legal system by developing a countermeasure for those instances where they provoke people and brushed it under the carpet, then worked victims until it ended up in the law court, so what was done at Court was law enforcement and the secrets they kept was power, which made it easier for them to tolerate incarceration when those who dared to own things they had not tasted came to harm.

They even claim they hated me because I assumed I was an important person whilst I am not, which does tally I suppose with the fact I never liked them because they enjoyed wrecking all of other peoples lives for the part of peoples lives that they had need of, then show up on the concerns of their victims like personal gods to make use of it anyway. Then it gets to the stage where the idea is that none knows if what I am doing is the wrong thing and this is because it thinks that it had successfully used the abusiveness of rogue landlords with access to media fools, to build up an atmosphere of abuses and insults at my expense, which its stupidities was complaining about as well, further more it denies this was the problem and continues a lifestyle in which it was consigned to the fringes of society and none consigned them there, none from politics, culture, society, all we know is that they were civil disobedient twats who would block my love life if they were not currently blocking my career and finances at it is, the purpose of their need to show up on the fringes of society while complaining about the criminal activity in it, goes beyond a need to issue threats at me with a big mouth and developed into something of a process where they laid social toll booths to make people pay them to pass on to personal and financial success, just as much as we know that the Politicians who helped them wreck my academic pursuits have not been winning elections since as well. I have been doing poor book sales numbers at the market since their interest in my Bookshop began, backed by their gits in Government buildings who had greater ideas about the power contained in my Books and I am waiting for the best opportunity to see their insults as the means to do something about the stupid lifestyle applicable, which shows up here to clip my finances everyday it is simply better off shutting down all access to my concerns, especially the part where it spends time running me down every time that it got work to do from employers.

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