I am said to have ignored one small problem i.e. that I had started a fight with Celebrities and it is not really the case if I did, we would not be talking about the sense that I ignored the fact that I did. What happens with Celebrities is that although I did nothing of the sort of attaching my own public life to them and making them more important than they were, they picked up service processes at my Bookshop and got about creating one such instance, now had no wish to give it up. The outcome is that nothing I did with my career meant anything to anybody no matter what I did with it, whilst I am rather forced to tell them off for it instead of take some action which involved picking up on their interest in me as a means to publicity that will ensure their career did not mean anything to anybody no matter what they did with it as well. Generally it is a problem with their civil rights having more to do with an eventuality where I got into a fight with people as a method of sucking up to them, after 20 year career mess here, we have ended up with a more abusive form of it – I need to make it easy for me first by pushing them to the clubbing and partying gimmicks without access to my social life and public image as buffer and get them to assign tasks for their newly acquired criminals who needed to protect them from me by handling me, then I will screw them over with it properly as well. The facts on the ground is the sheer provocation of stifling my finances for 7 years so far, picking up my service processes to imitate what I did with Clients as a method of building a version of me whose existence will not be provocative to them just for existing, as they clung to my Public image to get famous and rich. It’s the same as we hear them claim that I thought appeasing Russians was the way forward whilst we know that Russians want nothing to do with Western ideals, but it did not mean that people could not live in the area – in their case which Russians clearly do but they could not win the war and were now business pushing insults at others. Mostly the military in Ukraine was not refined enough to say it was exposed to a broad range of issues that could help achieve a condition in which it understood all the threats the Country faced and had a definitive way to approach it, they were still stitching together a civil service and we know the Russian Military is much bigger, so the idiots who took the plunge for people in that part of the world know they needed to play it safe and to stop calling me names.

I do get told that I never discuss the ideological aspect of these matters but there is no need to, the original matter has always been that I am drowning in their insults because I was a kind of man that their entitled girls could shoot of insults at, on the premise that they were entitled and pampered by parents into twats that loved to get out into the world and sacrifice men for their various needs but now it is big enough for the penises to get involved as well and I need to ensure the most recent damage associated with the muslims building me an abused public image that can ascribe my career to celebrities which makes a mess of my intellectual property administration business and the recent actions that the Americans have performed on my social media alongside what the British do with my health, was the very last of the damage their stupidities did around here.

The Politicians never stopped suggesting all I speak of is largely my fault and that I was warned that they were likely to play up these gimmicks. It is utter nonsense as what happens is Politicians ripping up my career and finances to allow any practical jokes they have planned for decades, in a bid to decide what passes on my right-hand side and left-hand side to prevail – the real problem is the question of who was doing the toughness on crime and antisocial behaviour if Politicians and the Government was far more interested in doing that. I am already involved with Intellectual Property Administration and there was likely to be people complaining that they ran off tribalism raids from my concerns to pick up large salary pay packets from companies that were built reputably, then set about ripping up careers in the neighbourhoods to employ criminals. It is the Politicians however claiming it was partly my fault or mostly my fault and when it gets on my nerves it will all be my fault as well. The story that it teaches me lessons is utter rubbish naturally, I have pointed out psychopaths tell those lies about me damaging their culture and society, as much as celebrities invite themselves into my concerns to punish me for unusual activities they hear people work with my court, especially the claims that people had anal sex with me in their spare time giving way to an industry where they spent time trashing my finances because they thought of me as a piece of meat, the Government and its Politicians needed to decide exactly why they told the lies as well, I know I am not doing crime and antisocial behaviour so they had to decide who was. Personally, it is not really a problem as I need to convert the self-invitation into my concerns to something of a process that allows me handle their stupidities as well, as a matter of detaching them from the rich people who pay for those products they built running me down with violent lasciviousness, right up to the point where it was possible to say that everybody was producing the worst work for their career at this stage due to the insults and it made them to run them down until they complained about wealth and social inequality thereof – the question at hand is that The Government rips up my career for their endless practical jokes and are now complaining, thus it did not actually concern me that they were.

The fondness of the sales and security industry gimmicks that will not take a hint around here is that I am disrespectful of other people’s success but I am not, their success does not entitle them to my Bookshop and I have been patient enough about what I needed done to pay the bills around here while they fooled around with my time. Its big lip flapping will be the part where it wants to see what I will do about access gained to things they never should have in the first place, beginning from my personal life and the work I do on public control with it. They do claim it was a celebratory point that they had wrecked my life and I understand entirely, the real Men Muslims are regretting the fact I did not complete the University studies at this stage and I wish to proceed to greater things as well. 7 years currently of financial mess because a bunch of famous idiots would not stop making statements about the money in their bank account and how it affected me, after plugging their gimmicks into my Public image to get paid for being popular and getting off to trash my patent margins because they considered themselves the worlds biggest narcissists who always got what they wanted. So I am wondering if this need to build themselves a reputation on the matter indicated a willingness to play the reputation game which I will happily oblige at this stage otherwise it is year date 2022 and I should be paying my Bills via the Bookshop by 2025 happy ruin.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland