The newest story is that people are usually offended by my actions and the reasons I am still thriving while performing those actions is that I had not yet been found out and it’s the sort of nonsense that the idiots have gotten accustomed to, since the last time they wanted to be seen driving around in limousines, passing insults at everybody that is not their mate at my expense, which developed into a story of a need to see Angela Merkel in Germany, The Queen in Buckingham Palace and Hilary Clinton in the USA, by which the idiots will ensure I lived in hell. These are supposed to be a handful of unfathomably stupid individuals, I mean they mess with other people’s careers all the time but it’s the one about the Police they cannot do much with, so their idea of how to use the Police services is to make a total mess of it, end up with a lifestyle for doing so and build a crowd that will get the Police to do the job on their whim and even if the police did, nothing will have been changed about the mess their stupidities had made anyway and then somebody else would be responsible for the effects which would include the police. In my case it started out with the ideas about a Hermit needing education on what wickedness and satanism looked like if their foolish Politicians had gotten them to communicate their stupidities on media, in terms of where my finances were located and this grew from a process where a need to antagonise my moral position gave rise to a sense that they were aware I thought society gits getting imagination up peoples bums was a bad idea – soon after, I wrote a Book that helped on the matter and hell had since broken lose due to the needs of the queer people who hated the fact I had the effrontery to write Books that helped on Public matters their stupidities complained about endlessly while they were using it to make themselves tolerant people that loved queer characters and homosexuals and the war on my Books had since begun – no idea when the message will get through that the fucking idiots needed to stop threatening me and had run out of time to play up their practical jokes at my expense, so these are the facts in case they want to back it up with a big mouth again.

The cause of it as many wonder, has always been the money issues, their own problems relying on every person they have not been formally introduced to with a let me open my can of worms threats that never cease – the money issues and the way we have ended up living as though we were relatives and they knew me well enough to be entitled to financial benefits and to make use of the fringes of my financial wellbeing, which is really the greatest thing that racism achieves. The output being a process where they had their own money they could not account for and wanted to ensure others did not think they were entitled to it, whereas it was a three part story of industry gits that are good at using money to make trouble, their stupidities getting paid when their popularity meant they bullied people, wrecked careers and families, the third being their need to push their market boundaries by handling my intellectual property and other property equity disobediently; it needs to stop threatening me to avoid it developing from a process where I drew a line under it to spend my time running a Bookshop into something of a need to teach them a lesson they will never forget.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland