The boasting here endlessly, a lot of the times to cleave financial market fraud success from my public life due to the controversy that will have emerged, is that they have caused me great difficulty and were proud of their activities. I could never make sense of it myself anyway – it did start out stupidly enough with a sense that they needed to maintain communities and a civil rights by getting into an arguments with me that they got to win, it had since progressed into a flurry of insults that built up over time into a history that they did not wish to give up once I had dropped out of University because of it, whereby immediately after, another group of fools had built them a media presence where they could tackle me every day to decide what my financial schedule should be, having been idiots like these seem to have had their own sorted out at least. Should I want to be abusive as well, staying indoors would make for a fuck more situation just as I have learned from their stupidities, stepping outside would make for an idiot’s engagement, so that I would be allowed to smell nice once their Celebrities made the most of it with their big mouth as well. I have provided an exit, that it shows up here to read or stop handling me.

It is not as much of a problem as they believed it was, we know I have faced a 20 year career mess because women were out of my league and it is at least a 9 in a stupidity scale of 1 to 10, it cries out the idea that it will never cease to forget its place at my expense, unless I explored the fact it cannot stand up for itself unless it made enough money to buy private security, accessed Royal publicity and hospitality that is set out for politicians, in which condition, since I am an Arch Prince, I ought to derive a lot of pleasure from treating them like they were the lowest of the low, treating them like they were slaves. I have not done it, so the idiots have gone on to do it to me instead – the assumption here is that I believed that acting like a poor person was a good alter ego which it isn’t, just that nobody is paying them to run off their own activities in a way that wrecks my finances – not clear what I needed to do to keep famous idiots picking up the career publicity and building publicity for the bookshop unauthorised, so that they got to spend it on the public for their own profile before I had the opportunity to make a living from it, we know their stupidities at my expense got serious the first time around and they were currently getting accustomed to a sense that they were free to live in an environment where they had never taken anything in their stupid lives seriously.

Their private security twats have become more abusive than ever, in league with rogue landlords, looking for a fitting response but overall, their involvement with other people’s governmental affairs have generally created a result in which a bunch of gits that people would otherwise did not engage in huge levels of economic activities had done so, concerning which they were the idiots who were quite famous and wealthy enough to buy products that the scum want to sell, so that others might keep jobs or we will lose the assets and the equity, these are the kind of results that are the last straw for the Celebrity insults, especially the aspect that involved real men Asian and Muslim pricks with an unusual interests in my person. It complains endlessly about the activities of the authorities but we have never seen a group of people so keep on nothing else except building a social and personal life that involved getting around town, making a proper mess and deciding that it was people who were completely unconnected that will suffer the consequences to such an extent the problem was no longer in the public perspective or had been eliminated – it continues to rip up my finances everyday whilst its idiots got bolder about how my body can be handled by other people when it is not yet putting its insults away because I felt that being twice my size and probably better looking as well was a prerequisite for being a character that I loved to push around so that I held my Office because they absolutely worshipped me, it lip flaps that I could not, yet I have asked it several times to put the well off neighbourhood on the spotlight and prove its point, if the habit of showing up here or sending its private security twats to show up here building a mountain of problems from public control matters I had gotten well under wraps was set to continue.

It has been a 12 year wait for the famous gits to simply cease picking up career publicity here and making their own publicity for my literary work to spend it on themselves, it was famous, it was a narcissist, there were mental illnesses in there which causes it to think of others as characters that were less than human over what its stupidity wants, the pervert fans were innocent in the matter and the private security industry gits were a problem others could not see. They do claim I expected them to give up power they had over me which really does not exist, as when it talks through to me all day on National media with a society infested with racism and minority report, it does it by taking over a court that emerged because sociological matters around my career met with that of some female journalists and we thought we could assist each other on something important, built up to stage where since the structure was created for women and women got all over it, its bottom hurt, it complained about it to a stage where I paid the price and we came through at the other end like we hear it lip flap endlessly, complained about it and issued threats where if its bottom hurt I would end up getting into trouble which was funny when it was, considering the outcome at this stage is that a woman will stand out in a public place educating the populous about the affairs of the day, leave me with industrial publicity for my work, which their stupidities had usurped, the problems associated with which have now been solved by means of a platform for self-improvement seminars that served the male population, abusive middle and high street shop managers, running peoples lives with the social activities of criminals, perverted fans for their fame, corrupt private security and rouge landlords, where it seems the main problem has become one in which it gets away with every insult, especially the insults that are thrown at me to suggest I am a coward and ensure its home wrecker stupidity abusively got what it wants whilst deciding what the public thought through media.

It is said I thought that the famous and the press did not consider themselves in a light which suggests they were wealthy and powerful people, not really the case, its simply that I am not interested in how famous and powerful they were, besides the insults and abuses are a long history here and now that they were famous and powerful too, I could make a mountain of problems for them on account they were trying to ascertain the mannerism and ways by which people got involved with them – once I had done so, if there wasn’t a way readily available, to suggest it was all their fault, then it would be a matter of time before I found one. It is my stop, now that we have arrived at a stage where people were running livelihoods in such a way that you may spend your money at their place and you did not matter to an extent where you were left to go home feeling sick for buying your supplies with what must be their own money, these were idiots that we would rather did not engage in economic activities at a high level, the idiots we would rather their lives were a matter of shopping for supplies, school run for the children and privacy based family issues, so the insults and abuses of the powerful and important press and famous meant that this had been changed, so we are now in a situation where personally I have had enough of them, I think that I would do well if I built equity that the public could handle to run livelihoods that would help to baby sit them, this is therefore the beginning i.e. the idea that their gimmicks had created these results and they were wealthy and famous enough to buy from the operations of the idiots they lived so much, so that others may keep jobs.

I. Uno I

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