The main claim here is that I refused to go along with what people wanted and it was costing me a lot the stubbornness and indecisiveness of a Libra. So we do know that my Bookshop would have been a lot more successful at this stage, if it was not the main stage upon which they expressed this nonsense and so the more time I lost in this manner was likely to be the more of occasions where we saw them make such stupid statements for their gratification. It is the story of my life being pushed about by these idiots, first it becomes an assumption that it is a defence mechanism when they appear to be so different that they did not have a personal life like everybody else and embarked on a campaign to sell products getting everybody to share and use mine, then it becomes a real threat when I am too much of a coward to deserve my career. Soon enough it shoots off the big mouth about the way I needed to move over to the left and it had the support of the Prince of Wales, first of all which the matter with the Prince of Wales was a case of securing my own private property so he could decide what to do with a commission his mother gave me without my work and possessions, live in a world where he got to find out his position was not the only one there idiots wanted to handle for the purpose of stealing other peoples wealth to avoid work, for their part it was a matter of what they were referring to not being their own right hand side but mine, thus it blabs all the time, the practical jokes continued to get worse, whilst it complained on public media, did not yet see a reason to cease pursuing an activity that got it to complain, will not stop interfering with my Public image and my Bookshop. We even hear them claim it was a matter of me being part of the establishment, about which it was not clear which was more annoying: the fact that an important administrative procedure was used by their stupidities in such a manner through Media or the fact that it was really about their idiots who saw everything that meant better work at the armed services as an opportunity for their stupidities to climb a social ladder and complain later when they were showing up at the Monarchy uninvited while they had no role about which the Monarchy could get any of the days affairs completed. The next time it tells me it does these things because I could not take them on; I will provide it a list of how it is to get involved with my person and my career professionally, breaking it would mean I got to build its stupidities and that of its distributors a profile that will allow me make them into characters I can tolerate easily as well, just as much as I will build one for their industrial distributors, the need to get imagination around my private parts will either fall away at the background like every other criminals activity or there will be a good reason for it especially with respect to their famous idiots and I will ensure that stupid society was something people bullied to be successful at markets and to befriend the wealthy, the way they have perverted my public image, which will make sense of the points where they could stop being bullies and being persons would really suit them like a bunch of twats who only understood some form of extreme violence or another. It would for me, make an acceptable alternative to all this mess being caused because I did not carry myself in a manner that made sense of their popularity stupidities, where I got to live in a world where some people knew that they were low lives and needed to cease showing up here to announce their position in society by pushing up my stress levels that their fathers had caused, while others needed to cease telling me what to do.

We are here because the Celebrities and their goons travelled to Communist territories to burn my diplomacy assets in a bad to forcibly make me do the bidding of the popular and famous, this was the original provocation, after which they never stopped claiming they fought my wars which has caused them the immense problems of neighbourhoods being filled with ageist goons that wish to recruit younger people for financially profitable violent deeds. Their interest in me does not pay for what it uses at my Bookshop, it is simply disrespectful and abusive everyday, owning to a profile that they built me as a character people bullied to get around with the wealthy, from a Public image where women built products to sell to gits that spent money attacking others and it is not okay for people to live like that (there are currently two profiles for famous people here - only involved something that concerned a profile they had with respect to where my Books are located or the point where my Publishers built some publicity for patents placed on it, the other involved every video game, every music CD, every film, usually made by picking up my assets disobediently and disrespectfully, is garnished with a profile that involved a useless low life popularity crowd, telling me what to do - so it or its media fools may say again that I could not take them on, if keen to see what will become of Bookshop and Public image interference practical jokes). They do claim Celebrities are not all bad but it is not the qualified bad we speak of, it is the part where they pick up my assets to make entertainment, only to say that they hated the fact they had to sell it and that criminals were nicer people, thereafter they trashed my Bookshop to pick up the assets claiming they could not do without it and those who did as they demanded were millionaires, while building me a profile that made me a character people bullied to get along with the rich, to make the so called popularity millionaires so I believe intended action and the warnings have been appropriate so far. They do claim I had walked into their trap which I have not, I am a writer and it needed to address and get involved with me as though I was, not pick up my earnings while claiming criminals were nice people, to make me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy in order to create young millionaires that complied with their stupid wishes, the entire time building up loopholes that would suggest I had let my guard down and will one day get sued for walking down the streets because a famous idiot walked like that in an entertainment product.

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