They do claim I am being taught lessons on how to respect women, which makes me so annoyed. It is only the generic problem of misogyny society and famous fools who consider themselves feminists, when it does build up to the stage where they appeared to attack me because I am connected to the authorities whom they claim makes a mess of their privacy, normal people would assume it was facts cleared up on the reasons they should spend majority of their time with their mates and keep their media comments restricted to their own public lives and careers, some would even say that this was the instance where the differences between Royalty and Celebrities had been cleared up. So we can see how this makes sense in terms of the idea that I am being beaten down by their feminist gits which I am not, as I am the architect of this social condition where there is no private security that can protect the famous from me, it is the consequence of my 20 year career mess over their interest in my personality as I cannot see a single instance where the people who have paid them enough money to help them build such an ego as to suggest they were more famous than an Arch Prince, which is utter stupid, had paid them money at any stage, to handle me. It is entirely normal from where I am i.e. people should be able to raise enough funds to keep society and its abuses out of their minds by the time they were 35, each time these idiots made a mess of peoples careers and time schedule, they did so by picking up work I am doing at the Office, whilst we know that the importance of helping people achieve financial well being in this context, was so I may be let alone with Royal affairs, it is as such the pinnacle of disrespect but they were convinced, I was the one being taught lessons on how to respect women. We know they think themselves feminists and I have mentioned on several occasions, that feminists were scary people whilst I am obviously not afraid of them: it was a name that was developed for women who did not need men and their social disposition became prominent when women were fighting for the vote – she may stay at home and make babies, cook for and care for the husband but socially and culturally still does not actually need a man in her life, we know they think these are supposed to be big and tall women but reality was rather that it was never a matter of size. These gits on the other hand will show up here and if I had a female colleague that was likely to be the one in a group of five and we can guess which sex was the other four, should I assist her with anything considering their stupid social activities where we are now in a situation in which the only group of people that would be more inclined to attack me in a bid to make them comfortable was misogyny society that showed no interest in such things as they were more concerned with insults, clinging to my finances and building communities that fingered my bum because they got off their laziness and had a financial epiphany – the feminists, right through to the radio wave lesbians will show up here to trash my career and personal life for it and yet the contrast was that even if I set out 20 years to assist a female colleague every day, I am still in a position at the end of it to say that I only needed to go back 20 years and pick up all the things I should have done, these gits on the other hand living in a world where everything I should have done 20 years back will have passed on to a male feminist that existed to help with the heavy lifting which their stupidities required and then we find that stupidity return to do more damage for attention because it got into more trouble, I am as such at any stage not talking about them and would like them to stay away from my finances and personal life.

 So apparently when I work towards people being able to raise enough funds to help them stand up to society abuses by the time they were in their 30s it seems I have assisted them too but I am supposed to, the difference is that in their case, they were famous and were surrounded by people who were set to attack me in a bid to make them feel special and I am set to shove the security and muscle people up their bums as well, ensure that the need for such persons to do dirty things and follow them everywhere they went became a main priority every day. It is an opportunity to clear out the matter of sexual harassment which they claimed of which they claimed they were victims constantly – they are apparently victims of everything in a world where the public organises itself to be better off in every process and public decision compared to the criminals they were stuck with and in that setting some of us were public leaders and others were society whilst they were stuck in the middle, taller than everybody abusive as hell, picks up peoples career publicity for self-reinvention, builds a community to finger peoples bottoms and there was a way it was the fault of the victims and victim of every single thing that happens to human beings but it is not what sexual harassment is, their case is simply economic abuses and the retaliation for it – what then happens is that each time I build up processes outside of the law court where decisions are made by a judge to ensure an abusive involvement with others was more costly than the incentive to treat people like that but in a hurry the responsibility fell to the executive, they will trash it and use it to cover their backsides, then claim the media was doing the job of holding the government to account, beating me down with publicity as well but they are not victims of sexual harassment, they are idiots who conduct economic abuses on others and only stop bothering those that had lost everything, suffering reprisals for their economic abuses.

It needs to stop interfering with my social life to handle my personal space that it claims helps its stupidity prolong its life whilst being abusive towards me in a rather violent manner more so, needs to stop getting on the stupid media to talk through to me and needs to restrict its comments to its own career.

I. Uno I

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