They do claim I peddled the false hope that I was in good shape while I am not endlessly. It is utter rubbish naturally the reality applicable here was more a matter people so stupid that a life was built which relied on involvement with me, at the same time which they claim what I did to keep criminals and hoodlums from my career and finances was claims that I had won a great battle, once affected by the actions on new friends gained from this, invent an idea that involved abusing me in the same way they are abused to make me do something about it, whereby we have since arrived at a point where their celebrities wanted to get involved with me and were not accustomed to living in a world where they were told of things they could not have, at the same time, they were not paid to constantly follow me around with claims criminals were nice people whilst I spent time trying to rub shoulders with them, bringing it to bear over and over and over until they crashed my academic pursuits and my Bookshop, concerning which I withdrew access, we have now since entered into a phase where their nature was to be observed and they were going to destroy something they once loved, which played into the way that they provisionally attack me over some wealthy people I disrespected by finding myself at the backyard of industries preventing people from picking up my career, not because anybody had promised them anything for it but just in case somebody wanted to reward them and so it is clearly what I exist for. always stupid enough to start and then the part where it got to shut down its publicly displayed madness, particularly in terms of a need to get rid of people I got along with and take their place in order to handle me like these everyday, they could not shut it down by themselves. The premise on which it runs off the gimmicks was to behind in itself i.e. the fact there were areas of public work that were not visible and it could use it to kill off anything that suggested it was a loser, so we have since had to deal with a life so much disrespect, which had since given way to a process where they claimed I supported law enforcement and they had since also joined law enforcement with their own support for their version of law enforcement too, which was based on building communities that fingered my bum. I do not think it is unusual, in Government it is normal for them to do this, the problem is a bunch of fools with a media presence running people lives with the social activities of criminals because it would be too complicated for victims to stage a clear response and then it complains about me as well, everyday calling me names, saying I am a bum and a low life every time it gets bored, a crowd gets behind it and my finances crash. So it is clearly now boasting about what comes off a process where others were bigger than I am and stronger than I am naturally, when its stupidities had not yet developed into such results as the idea was that if I passed up consequences for the slightest celebrity insolence, my entire position would be in question, when it does I suppose, will it have arrived at a point where other practical jokes were preferable and its communities that finger the bum had meaning or purpose to their existence. Eventually we understand they could not make sense of my views on the matter as a whole, whilst we know it was more like the parents of some silly children who could not stop being truants as school, crashing my academic pursuits and career every day, talking nonsense about being important, does not believe its inability to keep its hands to itself and stop beating down other people and families would end badly and I have been having these fantasies where attacking them leaves me with more mobility, whilst attacking the stupid children leaves me with more privacy. It has since taken the business of coming up with a way to punish me for disrespecting the wealthy, which added up to its interest in how my personality should be used to help its stupidities and foolish celebrities get rich fast, to a point where it decided that it was to be the people who did my career for the age range of the Prince of Wales, as part of gimmicks associated with stupidities that wreck peoples lives because there were areas of public work that were not visible, this is what it meant when the suggestion was that I peddled false hope, it had since run off this nonsense to a point where it and its stupid children were managing my life with the social activities of criminals, soon after it joins the security services and displayed its abusive activities that involved spending everything it saw up to the point it had to contend with a great big battle, finished off with a business of showing up wherever another idiot was picking up my earnings on Media, to make announcements about young millionaires its stupidities created from fools who did as they were told, continues to make stupid remarks and abusive insults that crash my Bookshop several times to keep alive some media controversy every day. We then had to listen to the gimmick that it was about people rebelling against an unfair system, whilst what we are talking about does not in anyway involve a process where the jobs of people in authorities was mixed with their jobs and a decision was made to affect them unfairly, such was the decision that their jobs were affected and it could be said that the problem was an absence of rights what we know to be the case is the need to get involved with my concerns and shower me with insults putting their stupid selves in charge of matters they knew nothing of, running down my finances every day.

I am aware that Celebrities have not shown any indications of ceasing an attack on my career, finances and wellbeing but I am aware they have not stopped attacking me, it is nothing unusual, the condition is that they were not paid to press the stupid statements that criminals were better people than I am, about which I am said to spend a lot of time trying to rub shoulders with them instead of doing something that would make me stand out and be successful enough to get along with them. I do not care about their problems, it needs to get hoodlums who have seen me on a bad day for making a mess of my career, involved with me in my bedroom because they had an arrangement with rogue landlords and the hoodlums had opinions behind my back, such that it got to organise its stupid career away from my Bookshop, as it is not actually important enough for me to make sacrifices that will allow me to accommodate its famous stupidities in this place. Eventually it is said that I needed to take the Celebrity abuses more seriously than this which I am; this is a product of an instance where its friends tell those lies at the monarchy about fighting my wars and I being too much of a coward to deserve my career until it built a public presence profile for it, looking for a suitable response I suppose, its intrusion arriving at a stage where my Trust no longer worked in my Interest in seems, as I mentioned, a need to make statements that criminals were better people until it did actual damage to my finances, about which I withdrew access to my concerns but because access to it was necessary for their foolish fame careers, they took charge of my concerns to maintain it either way will never say it is doing something like that and if I took charge of their concerns as well, I would have taken charge of their celebrity careers in the interest of the Government which actions would be irreversible. This has already begun but is currently in its infancy as such.

I. Uno I

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