We have apparently returned to the same state of affairs we had about 12 year ago, when environmental protection was still in its infancy – the part where people were killed endangered species all over the world. The work that was actually done here involved a two part story of setting the stage to say that people who worked closely with the environment where a whole economy where what others took had to be paid for and not just a business of going around to their concerns to seek out free items, whilst on the other hand tackling mostly American led Industry corruption where people destroyed the Natural environment on account that others did not co-operate with their needs when they were chasing a major multimillion dollar deal. What smashed this was the Politics of European leadership who had to make themselves the most important figures where environmental matters were concerned, at the same time would have nothing less than their children getting about in expensive Cars all over American cities running me down and calling me names the entire time to make themselves last chance heroes – they saw the folly in it but decided to blame others, when Mr Trump was President and approved the Hunting of Lions in areas of South Africa where it was approved and said to be a method of controlling the Lion population but it continued never the less to such an extent that we ended up with this gimmick where American industry gits go off to destabilise whole countries for oil, I may have done something which frustrated them, so they set about making the most of an opportunity to get people enjoying group activities that involved killing endangered species, to set me out as an opinionated character with no teeth, hence we are back where we started. I was able to build up a series of equitable engagements where these characters will go to places, pick up some land and prospect for oil, ruin the remaining land and once they collected the oil, got the board at the oil companies to takes side with the idea that there was nothing that could be done if the profits were going up, process which involved catching them while they were wrecking the land and so the statement was the Oil companies wanted to see their Oil in the pipelines and not used to destroy land, about which the Company Fat Cats got involved and they had to behave while the company devised ways to prospect for land, make oil wealth and employ the locals. This business of group activities where people destroyed endangered species on the other hand was an example of the issues at hand, that the destruction of the environment can be attributed to many things and when it is group activity for instance, the problem can be solved by showing people the endangered species were more valuable alive than they were dead and we know that Journalists and Media do a better job than the Politicians but it is the way the Politicians tell the lies about being environment champions and how they want to take up the most important decision making systems which is creating the problem, noted to be avoided going into the future.

They claim I blame women for all my problems, reality naturally was that we were aware of women who were utterly beaten down, so it was easy to tell what they wanted, we were aware of women who could handle themselves, so they were likely to tell you what they wanted, we also know the most problem is caused by the gits in the middle who waste peoples time and believe their civil rights involved trashing peoples careers and spending the lives of men on their entitled selves, showing up here to insult me all the time – I am still wondering as I speak, which part they no longer wish to be blamed for. The matter of the way Libras like myself would do everything to avoid getting into a fight with their stupidities fits into this – what happens being that the first time we met they were pubescent gits, now they have horned their sense of entitlement and cannot stop bothering others with it, which meant I was the coward, never likely to do their own and leave it for somebody else who will decide I had been a coward again as it were: what happens being that they always build up this process where they got into a fight with people and the victims of their need to behave aggressively lost something important to them, so if you need to make time for more important things, you end up building a two faced situation in which you stripped away everything they would gain by getting into a fight with you, while the other face was a matter of what you were likely to make them lose to you, if they got into a fight with you all together. The Politicians always suggest it is a dangerous behaviour on my part until everybody is fucked and then it becomes my responsibility after they had trashed my finances, which is what this is all about: once the Scorpios and the Cancers and the Pisces and Virgos had made the most of the life of a Libra, had somebody to lean on painfully whenever the consequences of those stupid personal decisions bite, this is what we end up with, the endless stupid talk about cowardice. In like manner I have warned them about how difficult I found it to run down the stupid criminal popularity backyard and show up somewhere I can fuck their celebrities over with properly and they have understood this warning clearly from the last time we got an update. It is this one problem where it was impossible to see them engaged with anything else save the business of conspiring against others endlessly – you even end up with a mindset which suggests they were not like you and did not understand the bigger issues like you did, only to find that they made sense of work and a business of heading home at the end of everyday once they had trashed your career and secured friendship with society gits – it gives me an impetus to get my hands on the stupid job and fuck the society gits for it properly as well, so currently I am not getting into a fight with their stupidities. It happens this way all the time – if they cannot take advantage of a Libra they would never dress well because people thought they were not beautiful and will get in league with criminals for it as well; 7 years of my time has been spent on a gimmick where they pillaged my public image to make money and that money had an effect on me which statements, gestures and comments made to the effect stalled my bookshop and therefore my finances in the process and I am currently lost as to what I must do to them to make those statements stop especially with regards to the Celebrities, none of my business they had difficulty living with the fact they tore up my public image to make it in the first place. It is the mystery behind these gimmicks: our Libra opposites are the Aries but our Soulmates were the Sagittarius, does this happen because the latter were more likely to do violent things and we needed to pair for survival or does it happen because if you are a human being and not a modern narcissistic twat, you would do things a certain way and people who were more likely to tell you what they wanted in a shorter period of time were people you were likely to get along with, considering that the purpose of sex was an eventuality where at the end when all had been said and done, I stopped handling somebody and the person stopped handling me even though we were married. It is quite apparent that the Cancers and Pisces and Scorpios and Virgos were the bees knees, especially if the need to be themselves did not involve damaging others, especially to tell those dress well self-exhibitionist narcissism based lies that libras were filthy whereas we were likely to ensure they understood what their minds and spirits were like when we had enough.

They do claim that we are untidy which does not make any sense if they have also said that it was a bad thing to work with a Libra on the cheap – the reality of it if that their interest in my personal space is abusive, so I had stopped tidying it up, not in such a manner as to ensure I lived in a pig stye but to say the dirt was organised and they could see that it reflected their personality, which is what the claim I am untidy is all about. The Politicians have said they did not think Libras were cowards but I know I don’t, its something they do which meant that when it gets very tough, they were likely to give jobs to libras due to the propensity to weigh all the options and make sound judgement – it starts at home when Moms will not let you leave home while at the same time staying was detrimental and we have never met a libra that does not think parents were manipulative at some level. The Celebrities say they would like to avoid the threatening parts as well and of course they would except that their interest in my Bookshop was about the money and to trash my finances by ripping up public interest in it because they liked my Books serving them to make them feel more important, looking like they were possessed with demons if their interest was about their money and produced another result apart from an outcome where they paid for and read a Book here. We all know that if society people took up leadership it would have been a bad thing but if we know that, then it must be expedient to raise the point frequently like we see their modernist stupidities do and now rely on me to spend my career doing the fighting, looking for more of what they were complaining about; according to history, they do look like they lived in hell when they ended up with society owned Media and entertainment companies that also employed society type managers but were currently providing criminals with a media presence whenever people wanted to claim my career for themselves. The part involving a process where I took responsibility then goes back to the fact that after a 7 year career mess, it turns out what I did with private security industry was the correct thing, so when next time I made sense of the gimmicks of social trouble makers who try to get rich without employment by handing my public image, on my public image, which gets them fooling around with homosexuality, I suppose it would be best for the Media and Celebrities to stay out of it, the part where I will make them take responsibility will be the part where I refused to tidy up my surroundings but when I did, the purpose was to ensure I was superior to their Celebrity gimmicks for my part as well and then it may confiscate my private and public life with a big mouth in such a manner, wearing skimpy clothes to attend clubbing and partying lifestyle by which its famous stupidities found people that could pose a threat to me, if I had not performed a new milestone on the foolish civil rights recently as well.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland