They do claim some men like myself had a need to assist the female community for attention and perhaps the best sex there was. It is utter nonsense as the problem is largely not just the way we think that misogyny in Government Office was not a priority during elections, so we elect leaders into Government Office that will build us a society where the criminals wife lived in a mansion while the school teacher was homeless, not that people did not have their mobility in the circumstances, they simply had too much of it etc. Then there are other complication like being a man that is wise enough to know what really matters, so spending time in the company of other men made you a contributory factor to social imbalances. Then there are more factors like the issue of bad things women did not being a case of women who have been beaten down, so it was easy to tell what they wanted or women who could handle themselves so they were able to tell you what they wanted but the women in the middle, of which we know that usually whenever they set people out as punching bags to make money, other women turn up to assist the victims, hence it is always for some reason that we men cannot explain, a self-resolving problem until the men get involved, then it becomes a tool for industry. The effect is the part where people wanted to make sense of what I was doing in return for the assistance I got, which is largely a matter of the patriarchy insults, currently coming from Europe, led by Germans – their money impeded my Bookshop and I got informed that I was useless all the time and what they stole from me did not exist, like an education on the annoying things that help to create those communities where riots happened all the time, it complains about me endlessly but will not stop picking up the work I did for the public, to decide I will have to prove myself by fighting people, stagnating my career and finances with these gimmicks as days run into months which run into years while the fact it had its own money continued to impede my Bookshop and what it stole from me did not exist thereby establishing its superiority, success and dominance over me. It is getting serious however as the questions on the fact they were the only people with jobs, only people whose disposition in the neighbourhoods were not being questioned and only people who could step outside of their door without having to worry about smell issues, have since become incredibly important.

Here I am said to have run myself into important diplomatic directive but I have not except people want to legitimise this nonsense and therefore we were tied to it, everything I have worked for my entire life put to catch up on lifestyle gimmicks.

The idea is that I am a real pain in peoples backside and people wanted to see me suffer for it – it is nonsense naturally as the real reason we are taking current action is that they have been telling these lies that are associated with manipulative gimmicks by which they got to handle my body and personality like I was some piece of meat, to such an extent that it now causes them problems as much as it does me, about which I too had built up publicity for it to find out what it is exactly they could do about me as soon as it was impossible for them to get out of it. The reality on this matter is that they always have this habit of incredibly abusive ways of handling other peoples children, on account their friends were middle managers who had a responsibility to provide less exotic forms of leadership for the workers in their care and in my case the abuse had reached a stage where I dropped out of University years ago and still had not stopped, got bad enough to show up on National Media where they tried to make the most of a business of organising societies on it and sending out hoodlums to attack me everyday with patriarchy insults they peddled, running off abuses that I am a coward in a hope I would do something that got me into trouble with the Police. The backdrop for all this by the way was the one problem where they had money and that money had an effect which was a process of stalling my Bookshop – nothing to the money and the money is not even involved in the process, just the fact they had it stalling my Bookshop, like an education on the way they created those communities that experienced riots after riots, shooting off the big mouth on Media about my cowardice. On the cowardice issue by itself, the gits needed the entire civil service to crash my finances, needed the entire parliament to show I was cursed by my parents, having trashed my finances thereof, set about running off patriarchy abuses and insults that culminated in a sense that my finances was such a mess that I could not engage in those kinds of insults with dignity as well, therefore every quasi criminal and hoodlum they sent out to run me down would be successful at it while I had to prove I am not a coward by doing something that will get the Police involved on my account, their celebrities keeping it up for them through an inability to cease making stupid comments about my career if they had on hand the one that paid their salaries, which was very easy for them to do. Another part of this story being the claim I dabble into high state enmity which I don’t; what happens is the same need to run off their gimmicks at my expense, like when I spend time on chosen career and before I knew it they built publicity that I was pursuing that career because they had bullied me into doing what they wanted, if asked why they had done it, would clear up on the fact they had always dreamed of it – so the Prince of Wales got involved with their gimmicks which owed no bearing towards Monarchy or the Government and the idea was that I was meant to act in a way which spared the heir to the throne the trouble associated thereof, which I simply refused to; we know of the consequences to be that they nearly started world war three, in the sense that they went off to Communist Countries to burn my Assets as soon as the Prince of Wales got involved and returned to force everybody to suck up to Celebrities, dumped all of the effects in Ukraine as a clash between NATO and Russia had kicked off. I suppose if they will not stop raising the cowardice point at my expense I will likely take action on the fact they were currently the only people with jobs, the means to live well in the neighbourhoods and the means to get out of their door without worrying about public abuses and smell issues, such that especially with respect to their Celebrities when my actions had hurt badly enough, they would show up here and stop shooting off the insults instead. The claim they had the upper hand sits in the same category – it never stopped picking up my concerns to build publicity where it can inform me it wanted me to hand over the world; always backed by French, German and Italian gits who never did business or made money without getting their imagination fixated on peoples private parts, blabbing about cowardice when they had annoyed themselves as well. The Celebrities especially run off those insults where they got to claim I am arrogant as well, I could never make sense of how I became arrogant while it was their strong suit – never stopped handling other peoples children, the very fact they had money in the bank stalled peoples businesses and in my case we have been doing the part where they need to lay off comments and gestures associated with it because I had bills to pay as well, for 7 years, like we see them give their own to the frugal and now the process of refusing to stop it having I dropped out of University had given way to an outcome where they had a story to tell as well – the door to door sales story featuring men’s sales job, the private security industry story featuring bottom chasing instead of career and now we are just getting on each others nerves. My story on the other hand since I dropped out of University have evolved from abusive stupidities where their celebrities got in touch with my Publishers and have since bought the company, not for the purpose of shutting down my Publications as such but for the purpose of torturing me all day over the financial well being but never the less which I had gotten the Books published since last I dropped out from studying Law and Economics because I always wanted to do the Intellectual Property Administration job, had completed some qualifications for Legal executive skills and had completed a level three for Law and Business Administration, so I had necessary guidance for the work that needed to be done thereof. In terms of the picking up my work to build up publicity that they wanted me to hand over the world, the happy ruination gimmicks puts them in the same class as prostitutes but prostitutes are always better behaved than they are – some may dispute this but from a stand point where I had duties associated with the Church and it was better to follow on work associated with Government dividing population into workers, dependants and elderly, than it was to preach to people about not selling their bodies, as long as I kept my position and Office from being tangled up in the stories associated with the activities of sex workers, I would be fine – besides which they do give feed back as well, especially in terms of processes where sexual abuse by Government Operatives drove people into sex work, which produced a twin effect of allowing an administrative process for the applicable part of industry and keeping it out of mainstream living.

It remains still that by 2022, we had done 7 years of specifically controlling Celebrity and media involvement and alliance with the very fact people had their own money impeding other peoples livelihoods so badly that the victims could get nothing done on own schedule – it is a shame they were talking so much nonsense about cowardice on one hand whilst they did not believe I intend to end it badly too. It started out stupidly enough with a bunch of idiots wanting to become more important than I am by handling my own public life to achieve fame, apparently it hurts their tummy as much as it hurts mine and I have been asking for war, if their gawp was big enough for it. I am informed that I put a lot of energy towards making everybody comfortable but I don’t – they have accessed wealth building systems and their actions needed to be controlled because they had, moreover, there was no better way to control the criminal activities they would otherwise have engaged in, thus there is a sense I do not think this was a bad thing which is not the case as well. The extent to which I think it a bad thing is that they have been picking up my service processes to do something else, crippled my finances because they have been suspending my market place by doing so, the simple fact they had their own money in their bank account decided how the Public viewed involvement with my Books because they threatened people, so I have to rebuild everything from scratch, the condition is such that I was cash strapped while I did, there was the Government breathing down my neck to get me keeping up with the deal associated with supporting me, while I was, all I did to recover was stolen for somebody they considered to be more worthy and I was showered with patriarchy insults, finally, they build communities that get imagination up my bum and never stopped channelling their distant violence towards my chest and tummy, so it is like living in hell but it goes back to the point that psychopaths tell lies and manipulate all the time because their fundamental view of other people is that those who were at the receiving end of it were pieces of meat i.e. the extent to which I think their access to wealth making systems was a bad thing. It is then said that the Men at the Monarchy were very messy including myself but I am not the one making a mess here – firstly it is the Politicians who never stopped suggesting people had opinions when they could not fight the National battles that criminals were fighting, they had to make a statement of that sort as a matter of seeking out best schools and best employment and best income sources for themselves and their families and the Labour Party was the one leading it all, the way it really works on the other hand being that parent had a tendency to decide that their children were so badly behaved that they needed to go to bootcamp, some had decided to take up a military career, such activities therefore improving prospects of people with such background taking up staff chief roles and we already know they showed up here nearly everyday to run me down like I am some servant that their private funds had supported on account their bottom hurt from what Celebrities did – the part I am concerned with was the one in which each time people were asked to sell a product they picked up Government work for it, I drove it to a stage where they had to decide which was their own jobs regardless of what the market did and for all the times the Prince of Wales had supported them to run me down while I did that work, the most recent involving claims his mother was not doing enough on male society issues had been the worst – not only had they progressed to a stage where opening up my Office to allow younger people take part in wealth equity which prevented them from following people around gave way to a publicly expressed need to set me out as punching bag while selling products to wealthy people, each time they handled government concerns when asked to sell a product, they did not have to decide which was their jobs regardless of what market did anymore, they simply gained minimal success for doing so.

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