They claim there are tough times ahead for me and its utter nonsense – these were people so stupid their behaviour applies to your career and finances in a way which makes you want to slap them over the head.  There is the narcissistic happiness even though they completed their University studies and worked you hard enough to make you fail your own – the narcissism and its happiness is so reliant on other people that it can be achieved no matter what their stupidities were feeling and then it will be put to short insulting videos they claim added up to the way that advertisement was made. There are others which involved building up violent lasciviousness at my expense, to set out a business, such that when people took part in that lusciousness, each time I stepped outside of my door, I was a threat to their income streams, so I bumped into it all the time and their stupidities build a crowd that got imagination up my bum. The big one of course is the need of the Celebrities and Media scum to repeat everything I did for their own glory which saw that all I did at my Office were wasted and their own will never stop even when their salaries get to their heads and they made money by being stupid, such that it arrives at a point where making that money was a do or die affair, which should educate them about what others are feeling when such nonsense stifled the finances. I think I am now very close to the point where I am set to work my own hatred and wrath on their stupidities as well, but they will not take the warning and the exit, to stay away from my Books and make their comments about their own careers. They do speak of Politicians wrecking the career as well of which there is no such thing: what happens is that I am involved with instances where they say 90% of people the Police gets involved with are not nice people, the other 10% that are incarcerated are so bad, that they were because they needed somebody to baby sit them. What then happens is that the Politicians set about ripping up my career and finances to give them access to my personal space, hold me down and groom me into a position where they can build communities they get imagination up my bum to run enterprises, once finished, do not want the scumbags to follow them around everywhere they went as well, which is what is now happening but I ought to point out what this is all together i.e. where it all began and how it began in 2002 with a process of having my career and finances wrecked to get a certain feeling out of me that will make available what they had seen to be a character that possessed such a high level of moral disposition, that unlike most people engaged with some religion or another, in my case, they can make any mess at Government buildings, at the end of which there will still be a moral disposition from my life, which provides them a means to spin their way out of the consequences – I have since reached a stage where it was important they showed some respect for my career as well.

What is really happening here is that of a handful of people who have gotten on the wrong end of the duties that women at the Monarchy who happen to be involved with the lower classes perform and they have been broken down properly, right down to the Public transportation operatives, to show up here and build a public phenomenon from it which suggested that I existed to wait somewhere so that bad ideas on how I should be handled might apply to me and they have turned up on my concerns claiming those women fought my wars to groom me for the sexual context abuses and many other attacks, long enough to get a response, I am now close to that stage as well and they did not think yet that they needed to stay away. So it is still the same story as normal: for some of them it’s the University fiasco they created for me when I studied – for some of them it’s the fact I got a private security industry job from a German Company and it set the stage for me to be inflicted with all the bad things people have done to them, showing up here to demand the proceeds off my social life and public image like an entitlement and I believe that I am about to devise my own wrath and hatred for their stupidities as well. They do speak of how harmless I was, but I don’t think I take a fancy to financially well-off psychopaths for my part either, whilst all the failures I have endured can be traced back to the interests that sociopaths have shown in me, garnished by their fame idiots and media twats. I am set to be begin with a process of making sure if I did not own the stupid Celebrity culture it will belong to none as it were. They do claim I talk the way I do because I am helpless, I am rather not helpless in anyway whatsoever. The reality of this is a process where people picked up my work or my person and built up lasciviousness on it which other people took part in to cope with what life throws at them and do business, such that stepping out of my door meant that I was likely to upset the situation and they had to build a crowd that gets imagination up my bum to control and stop me where necessary. This business progresses then into something of a sense that I needed to get out of my skin and work the matter up to the stage where I decided that I hated them and had a way to apply the hate, so that when they wreck my career and finances like so, I would wreck their own as well – where I want to be becoming a matter about which the Politicians say I am scary and none knows what I might do but I want to marry up this nonsense with the fact it would never have happened if they did not have celebrity culture and it would never have happened if somebody was not giving them money and food, more so though a job, so I need each occasion I have to put up with this nonsense and have them handle me abusively for no reason to make money and threaten to expand a crowd that took part in it, end up at their employers premises every time that it occurred. The Media on the other hand have never listened so all the work I do on it is picked up like they picked me up when I was at my most relaxed to build this nonsense on the basis that they were real men, the Media and Celebrities picked up everything I did, to pass of their own and deploy to please paying public, then get off flattering me and talking to me the way they think that the Queen does, if I am being given a measure of hope, the famous idiots will not stop even when I have informed them millions of times of the way it destroys my finances, the stupid women looking like they will like that dream of theirs where I was at war with women to come to fruition, the part where they then pick up the best work I had done over involvement with government to say that the advantage was a process of not having to live half my life, in a bid to show customers that I was getting it the way they were, thereby having the social range to help government achieve its civil living objectives, they pick up the best work and set about befriending rich people over it and then the practical jokes on my studies, finances and career really kick off; it had since arrived at a stage where bad people the Police got involved with at the job, got an exit off their jobs and we are not talking about Royals who perform their duties as a detachment from the Queens Authority or the Duke of Sussex who has now abandoned his Family ripping up all I did here to ensure their narcissism can get attention from me any time it wanted either, it is starting to look like something I want to beat up very violently and it will not stop until it really does. I want to get back to the time before they started those gimmicks where my Books existed to cover their backside, so criminals were nice people buying show business while I spent time trying to rub shoulders – their stupidities were happier then even so, I want to get back to younger people being able to make popularity culture that pose the risk of tummy issues to criminals thereby preventing the bad people from following others around; if I have to draw a line under this nonsense and move on by myself, I will adopt a certain position and if I see their stupidities and that of their celebrities all over it one more time, I believe I will be inclined to teach them a lesson they will never forget for it as well. It was just a matter of my profile, now it’s a choice between my profile and this nonsense while their fame idiots spend their days recruiting any part of the Public that is interested in my Books, into their fan base. They claim I underestimate how much Americans hated the British and it is utter nonsense – it is an old story about the alternative to sex work being a process of handling the public image and social life of British Royalty which is incredibly stupid as it gets really complicated when Royalty is involved with the issues at criminal backyard. It gets serious when those gimmicks where their girls want to bathe in streams and rivers at the forests which cannot be done without handling the British for a sense of entitlement, develops into a process where one had duties applicable to people who did the dangerous tasks for public security at the civil service and it had since become a thing that their Celebrities, Media and Fashion gits wanted to mess around with; at this stage it had begun, it had kicked off. We are not talking about claims that British culture is the source of all I do which usually gets serious when somebody tried to explore such a culture in existence as it were. It was happier than I was when it was easier to say that bad people were bad, it got off claiming those were good people and I was trying to rub shoulders with its stupidities and set about wasting my Book without paying for a copy over problems – this is the main issue being updated every day like it was confident its Media and pornography stupidities for money would handle a good response comfortably.

They claim I have refused to acknowledge that I had hit rock bottom and should do something about it. Never had it made sense once as such, but I have repeatedly pointed out that my finances looked the way it did because it was the best way to get done what I am doing currently. It is always a plan that will help some people get ahead of the whether as such, so they felt it was most practicable when worked to stifle my Book sales and spend a lot of time trying to inform me that their children were cleverer and more successful than I am – I should say that the time between 2002 and 2009 was wasted on a University fiasco they invented for their profitable practical jokes at my expense but what we are talking about as prove that I had hit rock bottom started in 2010, it became a problem in 2016 when I decided to put my head down and work a Bookshop for profit, only to find their practical jokes got there too and the effect was that their insults were the things the Public turned up at my Bookshop to experience, instead of reading my Books, which they don’t tell the Politicians because they were more comfortable shooting off my mouths about my attitude instead. It happens like this to suggest that if I had reached a stage of make or break in my career, it would definitely break because I am not important enough for my career not to – so the same principle applies to what is really a process of their gimmicks setting out my Book as a tool to cover their backsides while they got famous, destroying the viability of the Bookshop because it existed and was useful to their stupidities, so the fact I am not writing my Books until the problem had been resolved was since picked up by German influence idiots who want to write my Books, of which it goes without saying for the millionth time, they need stay away from my Books and make their comments about their careers or I will handle the Celebrity culture to find out what it is exactly that their stupidities can do about me; I mean on a 1 to 10 scale of stupidities if these behaviour is killing off my income and they were saying I had refused to acknowledge I had hit rock bottom and to do something about it, that it yesterday’s bills were paid for by the shop, there was no reason the next day’s bills should be supported by the Government. Then there is the question of what they wanted to do with answers secured from this process where it was ascertained that I had hit rock bottom and failed to do something about it, each time receiving a response that suggest they want to make a point about rich peoples playground at my expense and it is so annoying for people to rip up public interest in my Books for such nonsense and then build a crowd that runs me down because I had hit rock bottom and failed to do something about it, like characters I would love to do some serious harm to. The reality on this matter was a case where the Queen was good at deciding what security would be and I appear to be very good at breaking down what specific acts of security activities done by the services meant or implied – this is then used by people to facilitate their civil living and to do business and to run enterprises and so on, thus we put in context what the Celebrities are to in terms of the facts listed above – what we know as a matter of certainty is that they end up with two community sections; one is a bunch of people with questionable morals and it was the questionable morals that made them people who were too good to grace your presence, then when you have financial difficulties, you found yourself stuck with them on every single option, while they Celebrities ran wild with Civil disobedience that wrecked your finances and the various points of narcissism and lies will not be stopped if it was not stopped seriously. I have been told this is what people mean when they say I needed to take it seriously but what they are referring to as such is a case of me going back to the stupid revenge popularity culture that showed up here to build publicity that will create a version of me their stupidities were more comfortable with, then set about drawing up sympathy for criminals while demonising me and I can guarantee that those who push me to take overt action will complain about the results, so I advise people rather should help me get their famous stupidities away from my Books. We have seen them draw up these roads that lead between me and the City centres for the purpose of their tribalism raids, especially if considered in context of building a Crowd that ran me down because I had hit rock bottom and failed to do something about it – wonderment will turn to the question of what they were doing with it and we will find a lot of sexual context abuses that ensure if a CEO thought that the tribalism raids was not the way that business should be operated, the CEO will lose the job, it now wants to understand my scope and range, which is largely a matter of the fact when I am an Arch Prince I am more interested in the fact if I had a Goddaughter she would be doing well on the mobility front, if I am a Hermit I am mostly interested in the fact that I cannot allow them move into the right hand and play up country ownership practical jokes at my expense, especially considering the facts listed above, thus any promises made to keep their imagination off peoples private parts will never ever be kept.

Now I am said to be a character that is a unlovable, I wouldn’t know anyway since what happens is that they show up here for practical jokes, a version of me that they had built up, usually an unprecedented level of disrespect that I then respond to by informing them I liked anal sex and their twats were on the line literally, it never stops here either, the process of blocking my personal life and relationships continues still. The Celebrities made the most of the fact they never took me seriously on the abusive stupidities of getting imagination up my bum violently and then running away, hiding or pretending nobody saw it, as their parents try to show they were cleverer and more important, as stupidly as possible, then there is the society gits that build up communities which ensure I cannot step out of my door because they wanted to do it all the time – they leave it out of the conversation when talking to Politicians about my attitude and never mention that they always boast that this was a power that they had over me, it was evil and godless and can be used to make their stupidities financially comfortable at my expense. Hence the outcome is the Celebrities feeling comfortable only when they cling to my social life and public image with it, destroying my finances and continuing necessary narcissism to keep it going no matter how much I complained about their famous insanity, the children whose parents never stopped trying to show they were cleverer and more important clinging to my career by making sure they got imagination up my bum and if I showed up in an academic institution I had to leave immediately, the society gits clinging to my earnings. None of these have taken me seriously once for telling them off as such and I believe it is going to end badly for everything associated with that stupid power they have got as well, so I suppose I might encourage them to continue boasting about it. The Politicians who say that it showed religion was the source of all violence which is utter nonsense as we can see that they are making the most financial gain that you could possibly get from apostacy and the more devout I was, is the more profitable their stupidities will be. Such that we had since arrived at that point where they claim I am disgusting but we know their stupidities spend all day getting their power to get imagination up my bum and make sense of it on my Public image – the sheer git of picking up the gap between my career and the prison service to groom me into a position where such nonsense was possible, flapping the dirty mouth in public for it in each turn, which meant the Celebrities especially continued to cling to my Public image and wreck my finances doing so – hence we can see that I have not done their own as well. It feeds into those stories that I spend my time pressing women for friendship which is utter nonsense as the way it works is a matter of me networking for family life and being found by a bunch of women that were doing the same – my Children would benefit from the fact I got to know somebody who worked on Television and their children would benefit from the things I did to help them manage applicable challenges – what we have seen since is a handful of idiots with their revenge Celebrities who show up here to draw public sympathy for criminals and demonise me as new Civil rights, using my own assets and equity, turn up to invite themselves into a structure that existed because the women who took part had successfully developed a gap between work and family, picking up what they fancied around my concerns to threaten me with idiots that were bigger than I am, shooting off their mouths thereafter with regards to what their stupidities needed me to know about their spouses. It all happens for two reasons – one of those is that they had Celebrity culture and the other is that somebody is giving them money and food, especially through a job and I needed to ensure the two sides met every single time I had to tolerate their stupidities, especially Celebrities keeping my Public image open to their insanity through the narcissism and doing everything about which I had explained applicable harmful effect to them or even issued warnings for. The popular idea is that it happens because I never took my position seriously which does not change the fact it is continually suggested these were nice people who had a right to other people’s lives, until the outcome was that they built a crowd that decided famous idiots and public dignitaries were meant to do what they pleased, push up the stress levels and build communities that get imagination up the bum to boast about the process being a power that they had to decide if they were going to be rich – I mean, pointing it out like so, will have shown that I had been trapped in a position where people preferred using me like so, to a process of facing consequences of their personal decisions, for the rest of their stupid lives, never takes me seriously when I issue the warnings and claims religion was the source of violence while its stupidities always needed to sell apostacy for a living.

I have been told I am meant to take seriously the business of doing something about it but there is nothing to do save asking Celebrities to stay away from my public image, which will never happen because they were narcissists who had learned martial arts. I believe however that I have been clear about making sure it ended very badly as well, not to mention their silly Politicians making a mess of my career and boasting about showing me what is what, while reality of it is that if I shot or stabbed somebody, they would say I conducted an assassination, instead of saying it was the consequences of a two decade period with no day missed where we were at each other’s throats for absolutely no reason, save the way the Politicians had decided my personality should be used to develop their career and the interest of evil idiots that had money to spend and wanted to make more – it had since developed into the sense that I had such an amount of moral disposition around me, so if they did not use it as a cloak to do whatever they wanted at Government buildings, get away with it and still retain a good enough Public profile to keep Government Office, they will do whatever they liked at Government Office and create me enough problems to deploy my personality as a tool that let them get away with it. I mean we can clear the problem from the system by purging the Parliament and letting new faces in but the only way to do that would be through the electoral system where if you told people how to vote, they would vote the other way, hence it is set to remain a public crisis for much longer. They do ask where it all went horribly wrong with me and it is an old story about their need to wreck my Bookshop because it was preferable to torture me after grooming me into a position that made me a target for lasciviousness that crowds of people had taken part in, torture me instead of living with the consequences of their personal decisions; shows up here with a sense of an entitlement and without a name to their faces as it was easy enough to allow because its Politicians and its stupid democracy facilitated it to handle me for the rest of my life, in order to get on with its own and it still goes back to those stupidities where it dreamed of my body being used to wade the gangs and criminals because its stupidities felt it was very important, when it needs something, that need was set in stone, following me everywhere while complaining of indications this nonsense as set to end badly. What had to be done was the business of trashing my Books, to say that I set out a Bookshop, the Public worked with a banner that was displayed on it and after I finished the Book, they were diverted somewhere else, so I looked like I don’t get paid for work that I did which was amusing and set a new precedent for stupidities that can be exhibited at my expense – this is where it went wrong as Celebrities had to do it, they had to set out my Books as something that I had created to cover their backsides and their interest in my concerns having not moved on since either, looking for more of what it is complaining about, so I am set to show how detached they were from a system where Government provided security and that helped people to secure finances for enterprise and income which paid the taxes for the Government on account they were famous, by making sure each abuses and insults turned up on their employers place every day until I got my own results as well. I am about to do their own the one that had to be done as it were.

I am not suggesting I am a victim in the matter either, this is a consequence of wrecking my career and academic pursuits over gimmicks about my personality and their joyous hope of the way it will be used to help them get rich by being popular, follows me around to do it all the time, resulting in an outcome where they were too old to be famous and if I get my hands on the Celebrity culture, they will see it for the last time. The Media cannot think of not doing it, where they have taken their abusively distracting gimmicks of building a crowd that decided what I was meant to do for them, to a stage where it was all about churning my tummy whenever I stepped outside of my door and people got involved with the violent lasciviousness to set out business and see me as a threat to the income source – they cannot think of not running down my Books and making a mess of it every time that I bring this nonsense under control, hence first time round was the complain about the effects of making a mess of my legal studies to end up somewhere cross examining their guests instead of just asking questions because it was a democracy drive, then there is also their interest in the Politicians who make laws that incarcerate millionaires, leaving them to deal with the destruction of jobs and careers and the employment of criminals as replacement kicking off in the neighbourhoods and it then forms the main reason that they had to cling to handle me for the rest of their lives, shooting off their mouth at me to keep the narcissism going every day. Their newest achievement was the 5 years of abusive activities that have helped to build an outcome where it was possible to say that each time they extracted an income from my Public image in the City and I had opinions about it, they could always dismiss people thinking about me through a community of idiots that set out the way they were wealthier, cleverer and more successful than I am every time and it never stops, never stops if I did not stop it physically. This is not necessarily the first time they have organised their careers like this and built it on the hope of meeting and befriending rich people which kicked into a decisive disposition with respect to a social status, I just want to know when they want to stop trashing my finances if none is trashing their own for it as well. On the matter of exposing myself because I had written a Book, I am told I should not but even if I did, detaching my Book from the Trust produced a result where it did not make any sense and killed off my income, which clearly these gits had to do, hence the motivation to do their own as well, as it does need to be kept up every day and I need to do their own as will be kept up every day as well. On the matter of controlling me being a major public problem, the real thing that needed to be controlled here is the way they paying for rent provided me an environment where a handful of idiots could see me naked, get imagination up my bum, get a community to take part and get supermarket managers to lead people into doing it in public places over claims that I was doing nothing about the fact everybody was doing it – the effect is that the ageist pricks hang about somewhere and send out criminals, low lives and mentally ill people to share my personal space, then regularly push up the bar by sending out those people to decide how I talked, how I walked and the ways by which I may not interfere with the personal space while they shared it, the outcome being this process where their stupid children cannot attend school without laying claims of ownership to my Public image, if I tackled it got showered with Office space insults by the parents, should I tackle both, I get befriended by criminals in my absence randomly, my input being this process where they are always complaining and discussing my attitude with the Politicians as stupidly as possible because they are always losing something at Industry to the fact that I have become quite obsessed with the business of finding out how big the problem was and how deep the rabbit hole went.

It is a simple process; I am a writer and Celebrities will be overtly interested in the part that the money is in, the intellectual property crimes will speak for itself in terms of effects, so, get the Celebrities away from my public image and the financial problems will be resolved. They do claim that my experiences have shown me I should not mess with them but this is very messy business, I want to run it down and set it out as a tool that builds up publicity for my Bookshop and then I may progress to a setting for selfcare that will not change much into the future – we know that they have developed another test as per pinching everything I did right down to my diet, so I think I would have to develop a more destructive version of demarcating all Celebrities from the ones that got involved with me, which currently involved a deal where they did not interfere with the work of armed forces if they got involved with me, I covered them on the bottom chasing issues, so those who got involved with it never the less wanted to do so, as separate from the fact that Celebrities were generally owners of sleaze, lies, narcissism and a need to make a mess of public security, having been it’s the way I tell the ones that I am involved with apart from the others, I need to make a more vicious version of it, that will ensure I was able to push them into a position where I too can say that there was nothing they could do about me and if I did not have time left for career, I would take it out on them as well. The state of affairs is that if they plugged their gimmicks into my public image they made money but the destruction of my Books had to be done and I am set to do their own the part that had to be done as well, with respect to detachment from Public administration processes, where if Government provided security, they provided their own and if none asked them about joining the military, they decided people could not keep careers because nothing brave was being done etc. They do claim they see effects of me and my hand in everything that resists what people were doing with International diplomacy, I wouldn’t know anyway but it seems that they claim I carry through activities that are meant to make communists comfortable with interference in western business which is incredible: the fact of it is largely their insults and misogyny, they formed those on terrorism and the terrorists copied my actions, now they are doing the same with respect to communism. I am not saying they do not have cause to believe that I am in league with Communists since Brexit had been decided but another 4 years of my time have been spent unleashing the worst insults of European big brother popularity on me, so it now seems that they had secured people they can busy and berate and abuse to develop decadence that will make them rich and famous, hence the world revolved around them and they had lost nothing to Brexit, so we have ended up with a situation where they are now set to clash with Russians that Migrate to US Cities and the gimmicks got serious. I do get asked about the motivation for their actions but I suppose it is a matter of hanging about somewhere achieving nothing with their lives, so they want the same situation we have with the Celebrities where it was profitable to be a generation that did not allow a single thing work as nature intended, so each time there were Fashion and Entertainment publicity, there was a clash between us which got worse because some of them were the Celebrities being employed, the designers and models being employed etc, since last they had picked up my Bookshop service processes to build a version of me their stupidities would be more comfortable with and then set about enforcing it, whereby it would make sense to clear it out but I don’t think people would fancy my results hence I am pushing for people to help me get their popularity and fame stupidities off my Books. Then it grows into a matter of a space on their right hand side and it was the fascination with that space which drew people in and got people trapped, such persons will then be wasted and they will make money to live with the effects of their personal decisions, about which it seems that being trapped in that space is no longer a choice and it is about to end badly for the part that I have played in the matter as well. They do claim my complaints were due to a business of people I had done harm to in the past and it is utter rubbish as I am confident I am doing the right thing, having considered the options and chosen the least destructive, they need to justify the destructive options they chose, it is not my responsibility – as for the story of me being close to danger than I think, it was a matter of moving on with my concerns attracting attention from their stupidities to suggest I belonged on the left and if that meant we could get on it was not enough, I really do not believe the idiots know what they are doing when they claim I have been closer to danger than I believe I have been; at no stage is Media and Celebrity discrepancy over my Public image acceptable, they now know it wrecks my earnings and I am set to provide a response for it.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland