They have claimed the way I ran my affairs have time and again caused people to die and sufficient attention was not being drawn to the matter I understand this completely, the problem is that it had nothing to do with me. I assume I am being told about it because a bunch of gits who spend their time and other peoples lives on narcissism practical jokes, want me to know that whilst they continued with those abuses and insults every day, they would fancy being living, breathing human beings. I am told I am the bigger person and should take responsibility naturally but the most I can do is inform them I would fancy completing my first degree, fancy they addressed me as though I owned a career of my own just like the one they have which had made them bullies, fancy they stopped passing insults at me that suggest I am meant to get into a fight with people to enhance their popularity and fame, considering the consequence is that I am stuck with doxy society and the structures I built for a career, from working operations to the interest of the tax man and local authorities is being laid bare whilst somebody wrecked the finances with practical jokes, we can see that the category of people who want to take advantage of it were huge, likewise the category that had their frustrations streamlined for them. What I can say when taking responsibility for generalised matters is that it needs more reputation for its insults and abuses, not a process where I took responsibility for the fact it wanted to be a living breathing human being whilst at it, if I took responsibility for them I can only say that if we imagined I did some public work and people were making the most of it, whilst they showed up to practice narcissism on others as will help to extricate a result where they were so influential that people lost jobs, families and livelihoods because their cars were incredibly nice, should one of them have been a politicians at it, any outburst will have been an instance where matters completely unconnected with me, were said to have been a part I played in an assassination, especially if I do not respond to the fact these activities were going on, to my detriment with respect to their insults stalling client interest at the Bookshop as abusively as their stupidities could do it. This is all the responsibility I can take, where I stand is that it is all well issuing those insults and abuses at me to cling to my earnings and public image like something to which their stupidities were entitled but I think they need more reputation for their insults not a result where I took responsibility because they had a need to be alive whilst at it.

They do say there had to be some way I agreed to accept responsibility for the fact people have been hurt but there is no real way that I can do that whilst they bullied me to organise a profitable career on the basis there were wealthy people I disrespected and they were the most opportunist scum in the whole world, no way I can whilst they organised their career to attack me because they wanted their stupid children to befriend the children of wealthy people, no way I can because they wanted to get rich by getting market incentives that were the result of partnership I built with my clients to become something they controlled and manipulated through public media for their own ends, to arrive at a stage where they could suggest that the outcome was all my fault. It should serve as a warning that I am unable to tolerate the stress associated with being bothered by a bunch of idiots that are sent out by higher powers to tackle me, as we can see that there is now a link between a process where I am stressed from such activities and they got rich, since such abusive activities causes me the stress, it is not clear exactly when they drew up a link between that stress and a process of making money, with a big mouth. Generally however, it seems that they were trying to resolve this matter on the basis that by their insults, public security service staff will pursue a day job, I am lost as per whether I am meant to be answering the questions on the matter, its insults and comments have been stalling a Bookshop for 6 years so far. Seems to be a bunch of incredibly stupid people that wanted to continue with their activities and make money doing so also via a process where I was some profitable, beatable enemy that nobody cared about seems to know nothing about me and about to find out in grand fashion but I have done my best about its involvement with my social life and its publicly expressed insults.

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