I am told I have been marked out to be attacked and it is utter nonsense as the people who have never stopped informing others that their stupid community was not a threat, as much as it was a civil right, especially the pint size public transport idiots who think the fact they had it was a license to attack anybody they wish. My frustration is the way it has built up this nonsense, from ideas I damage societies and culture which is run up all the way to parliament and the Monarchy, to running my life with the social activities of criminals it seems I had a lot to lose to this business of being attacked as such and it is difficult to tell if the idiots found it impossible to attack others without running down the victims, as it is such a waste of time and personal resources, it can attack me without making me look like a bum first on account it will assist its stupid popularity image, I think that I will try killing it if it tried. It is the same usual gimmick, of renting spaces to others and coming up with a plan to share the space with a bunch of low lives, the idiots who shared the space will report on what seems to have been an attitude from the intended victims nearly everyday and they will arrive at a point where they could decide any course of action right up to the violent one, as a method of attaining a level of social power that their stupidities would like to enjoy but as I mentioned, it is still the case that I walked around their streets as if I had conquered an Army, my personality suggests I am important but I am actually nobody and they were important, I am a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy. In their defence they do say they did not like people to run down their Celebrities despite the insults and abuses, whereby I have always noticed their famous fools buzzing away at the background over gimmicks that suggest I had no clothes on, they have eventually found a way to push it into my mainstream living with a big mouth. Fundamentally it is the issue with Celebrities, that they are always handing power to me, it is power for me but taking power from them is not what I did with 100% of my time, building up to the idea I would do anything for women these fools on the other hand complained that in the usage of the power, if I continued on my current trajectory, they will lose their family fortunes and yet they shower me with so much insults they stall my Bookshop everyday at the same time.

It is not unusual, always excuses these activities with ideas it was about communists but it is really about an interest in a personality I am not sharing with them, always reading my birth signs to pick up the part where it is said I am a Libra and would do anything to protect my peace at any cost, to fool around with, if its politicians were not handling my Assets to build products because their birth date was more dangerous so we have since arrived at the stage where it loves to bug me because it had taken its unusual interest in me to a stage where its incompetent stupidities now had a job to do, whilst it also had a rival that was a threat to me as well at the same time but the point remains still, as to whether they were Americans or communists, prevented from attacking others without running down the victims first, it is time consuming and destroys resources that does not belong to them, builds up lots of extremely violent frustration. I mean they do claim they were doing to me as I have done to others, which is utter nonsense; what happened is that it was always entitled to get involved with me, I am black, they were black and entitled to get involved especially as size was on their side and there was nothing I could do I ended up dropping out of University and whilst I was picking the pieces, it sets about gimmicks where it sought the same things that it got when I dropped out of University and continued to get worse and worse, so I decided especially those allied to some famous idiots seeking to fight my wars with their sociopath personalities, that the so called power behind them got to pay the price for every involvement they performed here, outcome being that a mob boss was always angry with his minions and eventually came up with a plan, the street violence is what ensued and loss of life was the result, what they are doing is a new form of the same thing, this time the stupid abusive community was a civil right and if they found a way to attack me directly, their problems would be solved. Time and again I have it resolved like so, I end up getting caught up with more on account a bunch of idiots were famous, hence this was the main problem, has always been.

Here people say the Mob bosses have been getting into trouble because of me as well and they have, as they were more likely to get off doing soldier work on my behalf. That said, security services were doing a great job, I had it under control and then the politicians came up with the ideas; the ideas the Celebrities came up with was that the mob boss involvement with my Royal Order was a social humiliation, although from my point of view, it was still a world of ex-convicts, quasi criminals and home wreckers, the Politicians on the other hand were on another angle that involved attacking security service operatives that got better and better at their jobs, so it built up to the point where they burned my Assets to set the stage which made it possible for Celebrities to run me down and use me as a tool for fighting their enemies and I ended up deciding those Assets had to be rebuilt.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland