The big mystery is that I had much to do and much to catch up on but there are none, save protecting the Bookshop and its Clients by investigating the way that Celebrities, Popularity goons and society gits lived, as to run them down for it in search of Market incentives. Which is all I have learned from them as such, although doing so stagnates everything here including my personal life.

In like manner am I rather convinced that if the small business gits allied to them, were to face somebody who ensured that they had a very tough time, each time they had business dealings with people who were bigger than they are in any shape or form, most of their insatiable vandalism will have dissipated.

The Alliance that Celebrities now want to develop in order to keep bashing my Bookshop and its Clients for Civil rights gimmicks that make them money in a manner which allowed them avoid work, is set to create questions that need answering on the matter of the reasons I never took the convenient option of attacking them instead of the Industry gits who are now out in force showing the full colours of their stupidities by picking up my service processes to change my social life and public image into one that they controlled, which allowed them make me get into a fight with others, to facilitate any instances they felt they wanted to feel safe and special, talking about forging the alliance if the need to bash my Books resulted in decisions that granted their wish of securing an opportunity to make a case of their cowardice at my expense, blocking my personal relationships.

They do claim they were wealthy and wanted some respect and recognition for it which is the main problem either way; they made the money plugging their stupidities into my social life and public image disobediently and now they say that the money is not enough, not enough if the business of getting paid for being popular by industry twats was originally set out for wealth equity mistresses, which structures they took advantage of and wrecked apparently, issuing the foolish threats as well. The rest claim endlessly that this was all about people taking advantage of me to make money like Celebrities as well and I suppose they could stop complaining about smell issues as well, spend their youth being tough, so that they might be able to notice that somebody else had little choice about Celebrities trashing a wealth equity system to get rich even the wealth equity system offered opportunity for work but the fucking idiots must get imagination up my bum because of their interest in it, so I believe I am justified in the course of action that I am preparing myself for as well; if getting rid of the Celebrities to ensure that when I attacked them it would cause them to keep the stupid hands to themselves, it was a lot of work I could do without and if there is a prospect of me getting attacked instead, I believe that they are starting to decide where those stupid hands should be kept as well all together.

I do get told I had already done this job and yes I had, the mess is being made by Politicians, such that all of them were Prime Ministers, so if my career facilitated Prime Ministers leadership it does their own as well and none knows what Party whip is doing these days anymore, save of course we do know the bottom chasing issues had gotten completely out of hand, which suggests Party whip is working over time but they cannot be caught dead stopping it any time soon. The story overseas developed from Stupid American girls with a need to provide some form of Global stage leadership showering me with insults, to a point where they could not make use of their freedoms of speech without making a suggestion of being superior to me, giving way to nepotism that was to decide where I published my Books and ran a Bookshop on account of plans their stupidities had, which is now ending very well. Since their abuses began, especially from the blacks and overseas friends, I had ended up working with Clients with respect to overseas matters on a private equity basis that they can blow off their big mouth and take their clothes off on as well, I suppose they would love to push it further from here.

It is not a matter of being prepared to wreak havoc, it is a case of the fact that their need to trash my finances and live in a world of civil disobedience is set to progress from the part where I tell them to get stuck in with boys getting imagination up my, wrecking my career to decide whom I should be getting into a fight with, which had nothing to do with anything in this place but takes up all my time, into something much more serious. What I am losing is the business of being able to manage a handful of idiots with strange ideas about women, either way which the business of wrecking my finances to get me existing in a way that helped to manage the women, securing a response where I trashed everything they had done throughout their lives in a bid to control women as well, has nothing to do with anything, either way of the fact that continued perverted interest in me had caused them to lose a lot of money over the years it was a clear, logical response with meaning that any lay person would have been able to understand.

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